Recensieoverzicht: Sequel to Handmaid’s Tale ‘fails to satisfy the desire for more

For more than thirty years after the publication of The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (on the left in the photo) is published on Tuesday of The Covenant, the sequel to the dystopian story that was made into a feature film into a television series. Critics are mostly positive about the long-awaited sequel of the book (1987).
“The Independent” — four out of five stars

“There have been high expectations raised for The Covenant. In addition, the first model was brilliant and it was a very popular television show was made about it. To meet such expectations, it is not entirely true, but it satisfies the craving for more. The book is a fun and easy adventure that will lead to the collapse of Gilead, a totalitarian christian state that has been formed in a dystopian America where women, because of the very low fertility rates are to be used as sex slaves.”

“The book elaborates on an existing world, and to solve some of the mysteries in that there is more to come. It is a surprisingly pleasant reading experience, with brave young heroines and tender, and sometimes predictable) plot twists.”

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The BBC, in three out of five stars

“This book is both a prequel as a sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale. The prequel part is about the so far well-hidden, history, of Other I have been (in the series, was played by Ann Dowd, for her life, however short it was, ed.), one of the instructors of the City (a dystopian America where women are seen as property). These sections provide for most of the spine.”

“The sequel in the chapters are told from the perspective of two teenage girls, one who is in the City of residence, and the other one is in Canada, where the regime does not prevail, eds.).”

“The Covenant has been weakened and is less satisfactory in the book. This is due to the vertelperspectief and in the place where it is going. In The Handmaid’s Tale, the story is told in one woman, Offred. The Covenant that divides our attention and sympathy is about three different stories to tell.”

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Women should be broedkippen in The Handmaid’s Tale trailer

The Guardian gives a very

“The Covenant is Margaret Atwood at her very best. She is a mix of generosity, insight, and verification in a hands-on style. If you read this book, you will feel that the world around you to spin, because of the unprecedented changes in the society over the past few years, the same age-old themes of the show.”

“It gives us a chance to make his or her own political life is over, to see the flash on, because it will help you remember how it was thirty years ago, on what things were really like so that you can say,” As Atwood in 1985, they all have in common, it’s that today is the day of the event.'”

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