Recensieoverzicht: ‘Linda de Mol, to the one who speaks to Ladies’ Night

Merel Westrik she latenightavontuur Wednesday 378.000 audience, among whom were a number of reviewers to papers. Most of them were enthusiastic about it.

With the Watchword – ‘it is Remarkable how everything is running smoothly, it seemed to be walking”

“In an intimate setting were Westrik and her three friends: The Mole, Ekiz, journalist Fidan Ekiz, ed.). and, of Stella Bergsma, a great, fierce aunt, the noble aim is to be the Peter R. Vriesen. (“As of now, I have an opinion on it.”) It was remarkable how well the initial program is running smoothly, it seemed to be running. The four had been sincere, and animated discussions of the phenomenon of dickpics to have a chat with the make-up artist Nikkie de Jager. Experts and slid smoothly in, my wife Tie (yes, daughter of) and told us enthusiastically about it on social media. So, a good start has been great, especially for those who are still in the rough beginning, the M-step.”

NRC – ‘Linda de Mol, was all about himself.”

“Among the friends,’ was Linda de Mol’s the voice. On all occasions, she began working on herself and her own experiences to the award of an actress, Elise Schaap, with a Televizier-Star. Because The Mole knew exactly how to deal with Sheep that successful character, Ruxandra had come up with. Even more painful was the time when The Mole had begun to mourn for a lost court case between Talpa and RTL, its former employer, the rights of the two programs. In the case of a part of one of the two sides, very hard-lined zenderstrijd, The Mole, gave the impression of a business interest and wish to disguise the emotional card to play. The Mole could even be a risk for a Ladies ‘ Night because who wants to go to the head of the station, correct?”

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The AD – a Very well-considered individual, lacherige the atmosphere in the VI

“Leave the Ladies for the Night-well, very, very good at that single, lacherige the atmosphere in the VI. Which is fine, combined with the content of any edition of LINDA. Host Merel Westrik, led the guests and Fidan Ekiz and Stella Bergsma, supple, along with a light potpourri of Syria, and the dress is from Dionne at the Televizier Gala, with a picture of the junk (there are, in fact, also, want, got, I) dickpics, and the eventual desire for a child of Nikkie Tutorials. Her biggest challenge turned out to Linda, the Moles, in order that guests had a tendency to play the role of a tv presenter is about to take over.”

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