Reason why restaurants are increasingly to eat more than running

In some restaurants, running now more than food only. Especially in large cities, to open more and more restaurants that are not only on the map, but also on experience focus. Why choose horecaondernemers for this concept?

ChinChin Club, Duke of Tokyo, Skatecafé, FC Hyena, Beautiful Boules. Just a few of the names that the last couple of years the doors opened in Amsterdam. Food is not the main issue in these restaurants you can also do something more active to do.

Belevingsexpert Harald Pol, lecturer at Hogeschool Utrecht and a phd candidate at University of Twente, recognises the phenomenon. “Consumers are nowadays increasingly looking for an experience, actually, in everything they do. Therefore, also the bite to eat with friends, acquaintances or colleagues an unforgettable experience.”

By an overkill of information are people looking for relaxation, think, Pol. And they choose the easiest way: “They find it more comfortable to be entertained, than that they themselves entertainment should organize it.”

The belevingsexpert tells that entertainment an extra dimension to the food. “The food is less important, because the experience makes the outing a whole. Therefore, consumers are less critical. Only when something really really good or really bad, that is.”

Not completely new

According to foodtrendwatcher Esther Haanschoten have the millennials have a large share in the trend, as they increasingly look for a combination of food, drink and entertainment. “They want to be surprised, then share it on Instagram.”

Pol can also imagine that especially millennials at this kind of concepts down. “Research has shown that many young people have to deal with extra sensitivity to stimuli and overload, and I can imagine that they, perhaps even more so than the older generations, are looking for distractions.”

The millennials, there are perhaps now gone, but the concept is according to Haanschoten not completely new. The need to be entertained during eating, there is always – also in other generations – been: “just Think of the restaurants with singing waiters, such as Pasta e Basta. That restaurant has been around a very long time.”

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Choosier than ever

The 34-year-old contractor Koen Houben started along with three friends five years ago, Beautiful Boules. That began when, as a jeu-de-boulesclub on the Museumplein in Amsterdam, but resulted in June this year in a real bowling boulesclub and dining area on the Zeeburgerpad. By now, the eight-jeu-de-boules courts and a dining area.

Here you can streetfood be ordered. From springrolls to a half chicken and a poké bowl until fries of sweet potatoes. Low-key, but still of good quality, says Houben. “Visitors are choosier than ever, because there is a lot of demand. In addition, everybody is looking for variety. People no longer want to spend the whole evening sitting at a table. They want to do things.”

There are perhaps many examples in Amsterdam, but according to Pol is the trend not only in the Randstad to discern. “I think the phenomenon here, something previously occurs, than in other parts of the country, but the phenomenon that people are looking for experience is not regional.”

Beautiful Alley in Amsterdam

Not only in the Randstad

Bram Bull, Black in Breda is totally agree. In Black eat the visitors a four-course dinner in a completely unlit room and are served by visually impaired or blind waiters. Bull remarked in the beginning, two years ago, that the restaurant picked up had to be by the ‘early adopters’, who are mostly millennials.

“We noticed that only a small group of people dared, but there we had it. In the Randstad, you will have more people, so I think that a concept was rather successful. But our works also, so it is definitely not only a trend in the big cities.”

The consumer has also, according to Bull, the need for an all-inclusive night on the road. “We compete with a casino or a movie theater than a restaurant. The people to the unique experience. I think this kind of concepts only but will take in the future. The choice is álleen but bigger.”

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