Recensieoverzicht: Dunkirk is ‘nagelbijtend exciting’ but ‘aloof’

Recensieoverzicht: Dunkirk is ‘nagelbijtend exciting’ but ‘aloof’

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From Thursday, the movie revolves Dunkirk in the cinemas. In the oorlogsepos of Christopher Nolan play Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles and Fionn Carr.

The film tells about the evacuation of one hundred thousand British and French soldiers in the Second world War by the nazis, were surrounded on the beaches of Dunkirk. To Dunkirk was eagerly awaited, but what do the reviewers think? put the reviews for you below.

The Volkskrant – four stars

“Nolan let his viewers a sensory experience how futile the life of a single soldier. The varied perspectives melt together into one universal experience. (…) The war in Dunkirk is overwhelming and at the same time remarkably efficient filmed, what the visual sensation just intensified, the Dutch cameraman Hoyte van Hoytema can without tricks or frivolities.”

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Het Parool – four stars

“No, an in-depth story or a surprising development must be partly on the IJsselmeer included Dunkirk have not. And yet, from the beginning to the – little bit patriotic, a bit sentimental and, despite everything, happy – end on the edge of your seat. (…) Even more than a war film is Dunkirk a nagelbijtend exciting thriller.”

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NRC – two stars

“A lot of meat on the bones to get the characters do not, none of them will get a lot of background. (…) Dunkirk is a curious case: the movie is just too distant and artificial for a riveting war drama, but for a subtle auteursfilm contains Dunkirk too few relevant ideas and observations. Of much story or plot is no question, but if ervaringscinema there Dunkirk is also not so crazy much to do.”

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HP/The Time – gives no stars

“Nolan be sure to turn in to a relentless voltage, as if he is a screw to tighten them to the untenable. (…) The film pushes you in addition masterfully in the combat boots of the characters. The soldiers in Dunkirk are no longer driven by the noble impulse to risk their lives to the honour and glory of humanity. The only thing they want to do, is survive. (…) Nolan builds the suspense in the film steadily on, until it is almost untenable.”

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VPRO Guide – four stars

“A visually stunning film, involving the viewer in the middle of the action is placed. Three story lines run through each other (on land, at sea and in the air), and by being pushed with different timelines, it can sometimes save you, but Dunkirk builds to a surprisingly emotional climax.”

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