Recensieoverzicht: Ron Goossens is flat and error but mostly funny

Recensieoverzicht: Ron Goossens is flat and error but mostly funny

The creators of New Kids come this week with a new movie: Ron Goossens – Low Budget Stunt, in which Tim Haars, an alcoholic stuntman plays. The critics agree: the comedy is flat, wrong, but also funny.

The Telegraph – 3.5 stars

“With its huge grapdichtheid is also Ron Goossens: Low-budget stuntman again a nothing, no-mercy attack on good taste. Especially Tim Haars – for his starring role 15 kilos arrived – having fun as a drunk daredevil. (…) Still flies the meligheid in Ron Goossens also a few times out of the last turn. A dramatically designed verhaallijntje about Rons alcoholic father beats to death if the favorite Schultenbräu-beer from the New Kids.”

Volkskrant – Three stars

“The fourth film from the creators of New Kids involved a clumsy and grotesque, but strangely enough not entirely support comedy about the destructive effect of alcohol. (…) The Filmmakers Flip van der Kuil and Steffen Haars excel in the blunt joke. A complete arsenal is over, how incorrecter the better: pedoseks, attacks, racism, Brabant an sich, Dutch films. Well-timed humor also: even the silliest jokes countries.”

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AD – Three stars

“Ron Goossens dares all. Especially if he has a sip. Therefore, it is this insatiable alcoholconsument perfectly suitable as a reckless stuntman to earn a living. (…) Compared to the previous films of the directing duo is their new exercise less plump. Goossens (played by Tim Haars) is a type of Joris Goedbloed with a drinking problem. (…) But generally it is the grapdichtheid still less than in the previous films.”

NRC Next – Four stars

“Ron Goossens, low-budget stuntman , the latest comedy from directing duo Haars and Van der Kuil, is equally flat, bone and boers as their earlier successes New Kids, and Bro’s before Ho’s (2013). But he is also very entertaining, especially thanks to racist and sexist jokes that are deliberately over the edge. ‘Wrong’ humour, which is also evident from the movies for which Ron stuntwerk do, including Sinterklaasfilm 12 Years a Pete the filming of Karst T.’s attack on the royal family (intended title: The Needle ).”

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The Watchword – Three stars

“The provocative caricature of the Dutch film world is as weird as it is tasteless, but so absurd that there is substantial laughing can be. With a nod, two fingers works especially contagious the game of the actors, in which the engaging tragicomic Tim Haars excellent balance of barman Henry van Loon and impresario Michiel Romeyn.”

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