Recensieoverzicht: “Angel Has Fallen, it is exhausting work’

After Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen gets a secret service agent, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) was once again faced with a great danger, Angel Has Fallen. After an assassination attempt on the president, he needs to have his own name, to purify it while he is on the hunt for the real culprits. What is the Dutch press that this new movie? A summary of the review.
The NRC is 2 stars

“The creators of the Angel Has Fallen, and the third part of a actiefilmtrilogie, they will certainly have to understand that they are using their themes to great advantage in the current situation. However, the movie has to be the least of the series.”

“What I find interesting is the ease with which the cinema, as it used to be the best and morally complex B-movies, all manner of assumptions about what is going on in the United States of america is doing. Even under the leadership of the president, with the authority of Morgan Freeman, she’s not the movie, not with the idea that corruption is everywhere, and an incongruous mix of family values, and taking the best answer.”

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The Telegraph – 3 stars

“There’s a danger this time, not from the outside but from the inside out. That’s what makes the storyline a bit more exciting. Furthermore, we are able to learn more about the background of the failed hero, who is more fragile appearance than ever before. Even Nick Nolte shows up as a shade from the Bannings of the past.”

“It makes for some funny moments and you’ll be a rather predictable thriller, full of showers of bullets and explosions, which, thanks to the experience of the director and the stuntspecialist Ric Roman Waugh is best to first look like this.”

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De Volkskrant (netherlands – 2 stars

“As an over-the-top anti-anxiety-actiespektakel wants to be with Angel, Has Fallen, just like in the previous parts of choosing a movie of its time: the real threat comes from the government hiring private armies, and the close approach between the politicians and the arms industry. The plot is a simple one: even the least experienced viewer can see immediately who is on what side.”

“Butler has the right physically for the role, but did not get the dialogue and scenes are given a bit of range in his tormented eyes. Also, Bannings opponents to a remarkably low-a party: it kukelen to be the many of the non-descripte fight scenes of man-to-man. It makes the Angel Has Fallen for a grueling exercise. A line, which works a variation on die Hard.”

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The AD is 2 stars

“The comparison with” The Fugitive (1993) bubbles, of course, but this is a cat-and-muisspel explains it in terms of the tension and soul to. Gerard Butler is not a karakteracteur, but believable enough as a hero to be under the bizarre circumstances (such as who is, of course, but in the film country can co-exist.”

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