Recensieoverzicht: Musical Marathon creates goosebumps in the audience

Recensieoverzicht: Musical Marathon creates goosebumps in the audience

Sunday evening went, on the eponymous film-based, musical The Marathon in premiere. turn the reviews of the national media at a glance.

The Marathon is based on the eponymous film from 2012, in which Martin van Waardenberg, Frank Lammers, Stefan de Walle en Marcel Hensema in the lead roles played.

The cast also consists of Gürkan Küçüksentürk, Terence van der Loo, Jelka van Houten, Lucretia van der vloot and Jip Smit. Earlier it was already known that the director is in the hands of Job Gosschalk.

Thomas Acda is responsible for the music in the show.

The Netherlands – 4 stars

“Each character comes out of the paint. As the homosexual Nico (Dennis Willekens), who falls in love with Ken (Robbert van den Bergh). Leo (Kees Boot), who has problems with his girlfriend. And Kees (Michiel Nooter), which have little freedom of his strict christian woman Jolanda (Lucretia van der vloot). (…) When approaching the finish line tears on the tracksuits rolled, no idea. But the goose bumps that had everyone.”

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NRC – 4 stars

“Actors John buijsman, and more, Michiel Nooter, Kees Boot, Dennis Willekens and Gürkan Kücüksentürk play the leading roles as if they were themselves such men. And the imaginative choreographies of Daan Wijnands are equally stijlvast: none show dance, but angular bouwvakkersbewegingen. (…) Some scènetjes and songs seem to be redundant, because they are the story not help. But apart from that is The Marathon musical, a blockbuster to be.”

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Allegiance – give no stars

“The show had a half hour shorter may be, is the fact that, for example, the line of Nico which comes out is examined: beautiful, disarming role of Dennis Willekens. (…) A major strength is the extremely strong cast. All top actors, perfectly timed. (…) Great is also the Rotterdam humor and the meligheid of the men-among-themselves, and the original depicted in the image trainingsscènes.”

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