Recensieoverzicht: Press enthusiastic about the new Tarantino movie

On Tuesday night, the latest film of Quentin Tarantino’s world premiere was at the Cannes film Festival. Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood is located in Los Angeles in 1969, and about the film industry and the series of murders that Charles Manson and his followers committed. What to write film critics about the film? A summary of the main reviews.

Beware: this article may be spoilers.

The Guardian – 5 stars

“The Los Angeles of 1969 is decorated with hysterical details from pop culture, where Tarantino, as always, exaggerated attention to. But he adds something new to it: not only a focus on the erotic details, but also a starring role for the television. The film takes us on an intense awareness of the presence of the television screen in everyone’s life.”

“And then there is the finale, a bloody chaos which eventually leads to a bizarre denouement, after which you tend the whole movie again in your head to play. It is completely excessive, disorienting, irresponsible, but also brilliant.”

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Variety – no stars

“It is a rollicking, compelling, kaleidoscopic, and spectacular, detailed and nostalgic collage of a film. An epic story about Hollywood in 1969, that allows Tarantino the opportunity to take all of his obsessions. From drive-ins to donuts, girls with weapons, men with muscle cars and blood feuds, and from spaghetti westerns to voetfetisjisme.”

“You could say that it was only a movie. But for a large part of Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood used even despite the presence of the Manson followers in a brilliant way, to suggest that there is something satanic out in the bad atmosphere of Hollywood. The way in which the film that all dissolve, feels, frankly, too easy.”

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AD – 4 stars

“Tarantino begins his story on a backburner. It takes a while before his film about two friends – a celebrated televisieacteur (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stuntman, and doppelganger (Brad Pitt) – in the Hollywood of the late sixties from his shoe shoot. But the geweldexplosie is this time a violent belch than a litany full of hilarious violence, such as are admirers of him are accustomed to.”

“Is the Ninth of Tarantino, a masterpiece in his oeuvre? The level of Pulp Fiction, who, 25 years ago, in Cannes premiere, is not reached. But Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood is definitely one of the best of what he last decade has produced.”


Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The Hollywood Reporter – no stars

“In his ninth feature film has Tarantino easy it borrowed to play with his earlier work, and especially his tendency to gloat when it comes to rewriting the history. The audience will feast on what they presented, even though the two-hour film, full of side roads, repetitions and the inevitable standard climax with explosive violence, it’s not really a plot.”

“Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood is unbalanced, log and drops here and there. But it is also a disarming film that you can see if a characteristic subversive homage to the sources of inspiration of Tarantino.”

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Vanity Fair – no stars

“At times felt as if the movie has nowhere to go and a accumulation of scenes that are against the self-indulgent to sanding. The lack of real overlap is more frustrating than charming.”

“Tarantino has always been a great acteursregisseur. He makes us here to share the love he has for his profession, and he is so ready to transfer. This remarkable tale is perhaps not the truth, and it may be too long to continue. But in the moments when all the stars to align and their unmistakable luster to show, feel, hollywood movies, actually again as something special.”

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