Recensieoverzicht: ‘New’ Baantjer ‘beautiful, but with afgeraffeld slot’

Thirteen years after the end of the popular television series, Baantjer breathed new life into a film. Waldemar ‘ in the role of a young detective De Cock. What is the Dutch film critics of this politiefilm from our own soil? A summary of the main reviews.
NRC – Three out of five stars

“Baantjer the Beginning is a smooth, skilled performed misdaadsoap that his modest ambition. Arne Toonen, that the director shares with former stuntman Marco Maas, proved with a Thick bass Drum and The Boskampi’s all his talent for speaking images and quick characterization.

That is also evident here: the kettingrokende sergeant, the nurkse commissioner, the temeier her dildo in a soapy: the bold turned on, but pretty convincing. The sharp, sarcastic dialogues, the plot contains enough hooks and eyes to fascinate, the actors have fun in and with the historical atmosphere about it from the first, beautiful tracking shot through a crowded squat quite well.”

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True – Three out of five stars

“Also, the dry, Amsterdamse humor is well taken and the eea, especially for actresses in supporting roles: Jelka van Houten as agent, and Ryanne van Dorst as a pathologist. The cracker with large safety pin through the nose is a good caricature.

However, the noir thriller, chock-full. In addition to all the events around police, penose and crackers, there is also a bank robbery and a cocaïnelading us to Antwerp. The film flutters, therefore, everywhere a little past.”

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The Volkskrant – Three out of five stars

“Waldemar’ put a solid, but also what faded The Cock down – although it may be that he mostly dull contrasted against Tygo Gernandt, that if the amicable Amsterdam detective Tonnie Montijn about newcomer, The Cock takes care. Gernandt, always rather powerful present, also this time not. With a fat Amsterdam accent and intricate jarentachtigtruien he runs a nice booming; every scene in which he is, enhances it.

Until suddenly the rack from the movie and even Gernandt and sweaters are no longer able to make amends. It is a wonderful transition, as if all inspiration was by the screenwriters. Of a promising, tightly-told story is ‘Baantjer’ the Beginning of an unclear, afgeraffeld whole, full of revelations which are no longer a surprise, and surprises without logic. So is this easily directed Baantjer-update only half succeeded.”

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AD – Two out of five stars

“The police chief is not sure what he Jurre de Cock aanmoet. He is not the only one. Also, the screenwriters fret clearly with the 39-year-old police officer who has some conflicting paths in the Amsterdam of 1980, a few days before the coronation of Beatrix of the netherlands. It is a period full of tumult and conspiracy theories about possible attacks. Addicts, squatters, penoze and violent drug dealers walk together in the road.

Some of the actions of The Cock (played by Waldemar’) are quite implausible. His relationship with the sister (Lisa Smith) of his questionable politiepartner Montijn (Tygo Gernandt) makes him a number of curious decisions that his position there will not become stronger.”

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