Recensieoverzicht: ‘Sequel Trainspotting had the wrong extract, but the contrary has happened’

Recensieoverzicht: ‘Sequel Trainspotting had the wrong extract, but the contrary has happened’

The sequel to cult classic Trainspotting (1996) runs from Thursday in the cinemas. The opinions of the Dutch press has to say about T2 are divided.

AD – Four stars

“Sometimes it is the tone of this sequel is downright sad. Especially how the men – Spud and Begbie – with their sons cope is both painful and touching”, writes the AD.

“But the film has enough scenes that made the viewer by the throat grab. Fortunately, there is also enough humor in. This renewed acquaintance had very bad extract, but the opposite has happened.”

The Volkskrant – Four stars

“In advance lay the criticism for the taking, but T2 is an excellent, fairly ingenious film”, says the Volkskrant. “The echo of the original sounds in many ways. (…) The openingsbeeld contains all the ingredients that make this an excellent and even rather ingenious film.”

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Faithful – Two stars

“It is wisdom in hindsight, but they had the 20-year anniversary, but the occasion for a beautiful reissue to present”, writes Trouw. “Instead, it is after all these years, a sequel that is not just on himself, but continually referring to the original, which is the only painful.”

The Telegraph – no stars

“”Oscar” Italian Danny Boyle made the first film a hallucinogenic trip, with a pulsating soundtrack, an innovative visual style, and a nice mix of inappropriate humor and penetrating drama. So innovative is T2 not more, but on all the other points scored this second film, as always. Only there is now also the catchy melancholy of characters who have a feeling the train may have missed.”

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Het Parool – Four stars

“A sequel to Trainspotting could not be a shite. Mission accomplished: T2 is not a bagger. But there has to be false to be played to the old kwajongenskwartet again to bring together. Never we saw healthier (ex-)junkies of 40+, and that precisely in a region where shared needles a high toll.”

“Returning screenwriter John Hodge used elements from Trainspotting and Welsh’ vervolgroman Porn (2002) to four contradictory versions of a midlife crisis to sketch. The result is often funny and at times touching for people over 40, who’s own nostalgia about an adventurous past in the Scottish heroes see reflected.”

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