Recensieoverzicht: ‘Long Shot’ is a funny, insightful, and deeply optimistic’

As of Thursday, running Long-Shot, in the movies, in which Charlize Theron as a presidential candidate, that is a big but, the funny journalist (Seth Rogen) retained her speech and writing. The Dutch film critics have been positive about the new romantic comedy. A summary of the main review.
The NRC is 4 stars

“It Is the Long-Shot of the new? Absolutely not, but that’s what makes the film no less enjoyable. It makes you feel like you will be catapulted to one of the better romcoms of the ‘ nineties, when a good cast and screenwriters are still genuinely having fun in the mess with me.”

“A witty, informal updates, and links to today’s issues, make sure that the characters of charmed. As highlighted Field, and that they will not be free and will act as a semi-supernatural presence: as a woman in a leadership position, she has little emotions and is affordable. “When I’m mad, I’m very angry.’ Damn, that is spot is driven by the sometimes short-sighted commitment to Flarsky, who are shocked to respond when he discovers that he has become friends with a Republican, and unconscious racist ideas and statements.”

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The Telegraph – 4 stars

“In this romcom from director Jonathan Levine, is a kind of Notting Hill, in the contemporary American political scene. This provides room for a satire about a narcissistic president, anti-corruption at the highest levels, and the influence of the media is toxic to need. In the meantime, these ‘R-Rated’ comedy is also a variety of adult-oriented jokes in the past about sex and drugs. Taking in sperm and in la There’s Something About Mary – once again, somewhere, and ends up where it not supposed to.”

“In a disarming way of playing Seth Rogen in the film, the uncompromising idealist, Flarsky, which does not otherwise occur to them. While the story of the surprisingly funny Charlize Theron knows that sometimes it is necessary to put the water in to wine for you to do so. Their happy chemicals will do the rest for you. That is, they are in Long Shot, not only to learn from each other, but also to fall, do you, as a viewer, we want to believe.”

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Marriage is 4 stars

“(A Long Shot) are also generated comments on the ‘glass ceiling’ for women, and the idealism, that politicians have the time to go all in as soon as the power is coming up. Most of all, late, Long-Shot, to see just how important humor is. In everyday life, in politics and in love, of course.”

“The film is too long, you might be able to say that. In three-quarters of all start to fail. The many uses of drugs to make the characters look out of the corner of letting go is an easy choice. But in the Long Shot and repacked quickly and it is effortless to go back to the level from the beginning, to a funny, insightful, and deeply optimistic film.”

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De Volkskrant, 3-star

“In the feelgooduniversum, in which the Long-Shot of the place, and let the end sit. The stronger it is, the different way in which the traditional gender patterns are to be analyzed. Fred is found in the work of improving Charlottes talks of how skillful of a woman with a presidentsambities in it available to the public, like: anger, quickly hysteria or emotion, is a weakness.”

“But, Charlotte is not limited to the utterance of his words, she focused attempt to be able to the male gaze on the female-to-breaking to beat. Also, as a satire on the American politics to be entertained Long-Shot, continuous, quick-sighted, too: the president of Charlotte will be hoping to follow in the election because he was for years the president in the tv series had to be played.”

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