Recensieoverzicht: ‘La La Land is a genuine classic’

Recensieoverzicht: ‘La La Land is a genuine classic’

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The filmmusical La La Land is about Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) who want to break into Hollywood. The “ode to classic Hollywoodmusicals” by director Damien Chazelle (Whiplash) is, according to critics, a classic.

AD 5 – star

“Even those who are not necessarily of film musicals produced, will definitely be wrapped up by La La Land. The romantic ode to love from director Damien Chazelle (who previously created a furore with the jazzhorrorfilm Whiplash) is different enough to almost all the cliches of the genre to avoid. La La Land is a treat to watch. The dance and the singing of two on this site, not experienced actors are catchy. This film is a genuine classic.”

Volkskrant 4 stars

“Not the most original image, but incredibly effective: it is impossible not to believe in that movie magic fairy tale. By the musical interludes looks and sounds the genre artificially, but that is a realistic message, not to stand in the way. A good musical lifts you up and takes you temporarily out of the real world of inescapable sadness and daily dompers. La La Land succeeds gloriously.”

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Ryan Gosling sings in new trailer La La Land

NRC Next – 5 stars

“Just before the end of the year we get to La La Land a bouncer with a vengeance, one that the entire year in cinema on its head. Actors Emma Stone (wannabe film star Mia) and Ryan Gosling (jazz pianist Seb) can be absolutely not so good to sing and dance, and that is exactly why they make all of us singers and dancers. Because some dreams are simply the best sing.”

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Faith – 5 star

“This is Hollywood at its best: sparkling entertainment that merry refers to its own rich history. Nostalgic in the choice of choreography, and sets, Los Angeles show as one large set. Self-righteous and modern in the adventure that the characters experience, about the passing of the seasons of a romantic relationship.”

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The telegraph – 5 stars

“La La Land, is an old-fashioned Hollywood party, with one foot firmly planted in the present winks to the past of the great film musicals produced from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s of the last century. With a little bit of movie magic that even the impossible is possible, to sing and dance they are in La La Land, detached from everyday reality. On a shameless romantic, slightly wistful, but also extraordinarily enchanting way.”

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