Recensieoverzicht: Jackie is ‘a special experience with razendknappe lead’

Recensieoverzicht: Jackie is ‘a special experience with razendknappe lead’

The critics are unanimously enthusiastic about Jackie, the film about the life of wife of late Jackie Kennedy after the assassination of her husband. Especially the acting of the lead actress Natalie Portman, who is in the race for the Oscar of best female lead, to be praised.

Volkskrant: five stars

“Jackie stands at a distance, under the direction of Pablo Larraín. But now that distance is precisely what Jackie to have such a special movie experience, the centerpiece being a first lady that her diction and avoid tailor it to the occasion, like a chameleon. She acts, poses and fleemt, as a little girl. And then she is again razor-sharp, governing the conversation: wrong, cool, superior, smart.”

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NRC: five stars

“Natalie Portman calls Jackie beautiful, with her somewhat angular motor and sleek sophistication. She captured Jackie’s strangely accented speech, with a sigh, in every sentence that she utters. But seems they? They would. At least, between the men around her. That seem not at all. They are played by beautiful actors, but they are not more than superficial historical fguren that they depict. The effect of that approach is that Jackie via Portman, which is the only one, however, is unmistakable who they play, even more the centre of the film.”

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Try, 4.5-star

“It takes a while for you comes into it. This is mainly due to the efforts of Portman that you probably the benefit of the doubt, but initially have much of the drop of a memento. Only when the issue becomes more severe, such as the depression that Jackie felt after the death of her husband and the trouble with motherhood that this led to the realization that Portman understand a razendknappe performance.”

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Faith: four stars

“In a beautiful sequence shows the filmmaker’s excellent, graceful actress Natalie Portman, the well-stocked closets in the White House to develop: so many black dresses available. How does mourning for the outside world? He let her hopelessly clumsy pumps sink into the muddy grass of a rain-soaked cemetery: where to bury you early dead man? We see her fight with ministers and officials that a grand staatsbegrafenis don’t like. The melancholic string music of Mica Levi adds to an impression of her inner turmoil.”

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