Recensieoverzicht: praise for snelwegthriller Bumperkleef

Since Thursday, running in the field of tragicomic thriller Bumperkleef in the cinema, about a family on a road trip in the car is being terrorized by the other party. The Dutch press has responded positively to the film, with Jeroen Spitzenberger, and Ghent Pheifer. An overview of published reviews.
The NRC is 4 stars

“Bumperkleef makes the design reminiscent of spielberg’s breakthrough film Duel (1971), is the director-general Lodewijk, Crijns, there is a small-scale black comedy of. The average family in a Suburban neighborhood, with their black SUV’s due to the scenery and tears.”

“It’s very professionally made, nederhorror, which is a bit of a Dick Maas river in English. In spite of jack’s self-assured “I, the self, as” the verkeersruzie screaming out of control, and the cameravoering is loosened, and the paranoia and mental deterioration of the silly husband, Hans, beautifully illustrated it is.”

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The AD is 4 stars

“Annoyance with other road users, which is total madness that it brings. For the filmmakers, it is a good subject for the thin layer of civilization, to scrape away, and then drivers get into dangerous psychopaths can change.”

“Steven Spielberg did since all the council with him in his first movie, Duel. His colleague Lodewijk Crijns will vary on this subject by means of an ordinary family that is on its way to the family of one nightmare, fighting for his life.”[…]

“Bumperkleef, it is a competent film, one of the geestigste for many years, a Dutch film director. The combination of the fun, being stuck in traffic, and the tension will work beautifully.”

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The Telegraph – 4 stars

“By Lodewijk Crijns (With great joy, Only the men), cross genrekoning, Dick Maas, the crown, in this life snelwegthriller. It does this by continuing to expand at a recognizable family situations, and verkeersergernissen, that he still further magnified.”

“With the first shot live-action takes on the stress, meanwhile, is steadily on. Even though the settlement is perhaps a bit too grotesque, the film-maker to us than to old-fashioned nail biting.”

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Marriage – the 3-star

“Crijns, which has a number of achievements to his name, said, Jesus is a Palestinian, Just the know there’s going to be a battle of two of the later men, of which his energies are mainly focused on me, the hotheaded bumperklever, which, with a 160-mile-per-hour because of the traffic, jakkert. Crijns based the film partly on his own anger, in the movement, such as the appende board members that are directly identified with, the winding is on the way.”[..]

“As a portrait of a socially successful, forty-something, that his life on dry land and who believes that he is a fat car at the bottom of his butt, to be able to perform to earn Bumberkleef a lot of praise. This film is one of the well-aimed wraakfantasie.”

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