Recensieoverzicht: Sanne Wallis de Vries ‘ Come in ‘versatile comedian’

Sanne Wallis de Vries stands up to the 13th of June at the board again, the age of seven cabaret show, Come. The reviews focus on her versatility as a comedian.
The NRC – centre

“Come, it is I, Wallis de Vries, first of all, a hakkelende, straight middle-aged woman, who did not know. The show will be just like those women spite of the fore going, but the spektakelstukken of the barn, it becomes hilarious.”

“She really makes good use of its most powerful weapons: an unerring feel for language and a strong facial expression, the corners of the mouth down, as if they have forever to continue it.”

For the full review in Dutch can be found here.

True – to three-star

“Wallis de Vries, will discuss her family life, brings memories of her youth, and leaves the audience with a comical alpacadansje do, and the expression for the Herman van Veen kind of soaking Wet, they. Her difficulty with social situations, turn them to beautiful, down to the song and Reading about her favorite hobby and that she celebrates it with the fierceness of a bully.”

“It is noteworthy, however, that as soon as the Wallis de Vries, with the focus shifting to a broader social issue, they are a lot less clear, and convincing. They will kick, particularly, open doors, or contradicts itself. As it turns out, the speech, which is after all the wandering around to be about climate change, but the Wallis de Vries does not go much further than the overly-panicked expression on her worries.”

For the full review, in truth, can be found here.

the Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant, four-star

“With the Bowl, its fifth program, to let, Wallis de Vries, once again, to see what a multi-faceted that it is today. The one that says that there is nothing talked of feminism, except for that writing if you’re a comedian instead.”

“One who is ridiculously good, and the mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema, can imitate, that is, in terms of mood and energy and let the lifting up by musicians, Dionys Breukers, and Wouter Planteijdt, and so to the question: stay with the old beliefs, the word is “subtract”, certainty, things that are not yours, you are going to get yourself involved.”

“The world will not be saved, but it is an exciting invitation to share with each other, and to keep trying.”

For the full review in the newspaper, you can read it here.

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