Recensieoverzicht: ‘Little fireworks display in the first episodes of Summer, the Art

Art Rooijakkers is Monday, the start of his own latenighttalkshow Summer with the Art. 354,000 people saw this, his debut album. Televisierecensenten are still under the impression after the initial episodes.

The AD – ‘At RTL, and they continue to stubbornly believe that their audience is not a little bit of content to go’

“One conclusion I’m safe pulling it over the Summer with Art, there is heul a lot of attention is paid to the decor which is an eclectic beach bars have to imagine it. (…) In one way or another, they will remain in the RTL stubbornly believe that their audience is not a little bit of content to go. I have no idea what they are on base, as the ratings show something very, very different story. (…) But what I don’t understand: if you’re a channel now, just not in the mood for the viewers to take it seriously and to be a light-hearted, but góéde show to do, why don’t you just get The Weakest member alone?”

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The Netherlands – ‘Small fireworks’

“RTL is also emphasized in advance that, Rooijakkers, no substitute was made from (He, ed.). House; and in the Summer with a Art, not a replacement for a Late Night. But for a program that is on at the same time it is sent and the guests are interviewed sitting at a table, sounds as soon as a latenightshow. Most obvious difference is the number of guests brought by Rooijakkers, but he went from the table to a seat at the table with guests, someone to talk to. That made it less static, and less and less talk show. (…) In addition, there was a little fireworks show.”

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The Volkskrant Even a zomeravondshow it can be over summer’

“The summer of Art will be much, do not have it, it seems: no meetings, no politics and are not serious. It seems as if the structure of the program is an ongoing people’s ‘barbecue.’, ‘careless!’, ‘camping!’, and ‘roseetje!’ had been called, and in the first episode, as far as the taste babbelzee is dead.

Of course, the recipe will be in the next two and a half months is yet to be updated, and also, Rooijakkers, may even warmlopen. It is hoped that he will be in the next few editions of what is more out of the paint, and the creators also have a zomerkijker do what you can to have it. This is because even a zomeravondshow it can be over summer.”

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