‘Readmissions to hospital can easily be prevented’

‘Readmissions to hospital can easily be prevented’

By to the patient to ask if the home allows it to come back to home after a hospitalization, can be a unnecessary readmissions may be preventable.

This appears from phd research by Louise van Galen of the VUmc. One in ten patients, mostly 70-somethings, is discharged within thirty days in the hospital, with full hospitals as a result.

Every year, 1.7 million people hospitalized, of which 10 percent within a month after dismissal return. “By improving communication at the bedside, we believe that approximately 50 percent of this heropnames can be prevented,” says Van Galen.

Galen looked at the situation from 1300 patients from fifteen hospitals in the netherlands and abroad. It was found that the doctor often does not ask or they go home. “Usually it is a communication: you should go home, because you are, according to us, better. But the doctor asks often not or that actually can,” says the researcher.

Therefore, patients often ‘quickly’ sent home.


There was also not always to the patient, listened when they told me that they still were not ready for dismissal, as decided by Galen.

“If a patient is at home, the stairs can’t come, the weather conditions can go wrong. When the doctor is informed, he can ensure that there is a bed on the ground floor is placed,” says the researcher.

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