Realityster Her Bar back with an ex after a hennepschandaal

Realityster Her Beam back at her ex, Stavros T, so let them know by sending a message to her private Instagram account.

“The people who have it together ought to be finding their way back,” wrote the 31-year-old realitypersoonlijkheid with a picture of her lover runs to embrace.

In January, left a Bar that was still able to get a divorce, when the 44-year-old T. part was known to be involved in wietkwekerijen in three of the Wassenaarse here. The hennepplantages were found in the houses of those with the name were in charge.

Bar was itself also identified as a suspect. Through her lawyer, did she know of his innocence. On the 3rd of may, it was decided that the pre-trial detention of T. to stay the proceedings, on the condition that he be under electronic monitoring to and with the obligation to report to the probation that would keep.

“The trust has been broken, and it is, unfortunately, not repair, left a Bar in January, via Instagram, know. “Therefore, I announce here that I will go to my girl’s name Bar, and is no longer married, life will go on. I ask for your understanding during this difficult time.”

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