Recensieoverzicht: made For each other is moderate, and faint

Recensieoverzicht: made For each other is moderate, and faint

The Dutch film made For each other, starring Loes Haverkort and Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen, is since this week to see in the cinema. Reviewers agree: the comedy is bland, mediocre and an example of the ‘Nederromkom’ at its worst.

The Volkskrant – Two stars

“Made for each other rolled off the assembly line without significant features, or should the level of the humor; with flauwigheden about semen, sm-sex, and pregnancy is the bar in this soon to be forgotten romkom very, very low.”

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AD – Two stars

“Made for each other is not bad, but a formulefilm of 13 in a dozen. Romcoms score the last time in the cinema. The public is metal fatigue to detect. In addition, the viewer must Beau van Erven Dorens tolerate if spermadokter. The trick with acting CELEBRITIES, and also works no longer.”

NRC – A star

“Snow-white; hetero-normative, sexist as seksfobisch. It plays a number of rock-solid actors in that frequently with their mouth full of teeth, because the one-liners of dialogue their is no other way than with the brake on it to play, after each sentence, a pause to drop, and wild hope that their opponent, the scene can save.”

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The telegraph – Two stars

“Now there is nothing wrong with Heijne’s (director of made For each other, red.) motto: “Better well stolen than poorly invented.’ Only jat this time was bad. With made For each other, saddle the director at us with a silly training exercise full of shallow mopjes about ejaculatiefrequenties, vaginaalballen, and the horrors of parenthood. This generates the cast shockingly little chemistry, a lot of scenes to sketchmatig and do the dialogues, the toes of curves.”

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