Recensieoverzicht: Halina Reijns Instinct that divides the Dutch press has to say

Halina Reijn showing this week at the opening ceremony of the Netherlands Film Festival for her directorial debut in general. The Dutch critics have been divided about the film in which Dutch actress Carice van Houten, and Marwan Kenzari, respectively, a psychologist and a convicted felon is playing.

True – to Three-star

“They’re beautiful, as described, verbal, playful, tentative encounter between the two at each other, daring people who are self-thought-to-have, but more and more unsettled. Wood and Kenzari, can I only use the dry sentences like: “I don’t think I have ed, though, that attractiveness to you.” However, it is surprising how fast paced the scenes are strung, and how much space these actors are getting to be a bit of branching out with their games. (…) Reijn showing that they are the creator of the best people you can gather, and even the smallest of roles to play, by actors, by weight. This gives Instinct, especially for a debut album, which is a solid idea. At the same time as the movie, you’re left with the feeling that all the time and have to be left out.”

The AD Two stars

“The problem of Instinct is that it’s a film very much of the area remains low. The dialogue is short and bland. The Wooden faces are often printed in front of him, but what was in her mind, is also a bit of a puzzle for the viewer as well. Especially her relationship with her mother (Betty Schuurman), it is half-finished, and offers a scene that is unintended to the lachlust exciting.”

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the Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant , Four-star

“It’s been a while, but the Instinct has Reijn is an idea found her, it fits like a glove. In her debut as a film director is a self-confident, intriguing and cleverly constructed. (…) Until the end of Instinct open to interpretation. That’s quite an easily designed, in a very short time to film a psychological thriller. With only a limited number of characters, and nondescript locations in addition, the film’s strong acting. Wood and Kenzari, both of which are internationally broken, don’t disappoint your Instinct is to be a showcase of their work. It’s cracking and, especially, in the more laid back scenes, they are hair-raising, very good.”


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