Reactions to wins, Ajax, Emmen and Sparta, in the champion’s League (closed)

In the Premier league are Saturday’s three races on the program. Ajax won with 1-4 at VVV-Venlo and Sparta Rotterdam to beat ADO Den Haag 1-2. In Drenthe, FC Emmen, sc Heerenveen started the final race of the day. To follow this liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Premier league! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on all the latest developments from the Premier league match on this Saturday.

  • Results:
  • VVV-Venlo-Ajax 1-4
  • ADO-Sparta 1-2
  • FC Emmen-Heerenveen 2-0

The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen · 2 minutes ago –FC Emmen from the scratch, after winning in Heerenveen, the netherlands
FC Emmen is in one or the other is enough, against sc Heerenveen, the netherlands, and it’s nasty scratch in this Premier league season. The home team wins 2-0, the Marbles, thanks to the goals of peace by Nikolai Laursen (free-kick), and As an Axe (header). Wigan looks, thanks to the fall in the province of Drenthe are the undefeated status of the two races in a row, and ends.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen · the 4-minute geleden90+2′ Freddy Quispel, really? The drive is failing, his debut for FC Emmen have to listen to it with a goal. Only for the Wigan goalkeeper Warner, Han, he slides next to it.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen · the 6-minute geleden90′, The minimum additional play time in Emmen (netherlands) is equal to four minutes.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen · a 12-minute geleden84′ a Second switch in sc-Heerenveen, the netherlands: Arjen van der Heide is coming to Chidera Ejuke.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen is 15 minutes geleden82′ the Third and last change for FC Emmen: Richard Kolar, gives the reins to His Quispel.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen · is a 17-minute geleden78′ FC Emmen there seems to be a penalty after the sc Heerenveen goalkeeper Hahn, Marko Kola dismisses, however, the party does not take place. Cola was available at the time of the play being offside.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen · 24-geleden71′ First to switch to sc Heerenveen, the netherlands: Jan Ras for Junior Green.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen · 29 minutes ago –67′ FC Emmen, sc Heerenveen midway through the second half. FC Emmen have a 2-0-lead in the bag easy to stand up against sc Heernveen, which manifests as a barking dog that doesn’t doorbijt.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen) – a 30-minute geleden66′ the Second switch in the FC Emmen – Michael Chacon will leave with an injured hamstring in the field, Henk Bos replaces it.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen · the 38-minute geleden58 ” sc Heerenveen, the place is seriously in Emmen, the netherlands. From the Mountains to dance with the ball of the foot in the defense of Belgium, it combines with the Green, and shoot at the target. As a defender of FC Emmen gets the ball out just in time for the goal-line.VVV-Venlo-Ajax-four hours ago, to: ‘Krachtsverschil features, it is huge’
TOURIST information-year-old Robert Maaskant acknowledges that he / she is a handbalverdediging has built up against Ajax, with 1-4 and won from VVV-Venlo, the netherlands. “The difference is, with Ajax, for instance, is not reduced. They have European ambitions, and for that, I understand. This can be fun for a lot of the other clubs in the Premier league? Well, today it’s not. But still, there were a lot of people with a black-and-yellow shirt that he hoped that Ajax, a little bit of them. And she’s going somewhere to happen. That’s what makes the league, then it was great. However, the krachtsverschil between Ajax amsterdam and is, for example, OT is huge, as is the difference in the budget. We should not complain, because Ajax has a budget self-made.”The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen-four hours ago, toKick-off! The ball is rolling in Emmen, the netherlands for the FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen, the netherlands. The home team is leading by 2-0.VVV-Venlo-Ajax-four hours ago –Álvarez: “Favorite position in society
Edson Álvarez against VVV-Venlo at the first minutes for Ajax. “I am very happy with my debut. Everybody knows that Ajax is the biggest club in the Netherlands, and that of the club last year and was great in the Champions League. It won’t be easy to beat,” said Álvarez, who, as his hit. “I like to play on this position, so that worked out pretty well. I have been playing as midfielder or as a central-defender player, I’d rather not play. If I take out my favorite position is to be set up, whether it is on the board.”The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen-four hours ago,to Rest. FC Emmen in their own home, a droomstart against sc Heerenveen, the netherlands. The team’s coach, Dick We are leading 2-0, thanks to goals by Nikolai Laursen, and As an Axe.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen-four hours geleden42′ the First bill of exchange for FC Emmen, And Lorenzo Burnet, go straight to the part after the header. Desevio Bb is in it’s place.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen-four hours ago,41′ GOAL for FC Emmen! 2-0

As the Axe men tonight, a nice cross from Lorenzo Burnet has arrived! Burnet, who is just about to be substituted because of an injury, is going through its enemy, and puts the ball over the head of the Axe.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen-four hours geleden40′ my god! Hicham Faik launches the ball from about 25 yards. It is just about the the goal of FC Emmen, goalkeeper Telgenkamp.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen-four hours geleden31′ Warner’s in the late evening, with a brilliant save! The Wigan goalkeeper on tap and a dedication of the Richard Kolar is about to raise the bar and to prevent a second goal for FC Emmen, the netherlands.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen-four hours geleden25′ Jens Odgaard has turned out again to be the most dangerous attacker for sc Heerenveen, the netherlands. The Danish striker is aiming for, at the hands of FC Emmen, goalkeeper Telgenkamp.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen · a 2-hour geleden14′, with Michael de Leeuw. The attacker of FC Emmen, and blasts it hard in the direction of the goal of sc Heerenveen, the netherlands, which beat the keeper, Warner Hahn is now properly set up.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen · a 2-hour geleden11′ Jens Odgaard is very close to the end of sc Heerenveen, the netherlands. The Table and the headline right next to the man, Lucas Woudenberg, netherlands.VVV-Venlo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours agoAt the Hag: ‘Promes and in Ziyech last of the just’
Erik ten Hag will be on FOX Sports, also asked about the possible injuries from Quincy Promes and a Hakim Ziyech, who is the competition in Venlo in the netherlands is not perfect. “That’s hard for me to say to you. No, there had to be real. He had problems with his ankle, it has even been tried, but the symptoms began to play. We have a Hakim is also changed, because for a moment, with his single,” said Ten Hag, who still do not know whether the injury will have consequences for the availability of both players for the Champions League encounter, with the FIRST week.VVV-Venlo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours agoAt the Hag: ‘the Number of beautiful goals made
Ajax coach Erik ten Hag joins in with the words of its leader, Dusan Tadic after a 1-4 win at VVV-Venlo, the netherlands. “The most important thing is the first goal at an opponent’s body condition. It is very difficult to create opportunities against these teams, then you need to be with the deep receivers to come. By the time we were doing that, we can create equal opportunities. The first goal will also be continued. After the first one, it is also a lot quicker and easier. We have a couple of nice goals, made,” said Ten Hag, who is still in a critical note, getting around the still in strong position.”We need to improve on the omschakelbal from one another.”The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago there isa 4′ GOAL for FC Emmen! 1-0

What a goal! Nikolai Laursen pegelt the ball in from a free-kick from 25 yards into the far corner of the Addition, or in the late evening. The goalkeeper of Heerenveen will not quit on this goal.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago theKick-off! In Emmen (netherlands) is rolling the ball before the FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen, the netherlands.VVV-Venlo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours agoHuntelaar: ‘Football is the most beautiful thing there is
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar explains to FOX Sports why he was so keen on the 36-year-old age group. The striker scored for Ajax amsterdam’s 3-0 against VVV-Venlo, the netherlands. “Football is the greatest thing there is. Each and every day, working with a talented group, with a climax at the weekend in a European match during the week. This is the most beautiful thing there is.”VVV-Venlo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours agoTadic: “After the first hit, it’s easier to’
Or is again, a day at the office for the Ajax and the captain Dusan Tadic?”Yes, you may. It is important to focus on in this competition. After the first hit, it’s easier”, said Tadic at FOX Sports. “We have to remain patient. We will have opportunities to continue to create. They will follow us and give us a little space. It’s a lot easier if there are goals for us to attack.”
VVV-Venlo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours agoplayers, year, to celebrate the 0-4 win at VVV-Venlo, with the remainder of the supporters.The FC Emmen-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago –FC Emmen, sc Heerenveen, cross, tonight, starting at 20: 45, the battle is in Emmen (netherlands). The home team has yet to puntloos, after two matches, while the visitors from the province of Friesland, still life with four points.

Preparation of FC Emmen: Telgenkamp; Head Veendorp, Baker, Burnet; Ugrinic, Chacon, Laursen; The Lion, the, She, Kolar.

Formation of the sc Heerenveen): in the late evening; Floranus, Dresevic, Botman, Woudenberg, netherlands; Death of, Faik, Kongolo; Ejuke, Odgaard, out Of the Mountains.ADO Den Haag-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago –Rayhi with the Race on to victory at ADO
Sparta Rotterdam, but after the three men at the front, still unbeaten in the Premier league. The candidate has to win by 1-2 at the puntloze ADO Den Haag, which is more and more deeply into the sure state. Mohamed Rayhi is a great man from Sparta, with two of the goals. The ADO will, in the second half, and does not go beyond the aansluitingstreffer of the Lex is, After all, in spite of the large chances in injury time.VVV-Venlo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago there areis Ajax, after a rest, convincingly, along the VVV-Venlo
Ajax has a simple night in Venlo, the netherlands. The team of coach Erik ten Hag, go after the rest, with large numbers along the OT: 1-4. For the Locals, scoring, Hakim Ziyech, Dusan Tadic (penalty kick), Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and David Neres. Evert Linthorst took the lead in the eretreffer for the TOURIST information centre. Ajax is, as yet, the new front-runner in the Premier league.VVV-Venlo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago89′ GOAL of the VVV-Venlo! 1-4

VVV-Venlo-it is in a eretreffer. Evert Linthorst to slide the ball into the far bottom corner, beyond the reach of the Ajax keeper Andre Onana, who is obviously frustrated by the tegengoal.VVV-Venlo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden84′ Change at VVV-Venlo: Elia Soriano moves to the side, with Samuel Scheimann will replace him.ADO Den Haag-Sparta Rotterdam · a 2-hour geleden85 ” ADO Den Haag will kick in on the accelerator to get to the 2-2, to force the issue. Does Sparta Rotterdam, and marriages in The Hague. For at least five minutes to play.VVV-Venlo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours agoThere is a Edson Álvarez in the picture. The Mexican defender replaced it just now Lisandro Martínez, and makes his first minutes in February.VVV-Venlo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden79″, While the Ajax-fans Donny is still in a year!!! song: shoot by Klaas-Jan Huntelaar hit the body of the OT-neil Cherry.ADO Den Haag-Sparta Rotterdam · 2 hours ago there are79′ GOAL ADO Den Haag! 1-2

There are glimmers of hope in the hearts and minds of the supporters of ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. Lex is, After all, a headline, tap in from a corner kick. ADO may be even more after this aansluitingstreffer?VVV-Venlo and Ajax · 3 hours ago,76′ GOAL, and Ajax. 0 to 4

Donny van de Beek is like a ballet dancer along the Bridges, and then he has the ball in wide places, at the David Neres, which is complete. OT-neil Cherry’s looks, there are not very good.VVV-Venlo and Ajax · 3 hours geleden75′ Nicolás Tagliafico fails to mention the nice pass from Razvan Marin to complete a goal. The full met OFFICE neil Cherry.ADO Den Haag-Sparta Rotterdam · 3 hours ago theThe go-ahead from the Hague, little has been set in motion by the fans of the home team. Is ADO still in the game? The race lead with 0-2.VVV-Venlo and Ajax · 3 hours geleden73′ There it is, the debut of Edson Álvarez for the Year. The Mexican, making his first-in-Amsterdam service, and Lisandro Martinez.VVV-Venlo and Ajax · 3 hours geleden71′ Second bill of exchange for VVV-Venlo: Haji Wright, will replace Jerome Sinclair.VVV-Venlo and Ajax · 3 hours geledenKlaas-Jan Huntelaar passes, and Ajax icon Johan Cruyff, in a list of the oldest on Ajax goalscorers in the Premier league.

The 36 – Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (36 years, 5 days), it is now the fourth-oldest ever goal scorer for @AFCAjax in the Premier league, surpassing Johan Cruyff (35y, 364d). Guv.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen19:57 am – August 17, 2019VVV-Venlo and Ajax · 3 hours geleden68, ” The people in The Fridge will pick up the poncho’s and rain coats out. From the clouds above, Venlo, the falling drops. The artificial turf is still a bit better for the players.VVV-Venlo and Ajax · 3 hours ago,66′ GOAL, and Ajax. 0 to 3

A screamer from Ajax, and after an attack, across multiple hard drives. Dusan Tadic is the upcoming Nicolas Tagliafico, with a low-ball a free-standing, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is. The use tap it is simple to be inside.VVV-Venlo and Ajax · 3 hours geledenDusan Tadic joins in for a selection of a group in the champion’s League.

🥅 – Most goals from penalties in a calendar year in the Premier league
9 – Luis Suárez (Ajax, 2009)
9 – Sebastian Haller (FC Utrecht 2015)
9 – Dušan Tadic (Ajax, 2019) (A+1)
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AvatarAuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen19:51 am – August 17, 2019VVV-Venlo and Ajax · 3 hours agoDusan Tadic puts his arm in the air and clenches his fist after the 0-2 against VVV-Venlo, the netherlands. It is now in its third match in this Premier league season.VVV-Venlo and Ajax · 3 hours geleden58′ the Second switch in the Ajax: Hakim Ziyech returns the baton to a Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. The midfield is likely to put money into the game in the Champions League, with the FIRST coming on Tuesday.VVV-Venlo and Ajax · 3 hours geleden56′ Andre Onana for the first time in a serious manner and take action. The Ajax save on a shot by Peter van Ooijen.Back to top

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