Recensieoverzicht: ‘Jeroen van Koningsbrugge convinces with Riphagen’

Recensieoverzicht: ‘Jeroen van Koningsbrugge convinces with Riphagen’

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The Dutch war film Riphagen is starting from Thursday in the cinemas to see. put the reviews of different media in a row, which especially lead actor Jeroen van Koningsbrugge compliments for the interpretation of Dries Riphagen, a well-known collaborator in the Second world War.

Volkskrant – 3 stars

“With his last film outlines Pieter Kuijpers more than the story of one man, who was wearing: the opportunistic Dutchman in a time of war. Painful is the shown indifference about the fate of the Jews in Amsterdam. (..)

Actor Jeroen van Koningsbrugge may be especially well-known from his tv appearances, but showed himself more of a skilled film actor. Are Riphagen, with considerable stature and bulbous bald head, convinces utterly as a man who in each call within a fraction of a second determines whether he is above or below is, that every space to intimidate potential.”

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Faith – 2 stars

“Had someone there but wound around it. But no, the first victim of a Dutch war film is usually the voltage. Already for the first quarter of ‘Riphagen’ is over, all characters clearly on which side they stand and they are allowed for that position the rest of the time emphasize the plain texts: ‘I’m not going to have more people to betray. I can’t do that.’

Jeroen van Koningsbrugge try Riphagen, the manipulative monster that he was, but the camera and the scenario will undermine the quantity. The crucial importance of silence and hide in time of war had much more impact should be given in the form.”

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Try to 3 star

“The comparison with black book, also a movie that the moral grayscale, during and just after the war wanted to show, several times.

The use of a handheld camera and a deliberately unbalanced composition reflect this visually. The many ‘off-angle’ shots, vistas and voyeuristic camera angles evoke the film noir of the forties and fifties in memory. (..) Riphagen know the speed is increasing, but shows that it is a crime film and not a biography or war drama.”

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The telegraph – 4 stars

“Van Koningsbrugge plays race-opportunist Riphagen with a false, jovial charm. Actor Kay Greidanus is a discovery as was his opponent. (..)

The director undermines the basic picture of Dutch citizens who stubbornly resisted against the Germans. The majority held aloof, this film with impeccable sfeertekeningen clear. And even in the resistance, played self-interest and power politics sometimes played a role, especially after the war. Also that broader context makes that Riphagen fascinates and shocks.”

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