Recensieoverzicht: Documentary Heleen van Royen intimate and touching

Recensieoverzicht: Documentary Heleen van Royen intimate and touching

Photo: Heleen van Royen

Heleen van Royen made about her dementia mother in the documentary, It does so very. They gathered 240 hours of footage, while her mother more and more memories lost. collected the reviews of various Dutch media about the documentary.

The Volkskrant 4 stars

“Van Royen does sober report, also during intimate moments, and warns the viewer for the sentiment. With a sense of humour also: that Helen is living with the younger Bart and Ton van Royen (known from tv) now formally ex-son-in-law, her mother surprised.”

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The Netherlands – 4 stars

“Dementia is many times in the past documented. However, adds Van Royen Do with It, As a Very interesting title to add to the canon. They filmed all the footage himself, and chose mostly for the simplest possible framework: her mother on the couch.”

“The limited perspective, this documentary is an unprecedented and intimate character. You would be a glorified home video can call, but only one with universal eloquence.”

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The Telegraph – a 3.5 star

“Van Royen operated itself mostly to the camera, often working from a tripod. It is not about the artistic sound compositions, but to capture the reality. Imperfect pictures take the maker for love.”

“What counts is the content: a goudeerlijk, honest and sometimes moving portrait about the mental and physical deterioration of someone she love so much.”

AD – 3 stars

“It does so much is a double portrait. The viewer makes acquaintance with another side of Van Royen, that as a concerned daughter the best with her mother for it. Her film moves and inspires.”

Fidelity – 3 stars

“There will be more to laugh and to cry than to see. Van Royen wanted no frills, so the camera remains silent, modest and patient. Otherwise it was exploitation.”

“What dominates is the intimacy between mother and daughter and mothers unintentionally comical criticism on everyone and everything.”

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