Recensieoverzicht: ‘Midsommar is consessieloze and unpredictable trip

As of Thursday, it is Midsommar in the movie theater to see it. The new film takes place in the long daylight of the Swedish summer. The Dutch press has been raving about the horror movie from Ari Aster, which last year was Hereditary, it was. A summary of the views of the newspaper.
in the Volkskrant of 5 stars

Be a great source of inspiration, Ingmar Bergman, who specializes in the analysis of the human psyche, and the slide System for most of the film in the direction of the area of the folkhorror, à la “The Wicker Man”. Important ingredients: a group of scary, excited, dressed in white, to Sweden, to a caged bear, with a variety of psychoactive substances, bloementooien dance, music, and even worse, in the rituals that you, as the viewer, to feel themselves part of it.”

“Asters ambitions are far-reaching, in fact, the whole movie is from Sweden-to see it as an abstract representation of a major break-updrama – and it has paid off, and for those who join late in the concessieloze and unexpected trip that is the film accomplishes, at least. Midsommar is breaking up with Us puritanisme in regards to male nudity, the slide including a unique huilscène in a sublime way between the personal, the intimate and the collective, flying, checked the turn, and send you to just would have a happy ending in the history of the cinema in a state of shock outside.”

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The NRC is 4 stars

“Midsommar is a testament to the ‘folk-horror’ over paganism, and witchcraft, from the sixties to the dating genre, ” Ari Aster with his equally talented colleague, Robert Eggers (The Witch), The Lighthouse does come alive. Inspiration especially the cult film The Wicker Man, from 1973, in which the prudish, christian police officer, he is keen to be on the lookout for a missing girl is discovered in a Scottish island in the grip of an oversexed cult is that of human sacrifice will do.”

It also Midsommar fighting disgust with the lust, and the vluchtreflex of an outsider with a secret desire for commitment and dedication. The guests will play an important role in the ritual, however, is clear. But the ” who, what, and how?”

“Ari Aster, operating in the Midsommar: nevertheless, being crafty, American shower all over Europe, with its ancient traditions, sexual freedom, communal solidarity, and euthanasia. While he was with the anticipation talent opschroeft of the unheimlich through the amazing to the macabre, it retains in the Swedish camp, a kind of poetry. In the Hereditary I have a cult, in a nuclear family, here, throw it on as an severe option. You are now quite curious as to the families of the ” Ari System.”

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The Telegraph – 3 stars

“Who are the horror classics know, it will be reminiscent of The Wicker Man. Writer-director Ari Aster (Hereditary) weaves together the themes of an age-old pagan cult, however, to be a very effective way for in a love drama inspired.”

“Actress Florence Pugh to play in the meantime, made as of the instability And that her nightmare at the end of the might working. You told me that Asters its deadly serious approach, partly due to the extensive running time of 2.5 hours is also, unintentionally, the lachlust exciting.”

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The AD – 5 stars

“What’s so special is the tranquillity that in the scenes to convey. A poetic, peaceful images of domination. But it’s clear that it’s all just appearance, you have to wait for the release.”

“He obviously will be working They are still some painful surprises in store for you that are silent looking for the force of a hammer blow to the back of my mind to give. It has been established that the director kept an eye on to be. Two of such classy horror stories you can think of, deserve all the freedom you have as a filmmaker.”

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Marriage is 4 stars

“Edgar is a master storyteller, and lead the viewer to it with an iron logic to the inevitable end of the story. You can feel exactly where it is going, and yet, you watch with growing amazement at the horror that is right in front of you opens, and while the flowers are never so lovely to have found out.”

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