Recensieoverzicht: Dutch press, sabelt, Cats are unanimously down

The Cats are running from today on, in the movie, and reviewers are not knife a lot of the musicalverfilming, that is, approximately 95 million dollars in cost (85 million euros). An overview of published reviews.
NRC – 1 star

“That’s Cats, is a series of songs in the film are 23 in all), and hardly any plot, it is well-known. But still: what the hell is left? This does not have to be an obstacle, as is the singing and the dancing, but the magic from it.

Sorry to say. The film’s musical arrangements with a lot of synthesizers to do so is quite dated, and too few songs to be a sparkling element. The choreography is by Andy Blankenbuehler, and very successful, with a Broadwaymusical, Hamilton, by director Tom Hooper broke down and mounted.

Even the mega-hit, a Memory, a melancholic song about the days of the cats uitgekotste cat, Grizabella, is. That is, in the film, was sung by Jennifer Hudson with the constant snot out of her nose, and eyes full of tears. Sentiment to sentiment, and larmoyant with ease. It’s too much of it, but as such, it is the perfect metaphor for the second, and in loud colours, bathing the film. For a unique experience, and that’s it.”

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De Telegraaf (netherlands), 1 star

“The biggest disaster in the film is the digital transformation of the actor into half-cats. With their curly tails and are lively and the ears seem to have a complete life of its own. In addition, the eyes of the players in their tight computervachtjes naakter than a child. This, along with their right to get some of the scenes of this bizarre sexual dimension, that is, in the case of Rebel Wilson, and even that tends to be poezenporno.

Hoopers troubled cameravoering results as well. As the dramatic scenes, of which the relationships are not for a moment seem to be in order. With so many choices to help even an amazing cast and musical classics, such as Statements, not any more.

The tragedy is that the creators of all of months ago and need to achieve to be on the Titanic, sat down, and without that damned iceberg in terms of where they are in stevenden have to dodge and fell down. Look for the Cats to feel, above all, as a ramptoerisme. The hangover will come later.”

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222Jason Derulo on Cats-movie: ‘Onderbroekfoto helped as possible, by promotion

De Volkskrant, 1 star

“What a rotkerst for the new comers who are here for their careers, see the crush and well-established names, with whom the viewer is ineenkrimpt out of vicarious embarrassment. They were, of course, have no idea of what the end result will look like and went to see it, before it is all done by a computer that has been taken.

Hence it is likely that all business will take (Jennifer Hudson), and the other with a nod and a wink’s (McKellen). And then the poor director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech). It would be terrible if what you thought was realistic, moving kattenoortjes and tails! – there are spooky shows to see. It seems as if none of the visual implications of this concept, and has well thought-out. The relationships of the settings are not correct (square is too small, and the shower is too big), and it is one of are cats and ballet flats, the next move on his hands and knees, bottom up.

All of you have compassion to evaporate, moreover, when a shot from the rough mannentenen of the Disclosure. Mistoffelees.

After scathing reviews, is that there will soon be a digitally enhanced version in the cinema, it has Now secured. It won’t be a lot of help Cats, and will go down in history as the film that proves is that the computer techniques is a bad concepts is not the best way to fix it.”

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The AD is 2 stars

The lack of a clear plot – the story is nothing more than a show for the alley cats, which have a longer life and – neck on the long run. The cats are dressed up actors, sometimes hateful, and hilarious, and provide little sense of empathy in the viewer.

Due to the non-specific stemvaste Judi Dench, the opperkat Deuteronomy (that is, in the theaterversie, a male, was to be performed the names of the makers are doing. They have the cart to pull it, but even this beauty fails. Even though the visuals are certainly resourceful, it is not enough to make the weak story even more impressive to do.”

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