Recensieoverzicht: New It makes less impression than predecessor

Recensieoverzicht: New It makes less impression than predecessor

From this week the new version of the horror film It to see in theatres. Bill Skarsgård plays the homicidal clown, but to do that, according to critics, was less convincing than his predecessor, Tim Curry.

AD – Three stars

“In 1990, Kings eponymous novel into miniseries processed. That was successful enough to have a whole generation of children from that time nightmares to deliver. Just because that version is, confusingly, also sometimes the ‘happy’ clown uithing. That is now the case. The mix of terrifying moments, interspersed by fine vriendschapsdrama, remains today again.”

The Volkskrant – Two stars

“The new It, the first of an intended two-part series, playing eagerly in the fear of the coulrofoob. The soundtrack is full of creepy kinderstemmetjes and a character ends up even in a room full of clownspoppen. Thus, It has more to do with a haunted house, made according to the misconception that a clown with three rows of teeth still scarier than with one. Just like the game of clown Bill Skarsgård to be conceived to be really creepy.”

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The Telegraph – Three stars

“Now is the original cut in half and we only get to see what the seven-headed losers-club around the 12-year-old Ben all kinds of adventures. Pennywise plays in their most deep-seated desires and fears and use that to get them in the fall to lure. The Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård has charisma, but as a scary clown is still just not as much as impression as his famous predecessor. In addition, it adds this new film, a big shot of tienerromantiek to the story. That the perspective is now fully on the young characters, gives the film as a whole is also something kinderlijks.”


Clown Pennywise terrorizes group of children in new trailer IT

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