Recensieoverzicht Aladdin: ‘Catchy songs’ and ‘wow-factor missing’

The new live-actionremake of Aladdin is since this week in the cinemas, starring, among others, Will Smith and the Dutch actor Marwan Kenzari. What is the Dutch press of the movie? put the reviews for you in a row.
AD – four stars

“Naomi Scott is outstanding in the role of princess Jasmine. Resolute, adventurous, and very individualistic. Her opponent Mesa Massoud is also in place as the gauwdief Aladdin, which as a freerunner the movie to rage. And then there is Marwan Kenzari as the grand vizier Jafar, a sinister bastard who does not stop by the Dutch actor is convincing portrayed in all its depravity.”

“All in all, Aladdin is perhaps the best acteursversie of an animated film that Disney have made so far. The catchy songs are perfectly dosed, and give the story even new impulses and momentum. Aladdin is a treasure of a movie.”

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the Volkskrant – two stars

“In the new live-actionremake is the feeling that lingers: meh. This is the biggest problem of this new version of Aladdin: the scenes that have great and compelling need to feel, with the most stunning scenery and beloved songs, lack the wow-factor. And that is highly remarkable.”

“How can it be that a director like Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes, Snatch), a snellemontage specialist, fails to the spectacular referred to scenes sjeu. Why does it feel especially like a cheap trick when he the image speeds up? How is it possible that a cartoon more feels than a movie that is a carnival of real fireworks, elephants, ostriches and mountains of bling garnish?”

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Aladdin-the actor saw Dutchman Marwan Kenzari as ‘big brother’

NRC – three stars

“Director, Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes) know council with the spectacle (dance, chases, trips per flying carpet, and magic wands and magic) in the film, but has less delicacy when it comes to the cultural subtleties that today on a much needed update.”

“And even though Aladdin and Genie (the ghost, played by Will Smith) make ends meet a glorious end good all good, it’s finally princess Jasmine, who is in a feminist final song erupts that they are not silenced. It is, after all, or 2019. Nice, but I prefer a story that, in our time.”

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The Parool gives no stars

“Jasmine is the only character, actually the only aspect in the whole movie, which is better in the paint than in the original. Disney is the last years very consciously concerned with the ‘upgrade’ of female roles. The new Jasmine has a much stronger will and much larger ambitions. Naomi Scott plays her determined and self-confident.”

“The special effects are at times very two-dimensional, and the songs have a stately musicaljasje. Sensitive ballads are much too stiff, the more exuberant numbers prove once again that animation can’t just convert them to real images.”

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The Telegraph – three stars

“Director, Guy Ritchie (Snatch, Sherlock Holmes) hervertelt Aladdin in smooth manner, in which he spectacular chases, cheerful songs, and emotional depth, pleasant doses. Will Smith gives the spirit puffs of The Fresh Prince, Bad Boys and Men in Black. Sometimes funny and full of bravado, uncomfortable and a little forced.”

“More impressive is the Marwan Kenzari (Wolf, Hartenstraat) as grand vizier Jafar. With fire in the eyes, mischief in the voice and long, pointed tovenaarsnagels put the Dutch actor is a fine valserik down.”

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Will Smith in trailer Aladdin for the first time as the blue Spirit to see

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