Recensieoverzicht: Day 2 at the Lowlands festival

Recensieoverzicht: Day 2 at the Lowlands festival

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

On the second day of the anniversary edition of the Lowlands festival gifts include Elbow, Ronnie Flex and The Editors for gigs in Biddinghuizen. In the meantime, the first reviews appeared.


According to 3 for 12, there are not many bands that can get to be 26 years to stay together and always with love and an eye for detail, a perfect performance. (…) “An hour of watching and listening to frontman Guy Garvey feels as if you can warm up with a straalkachel of timeless love for music. Escape from your daily worries by you to drag in the world by Elbow. The fun leaps off the stage, the sound is perfect, the vocals crisp and the stories are good.”

Faith agrees and also says that Elbow Saturday impressed. “Music is about the small beauties of life, like the smile of a child, the sun that each day and rising back, and in the case of Garvey, a good glass of wine. It is beautiful, with strings accentuated pathos is never too much.” (…) “Exciting? No, but Elbow delivers pleasant catharsis.”

“No frills, no stoerdoenerij, just: Elbow. And sometimes you forget the impact,” said Ear. “New song Magnificant is great and the older songs bubbling piece for piece. As if they had just written and the band proud. A genuine love for the music that makes this band so beautiful. And this action as well.”

Just when you think Elbow might often enough live to have seen it, convince them again 100%. #LL17


Time of placing
19:16 – 19 August 2017

Ronnie Flex

Drink & Drugs will be performed in collaboration with the Deuxperience band. 3 for 12, calls this it casts a slur on an otherwise exceptionally good show. (…) “Ronnie is a very good voice, and that autotune is a style choice, not a crutch. So smoothly, we have Lowlands rarely seen dancing. You can’t imagine why this man is so much hate attracts. If you are not very happy, congratulations: you’re a zuurpruim.”

“It’s clear that Flex is sincerely happy with his success and that makes for a very infectious show.”, writes Ear. “The impressive array of hits that he in a short time has garnered, among others, Sister, Booze And Drugs, This Is Over – come all over and ensure that the in the beginning still a bit sleepy Bravo soon at the dance stores. During the banging Came breaks there even a real circlepit. With the closing reprise of Energy does Flex then especially themselves a favor, but alas, this is him this afternoon cordially awarded.”

Loyalty is also positive about the rapper. “The rapper challenges himself this year with a live band on tour, and there is the past year is clearly very adept at. A swinging ‘little Sister’, his opening track Drink & Drugs on Caribbean sounds, and of course Energy. Plots also shows how many hits the irresistible Flex at a breakneck pace after his name has been given.”

Thanks lowlands you were crazy!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????


Time of placing
12:19 – 19 August 2017


“In the genre which Stefflon Don one of the kroonprinsessen, Skepta veteran and also the current king,” says The Volkskrant. (…) “At the beginning of his performance vlamt, then he seems for the moment to take it easy, the intensity gradually to increase.” (…) “Skepta turns out his mate Lethal Bizzle have taken to put together highlight I Win, rapping, and then the rhythmic, droning deep bass of the hit Shutdown, the Bravo thunder. The wooden structure seems to waves, almost to be fluid under thousands of dancing feet.”

“The King of Grime puts it today, what tepid Lowlands in fire and flame,” writes Ear. “What is it we hope not only the new generation, that the Lowlands festival this year seems to require, but also the older festivalbezoeker, who complains about the lack of loud music and moshpits, was present.”

Skepta strewed on behalf of the NRC with gunpowder. (…) “If running footsteps in the empty passageway, clatter to the rhythms, supported by the of dubstep known, deep vibrating bass. Combined with Skepta’s sharply articulated observations of London street life, there was an exciting and contemporary hip-hop show.”


Herman Brusselmans gives liefdesadvies at 25th edition of the Lowlands festival


“Editors appears suddenly fiery, and surprisingly dessert of the day”, writes Trouw. “It was certainly not surprising hoosbui that the Alpha to the far back of utterly uitpuilde for the rockers from Birmingham. Far beyond the tent, the hands up for the postpunkklassiekers, by Tom Smith full fire (with flame throwers).” (…) “Beautiful troostmuziek, echoing in June as swirling goose feathers below.”

“A Ton of Love”, the band plays without frills and balanced presentation, but also without but a looks like a small thread confetti stands like a house”, writes 3 for 12. “A strong rock track, performed very well by a very solid band. And if a choir of a thousand men with the hands in the air at the chorus ‘Desire!’ in your face shouting, it is impossible not to the rapture.”

Also Ear is positive: “Tom Smith and his men, and you know what you get: a strong stadionrockshow with almost nothing but hits.” (…) “That is the setlist, on the three newcomers and after, hardly any different from shows that Editors in the last few years, in the AFAS Live at Best Kept Secret, may not spoil the fun. Innovation is of course nice, this set is so like a house that we would not complain if Editors him back to playing on the fiftieth Lowlands.”

Vince Staples

The Volkskrant preist the 23-year-old Vince Staples with his great talent. “So great is his talent, so intelligent his music and so strong his albums that he is in the pecking order in the district of Compton isn’t so far behind Kendrick Lamar.” (…) “He comes roaring in with y People and BagBak, let the reigns a little bit to celebrate, but to place it in exactly the right moments a fierce banger in between, such as pinnacle Big Fish.

Also True is positive. “Vince Staples, who at an orange screen and bright backlight, only a silhouette is visible, snaking great tight raps on extreme bass the packed India-tent.” (…) “Staples week with this enigmatic performance from the hip-hop master, where grimekoning Skepta were held, in the middle of a crazy Bunch. DJ Maximum that the beats crank up, the rapper himself that with that lovely London accent from him, the masses will conquer, and the tent far beyond piece lets go.”

According to 3 for 12 remember, Vince Staples, your feelings of guilt to talk to him, you are so fat. “Look how he during Birds & Bees silently against his microphone stand to leaning while the whole tent upside-down: wheelchair in the air, crowdsurfer and a moshpit from here to ‘Ramona Park’.”

“It is a slightly peculiar, minimalist spectacle, with a modest Kanye-vibe,” said Ear. Staples says, with behind him a giforanje light box. That’s all, and it remains an hour buoys. Also if he inktzwart or gortdroog, such as in elderly people Senõrita and Norf Norf. Vince Staples is the crown prince of hip hop, of the generation after Kendrick. With a warm feeling we are going to the night.

Hands in the air for the great Vince Staples. #Lowlands #LL17


Time of placing
20:01 – 19 August 2017

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