Recensieoverzicht: New La casa de papel ‘over-the-top big-budget’

The long-awaited third season of the Spanish series La casa de papel is a Friday, which appeared on Netflix. Critics noted that the budget for the series has increased, but that this is in some cases to a grotesque impact. For a list of reviews of different media for money.
The NRC’s three-star

“The opening of season 3 of the Netflix series of a Money Order which is better known as” La casa de papel, promises to be a spectacle. With shots from tropical locations, the cast, re-launched in Tokyo, Rio, Nairobi, Helsinki, Copenhagen, and his wife in Stockholm, the first hostage, is now the perpetrator). They live as if they were lottery winners.”

“The author and the author Álex Pina, combines bold action with the romance of the operateske style. He leaves out characters, dramatic choices, and even know many of the twists in the plot to the attention of the listener to keep up. The cast is immaculate. Problem: the show is going to be at the expense of the small gestures, the ones in the first seasons, but beklijfden.”

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An AD with four stars

“Netflix-produced season of successerie La casa de papel no Spanish colleagues from Antena 3, and you can see that in the budget for the special effects, and travel. It makes for a stunning, breath-taking start to the season with 3 (reporters were given only the first two episodes, you can see that, but there are going to be the creators, the story a little bit.”

“Some of the twists in the plot, had more impact itself (while, around the world in opsporingslijsten of fame, the still-living raiders, due to an emergency situation that comes to Thailand to collect it), and the introduction of new characters and shows are actually a relatively a long time to come.”

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Netflix reveals trailer of the third season of hbo’s hit series, La Casa de Papel

The Telegraph gives a very

“Where’s the Ocean’s series is a major mistake made by” Ocean’s Twelve, which is more realistic, as is the house, the fear simply even worse, over-the-top than the previous seasons did. A lot of popular elements to turn back, including on the basis of: – the preparation and execution of the largest robbery in the history of the human race, by this time, the Royal Mint, but the Spanish gold reserve, as the target. And this time, it’s not about money, but about something much more important: the salvation of a friend.”

“All things considered, the third-and future fourth season as a perk for the makers, and to this end no plan. The trick is to get the thing back to life, they will not be endless to be able to apply it, but it still brings it in again with the excitement and thrills that fans of the series expect to see.”

You can read the full review here

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