Recensieoverzicht: Kluun writes in DJ yet always smooth and classic’

Recensieoverzicht: Kluun writes in DJ yet always smooth and classic’

Kluun this year after a silence of a number of years with a new novel, DJ. The author who Is a Woman at the Doctor’s and The Widower’s best-sellers scored, it seems, with this book, a new way of business, in which he himself as the main character raises. collects reviews of various Dutch media about DJS.

The Volkskrant – 1 star

“A book about the emptiness of fame, and of a so-called friendship that the unequal ratio of tough guy versus lulletje rosewater never been overcome, so there is also nothing pijnlijks to is that they are each other tergen or use it as their that suits.”

“The is no law that a book about the emptiness is also a blank book must deliver. DJ is become. In the novel, two dead; you gets there just the shoulders, because you’re not really have to know.”

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NRC – 3 stars

“One of the smartest things so far about the new novel by Kluun said, comes from the review in the newspaper NRC. The fabricated version of it. In the novel, let Kluun the on-duty NRC reviewer conclude that ‘there Kluun without sick woman as a writer, nothing is left’. There is, in the case of DJ nothing of true, but it is significant.”

“Kluun still writes smooth, simple, no sentences to lists, or to chew. But literary is his guts and dare to be ugly and ruthless – and at the same time the reader to continue to fascinate.”

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With Kluun in the car: Drugs, dance and djs

Elsevier – 4 stars

“Rock is formed from the rebellion, in house is all about happiness, writes Kluun. In his new novel, DJ, for which the writer is five years onderdompelde in the dance music scene, gets that happiness with a wry twist. Kluun performs as the main character of a to lower shore washed version of himself.”

“Kluun touch sometimes a sensitive nerve when it comes to mannenvriendschap or the lives of a divorced father, but the psychological depth is not his forte. That is not bad.”

“What this novel is strong, his raw tone and the way Kluun the zeitgeist grabs. The emptiness is central; celebrities know of silliness or not, how they should behave, and we can’t wait for their fall.”

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AD – 3 stars

“Saskia Noort took in her last book, the tv world in the novel, Ronald Giphart the filmcircuit. Now the dansscene it.”

“Touch written behind-the-scenes-of-the-fame-portrait of betrayal and opportunism. Downside: unbelievable that Kluun constantly let humiliate someone with whom he has been no more contact.”

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