Recensieoverzicht: American Made is ‘insane’ and ‘glorified crime’

Recensieoverzicht: American Made is ‘insane’ and ‘glorified crime’

Since Thursday running American Made in the cinemas, is an action – crime film with Tom Cruise and Sarah Wright in the lead roles. Reviewers can watch the film, which revolves around a drugsdealende pilot, certainly appreciate.

The telegraph – four stars

“Cruise is convincing as a charming hustler: he plays Barry Seal as a man who is always in situations which he is actually above the head to grow. While his character is unpredictable, there are also still feverishly trying to combine with a family life.”

“In the meantime, weaves director Doug Liman, with whom the hollywood star previously The edge of tomorrow was made smoothly and skillfully the most colorful episodes in the life of the pilot to each other. Humorous montages and historical imagery to anchor the story it firmly in the reality of those days. Although it is certainly no less insane.”

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Volkskrant – four stars

“American Made shows in style and content, overlaps with the Netflix series Narcos, but also does think of Top Gun. Again, it is Tom Cruise a talented and reckless pilot, and also this story takes place in the eighties.”

“Doug Liman creates an attractive image of time and brings together the many vliegscènes spectacular in the picture, while Cruising his usual dose of charm bet. So calls slowly but surely realizing that this is anything but a heroic epic, but a dark, corrupted version of the American dream.”

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The Watchword – three stars

“This true story has been pumped up to The Wolf of Wall Street-like proportions. Few films that crime as glorifying as this. That remains for quite a long time fun, but after a good hour begins the smooth plot is yet to avenge. No kink in the cable that you don’t far see them coming. It is also problematic that the Seal in the script never becomes more than a sympathetic villain with a beautiful blonde woman. How it ends, it leaves you perfectly cold.”

“Fortunately, the great star will always shine. Tom Cruise, his plane crashes in a residential area, the white of the coke from the unit creeps and a verbouwereerde boy $ 100 for his bike. That are scenes for which you go to the movies.”

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Algemeen Dagblad – four stars

“Started out as a regular pilot with PanAm and even Cuban cigars are smuggled, Seal enlisted by the CIA to include more weapons to the right rebels in Nicaragua to transport. Within the shortest of times has Seal made a deal with the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, who the easily manipulated American if cocaïnekoerier on.”

“Seal is a lefgozer of unprecedented level. It is a role in which Tom Cruise is completely can enjoy. He does that with of his well-known bravado, mixed with humor and charisma.”

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