Recensieoverzicht: musical ‘The Large Three’ scores with critics

Recensieoverzicht: musical ‘The Large Three’ scores with critics

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Ellen Pieters, Frédérique Sluyterman van Loo and Hanneke Drenth play Adèle Bloemendaal, Conny Stuart and Jasperina de Jong in The Big Three. Reviewers are hot: especially Pieters plays the stars of heaven in the successful musical.

NRC – Three stars

“Such a show with existing numbers can be a easy prize of greatest hits. But this is not. With visible care is repertoire collected that often surprised because it is rarely heard. (…) The fact that the most attention to Adèle Bloemendaal, the performance is somewhat out of balance. As if the other two are subordinate. That is, undoubtedly, to the sublime typing that Ellen Pieters to her Adèle-role and turns to the fact that the real Adèle on stage and television now once grossierde in bold-comic statements that focused on the laughing muscles working. That also happens here. As a result, the other two are arranged to be surpassed.”

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The telegraph – 4.5 stars

“You’d be able to do battle whether the visit is to understand the most significant characteristics of these three vedettes to increase the independence and drunkenness of Bloemendaal, the perfectionist workaholic that The Young and the fashion, and Wim Sonneveld-focused Stuart. But that is simply the humorous frame, which is chosen to be a part of the rich repertoire of these three ladies still sound. As it really is, of course, where this whole show afloat.”

AD – Four stars

“The dialogues are in their hatelijkheid hilarious (Bloemendaals, craving for alcohol, Stuarts membership of the “Kulturkammer” during the occupation), but equally sensitive when talking about their lost loves and sons that they are so little saw. Eye-catcher is Ellen Pieters, Adèle Bloemendaal, the ashraf of the three, sublime shape. Including nasal voice, and a crackling laugh. But The Big Three is strongly supported by the entire cast, of whom ‘narrator’ David of the Temple, the story trunk.”

Scenes – Five stars

“The handsome of the pleasant smooth script is that sometimes a few sentences is enough to get from one to the other song. And yet it manages to writer Lars Boom was also to be drama in the story to get, for example, if after the occurrence Jasperina and Conny about their children to talk to, and Adèle a phone call fingeert with her son what the others have. Adèle was now once not so good in moederen and even a little her loneliness. Beautiful scene, nicely played.”

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