Recensieoverzicht: Fifty Shades Darker is a ‘laughable’

Recensieoverzicht: Fifty Shades Darker is a ‘laughable’

The sequel to the erotic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey is since Thursday is a regular in the cinema to see. Dutch reviewers are not very impressed and find Fifty Shades Darker especially laughable.

The Telegraph – 1,5 stars

“Fifty shades darker is less soft than its predecessor – pubic hair! – but heavier than what kontklappen, bondage and massage oil is the well also. A metal nipple is allowed to quickly return to the la. The film knows again to shock. That comes through everything behálve the sm. Due to the tight face of Kim Basinger, who is a former mistress Mrs. Robinson plays. Much scarier than a limp thrillerlijntje with a crazy ex.”

Het Parool – Two stars

“Well, there is some hassle with vaginal balls and Venetian masks, Ana again the spanking, and biting on her lower lip that it is a delight. But that is dwarfed by the seemingly endless gekwezel, all bakvissenromantiek and the thought-provoking psychology of the cold ground even before the begintitels is revealed that Greys mother a crackhoer was. The game is flat, everything is pronounced in the unintentionally funny dialogues and underscored by songs that expressed what the image is – of Nobody said it was easy to What is love?. Fifty shades darker is a sweet, toothless, musty affair.”

AD – Two stars

“Still rising, the story is hardly above the level of the Bouquet series, but still, this film has a dramatic sense something more to offer than its predecessor. (…) Depth is no time. The story depends on weird transitions at each other but there will be the fans of the books are bound not to interfere.”

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Volkskrant – A star

“Romance and relationship therapy: of course, that was not the reason that so many readers enjoyed the erotic bestseller by E. L. James. First, however, as the sex in Fifty Shades Darker: there is a brave attempt has been made to that what pikanter than in the good first part – so there are genotsballetjes – but the handcuffs are not yet, or they’re already finished. Are there taps on the buttock handed out, it is after three klapjes with the flat of your hand again, straight forward sex. (…) Don’t come for romance or kink, Fifty Shades Darker is only entertaining as shameless camp.”

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Loyalty – Three stars

“No misunderstanding: the film is a psychological laughably thin, just like the books. And yet. Fifty Shades Darker is about lovers who are explicitly negotiating that precarious balance between autonomy and surrender. In the core is that more romantic (and more realistic) than what the majority of the romantic comedies shows. A man with a morbid possessiveness, and sadistic attract, versus a woman, smart and independent, which on its terms. Too much honor for a film full of superficial characters? That makes the film is not superficial or irrelevant.”

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