Recensieoverzicht: ‘Beatles’ film of Yesterday is relying on a strong idea

Thursday to appear Yesterday, is a romantic comedy in which the whole of the world is The title of The film is to be forgotten, on the one the musician is after. What’s the opinion of the Dutch press has to say? A summary of the main review.

The NRC is 4 stars

“Thanks to the strong songs and The Band that Jack is the only company in the world, he is given a second chance at success. The first is in the morning. In an amusing scene, he tries to, Let It Be from his parents, who are busy with other things, so not being able to hear how good the song is. But it soon breaks up with Jack and then he was the opening act for Ed Sheeran, who will play himself, with him to Moscow, where he and triumphs, Back in the USSR.”

“A crafty American manager is a good role for Kate McKinnon), in order to be a global phenomenon. But for Jack, the issue is two things: the way he made the songs yourself, writing, and the question of his love for his loyal British manager, and Ellie (Lily James), with whom he had many years of joy and sorrow shared, is not more important than the fame.”

“Yesterday, it is in part a sharp social satire on the music industry, and their smooth marketing methods. But, just like the character Test written filmhits Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love, Actually is Yesterday, especially about love. But in a funny way, sort of like a classic song from The Beatles.”

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The Telegraph – a 3.5 star

“It’s absurd premise and a charming cast, that’s logic plotgaten this romkom for granted. When playing Jack, as moving masses, in an exceptional case, in which the Beatles ‘ songs in its unadorned cover versions are still brilliant sound. Yesterday is a film that you’re after happily neuriënd to us. For the competitive group and the undercurrent of melancholy in the meantime, not to be missed.”

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De Volkskrant, 3-star

“The equipment is in good hands with director Danny Boyle, who is the biggest Beatles hits, clever, and respectful way through the film, and around the water, and a good sense of comic timing, and that he is even able to play a game using funny to make this possible.”

“When we have so much fun together, and that you are, how clear he is, and bíjna can think of is that they are, indeed, had for years been in love with him. Oh, and Ed Sheeran is playing himself, with just enough self-deprecating humor.”

“A lot of fun, all of you. For what it is. On the whole, had the sharpening done as well. icularly surprising is the story, the characters and their struggles are in fact right, and, especially, as well As to do things just because it’s the scenario that’s so true. And what does this tell you about the music? That is, each is crazy famous, it could be that the songs of The Beatles?”

“By Yesterday the confidence of the creators, especially in the game, and the music, and rightly so, but it feels like there is more on the a number of years.”

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The AD is 4 stars

“Yesterday is a wonderful film. This is a must-have for Beatlesfans, who was also a wonderful surprise is waiting for you. There is, of course, is the trademark of a Test: the unspoken love between the two main characters. In addition, the film has other erased the icons: it is not only The title of The film have been removed, but also the Coca Cola, Harry Potter, and cigarettes. The viewer may related to think of.”

“Ok, it is all a bit far-fetched, but the makers are out there, will get away with it. As John Lennon already sang: “Imagine.”

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