Reactions to the heavy defeat in nine PSV eindhoven in Utrecht

The Premier league will be Saturday, will resume with four matches: RKC Waalwijk-Ajax (1-2), AZ-sc Heerenveen (2-4), FC Twente-Willem II started at 19: 45), FC Utrecht, PSV eindhoven and VVV-Venlo-Vitesse (started at 20: 45). Follow our liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Premier league. We Pepijn Jansen and Jeroen van Barneveld to keep you up to date on the five-avondwedstrijden in the national league.

  • Premier league
  • Results:
  • AZ-sc Heerenveen ( 2-4
  • Manchester united-Ajax 1-2
  • FC Twente-Willem II 0-1
  • VVV-Venlo-Vitesse 0-4
  • FC Utrecht-PSV eindhoven 3-0

FC Utrecht-PSV 路 6 hours agoMakkelie: ‘I’m very happy with the VALUE
The referee, Danny Makkelie sent to the PSV-ers Viergever, and playing it, tonight, with the red at the end, although he did so only after the intervention of the VAR. “For the first time, I was at first yellow, but after seeing the video I observed that he was high up in the room is. For the offense of playing it, I unfortunately missed because I hit the ball left. Once I got to the end it was called, I saw that it was red and it had to be. I am very happy with the value, because otherwise, I had two missed red cards. I hate that I can’t do it myself, and have fun.”FC Utrecht-PSV 路 27 minutes ago inDumfries: ‘Be a mirror’
Denzel Dumfries to see the two red cards, as well as the key moments in the 3-0 loss to duel. “They have no bad intentions to the opponents of injury, but the decision of the VAR, it is not much work to do,” says the right back from FOX Sports. “It’s a shame what has happened, we must be looking in the mirror.”FC Utrecht-PSV 路 33 minutes ago –Van Bommel: ‘Playing ourselves out of the competition
Mark van Bommel believes that the PSV itself, with the red cards Viergever, and playing it, the game has been played. “We have to get the two stupid red cards, especially when you are 1-0 behind, is that not going to happen,” says Van Bommel, who are sinners, and also to forgive. “Of course, these are just two of the experienced guys. We had to be at that deficit concerns to get in the game, because with ten men, and nine, it will be very difficult.”FC Utrecht-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago,and On the other side of the pitch, the disappointment on the faces of the PSV staff to get it right. PSV suffered in new york’s first defeat of the season.FC Utrecht-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago,and The players of the football club Utrecht, in the rapture, after the end of the 3-0 win at PSV eindhoven. The Domstedelingen will rise to the fifth position on the league table.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 one-hour geledenAjax to rub it in the hand with the defeat of the titelconcurrent of PSV at FC Utrecht.


AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen22:42 am – October 19, 2019FC Utrecht, the netherlands-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago,the Rosary: “We are losing our minds
“In the first half we kept it well in the second half, and it was done. I think it’s acidic, and, shortly afterwards, you will get a red card and you can play with yourself”, tells the story of PSV-leader, Pablo Rosario on FOX Sports, which does not agree with the red card for Nick Viergever. “He’s going to hit the ball. If you have to say… The images speak of, maybe, but out in the field, you will experience the different. What we are doing, it is not a good idea. We need to stick together. We are losing our minds.”FC Utrecht-PSV 路 one-hour geledenSteven Bergwijn is going through the ribbon to the box of the pitch after the final whistle at the Stadium Galgwenwaard. The fans get to tell the stories of the players of the Locals, after a bad night in Utrecht, the netherlands. Daniel Schwaab calming effect on the attacker.FC Utrecht-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago, theFC Utrecht set of nine PSV eindhoven left behind in the titelrace
PSV eindhoven takes damage in the titelrace with Ajax in the Eredivisie. The Locals, who in the match with nine men, complete with red cards to Nick Viergever, and Jorrit Hendrix, losing 3-0 at FC Utrecht. FC Utrecht after a rest at the lead thanks to a goal by Sander of the Region, after which the PSV of the problems with self-afroept red cards Viergever, and Hendrix, who, after the intervention, the value will be pulled up by the referee Makkelie. Adam Maher is shooting for FC Utrecht in the lead to 2-0, and then Plan Klaibert the game ends in 3-0 sets.FC Utrecht-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago,90+3′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 3-0

Sean Klaiber does it still have a role to play in the pocket. The opstomende right back to slide the ball under the goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet.VVV-Vitesse-four hours ago, tothe Best of competitiestart ever Short
A very effective Short to win in Venlo, the netherlands, with the sounding figures of the OT: 0-4. With 23 points from ten matches, live with the people from arnhem-the best start to the clubhistorie. Right (2), Bazoer, and Dicko to make the goals in the model.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 one-hour geleden90′ with The minimum of added time in the second half, four minutes.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 one-hour geleden86′ Third-change player: the Captain, Pablo Rosario, indicates the stick-to 脡rick Guti茅rrez.FC Utrecht-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago,This is the 3rd time that PSV are 2 red packs, in a champion’s League match:

May 3, 2009, the PSV setting is: PSV – NEC (1-1). Red, Danko Lazovic, and Edison Mendez
February 15, 1998: PSV – Ajax (1-1). Red, Wim Jonk, and The FaberFC Utrecht, the netherlands-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago,82′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 2-0

Adam Maher is shooting for FC Utrecht against his former club in a safe and secure haven. The midfielder launches the ball from about 25 yards into the intersection. PSV eindhoven goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet looks on in surprise.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 one-hour geleden81 With yellow in the bag will rise to Piles, the Dumfries, the world’s poor. The FC Utrecht supporters are asked to get a second yellow card in the rear right-hand side of the pitch, but referee Danny Makkelie is holding the cards in his pocket.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 one-hour geleden80′ First to switch to FC Utrecht , Giovanni Troup茅e replaces Joris van Overeem.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 one-hour geleden79′ Second-change player: Kostas Mitroglou comes in as a pinchhitter for Mohamed Ihattaren.FC Utrecht-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago,79, ” It was a dark night for the pitch, that is, after the red card of Nick Viergever and Jorrit Hendrix with nine men in a 1-0 gap needs to fix it. Still, for more than ten minutes to play in the Galgenwaard Stadium.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden75′ Red card! Also, Jorrit Hendrix will need it, believe it and get after the intervention, the value of red for a “charge” on Simon Gustafson. PSV with nine men beyond.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden74′ Jorrit Hendrix takes sharply as a result of it on Simon Gustafson, and gets a yellow. Value at risk looks at the images, and then sends the referee, Danny Makkelie and again at the end.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden72′ First-change player: Ritsu Doan and goes to the end, Cody Gakpo the chestnuts out of the fire for PSV eindhoven.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden72′, FC Utrecht, will get a free-kick from close range, but in each case it affects a Utrechter a RANGE on the road.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden68′ Red!!! Nick Viergever should inrukken of the referee, Danny Makkelie, after a hard tackle on Bart Ramselaar. MANU with ten men and a 0-1-deficit fix.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden67′ risk (VAR) calls referee Danny Makkelie to the side. The yellow card for Nick Viergever, red?FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden66′ FC Utrecht stands a chance on chance by Mark van der Maarel, and Justin Hoogma, but the PSV and prevents you from getting worse.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2 hrs ago –PSV’ers, Jorrit Hendrix and Nick Viergever mourning after the opening goal of the Sander in this Area. The Locals of the damage, repair it with twenty minutes on the stadionklok?RKC-Ajax amsterdam 路 2 hours agoAt the Hag: ‘the Eleven individual COMPANIES’pages’
Erik ten Hag criticises the mentality of Ajax, especially in the first half against his side. “I saw the eleven COMPANIES place on the field,” said the coach of Ajax, following the narrow 1-2 victory at FOX Sports. “The attitude and the mentality was very good. We wanted to make it to eighty-five percent do, and it doesn’t work.”FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden63′ Maarten, Paes takes a sigh of relief. The goalkeeper of FC Utrecht and processed in, a shot of Donyell Malen was very good, but for FC Utrecht it can rebound, but just in time for the race.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden62′ Mark van der Maarel is a dangerous one, after a corner kick. The sloping to the ball, he shoots from the hands of the goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden61 Again, a good opportunity for FC Utrecht, PSV eindhoven, to play, but it’s eindpass Bart Ramselaar, there is a lack of precision. PSV eindhoven will need to be on guard for the counter of the home team, who are still in with a 1-0 lead.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2 hours agoSander van Region in the seventh heaven, after his opening goal for FC Utrecht in the game with an ADVANTAGE.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden57 ” A remarkable moment in the game. Ibrahim Afellay, who is on this season yet, not even for a minute was played at the beginning of the pitch, runs are hot. Is he going to be returned to, and now the PSV, the knife is at the throat will be taken by FC Utrecht?FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden55′ Michal Sad铆lek to try his luck from distance but his shot is going to be meters across. PSV seems to have been aware of the lag, and runs it faster and faster.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden53′ is The first real opportunity for ADVANTAGE. Steven Bergwijn and let a fine man loose in the direction of Donyell Malen, which is an indicator in addition to the purpose of FC Utrecht, goalkeeper Maarten Paes is the headline.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden52′ happens to be there, and so is stacking the dramatic moments in the Galgenwaard Stadium. MANU should be in the container after the opening goal of the Sander in this Area.OT-Speed 路 2-hour geleden53′ GOAL is Speed! 0 to 4

Sprint is also going after the rest, happy with the score. Dicko, that is, the assist at the second one from the Right, make it 0 to 4 on.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2 hours ago –49′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-0

The game is finally released, and how! Sander is the Area to shoot on goal, and Nick Viergever will change the ball with his heel in the direction of, which PSV goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet no chance of.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden48′ The audience to startle awake because all of a sudden, there is a chance for PSV. The ball from Donyell Times, it runs almost into the far corner, the goalkeeper Maarten Paes avoid even worse for FC Utrecht, with the tips of the fingers.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2 hours ago theKick-off! The ball is rolling in the Galgenwaard Stadium. Both FC Utrecht and PSV, the spectators will have a better second half? The balance still shows 0-0.OT-Speed 路 2-hour geleden46′ Kick-off! In the second half, and in Venlo, the netherlands, is on the way, though this is at a position of 0 to 3 for a form to be used.FC Twente-Willem II 路 2 hours agoVrousai will deliver the Willem II to win
Thanks to an early goal of Vrousai (six minutes) win for Willem II’s away game against FC Twente with 0-1. For the Tukkers, it is at the end of a very promising competitiestart is already the fourth defeat in a row. Willem II is on the up and is now in sixth place, five places higher than in the FC Region.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2 hours agofor The cost of the statistics of the first half FC Utrecht-PSV eindhoven.

FC Utrecht-PSV eindhoven
Ball possession: 40%-60%
Smg: 2-2
Shots on target: 0-0
Corner kicks: 0-0
Free kicks: 6-8FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2 hours ago andat This time the only fireworks display in the Galgenwaard Stadium, with the arrival of the players from FC Utrecht and PSV eindhoven.VVV-Vitesse 路 2 hours ago –PEACE of mind: 0 to 3.

Sprint seems to have the victory already in the bag, too. By the goals of the Right (2), and Bazoer, the visitors a 0-3 lead eventually to rest in the Netherlands.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2 hours agoto Rest. Referee Danny Makkelie has put an end to the suffering of 22.632 people in the Galgenwaard Stadium. FC Utrecht and PSV eindhoven in a sleep inducing game without any opportunities.OT-Speed 路 2-hour geleden43′ GOAL is Speed! 0 to 3

Still, the break seems to be Short for the match itself, you have to have. Bazoer scored with a shot from outside the penalty area, where the tailbone OT his Cherry taken aback.FC Utrecht-PSV 路 2-hour geleden38, ” The people in the Stadium Galgenwaard pay dozens of euros for a seat in the house, but she’s still not a good value for money. FC Utrecht and PSV eindhoven, they make for a mesmerising match, without any of the opportunities, pleasures, and other distractions.OT-Speed 路 2-hour geleden34′ GOAL is Speed! 0 to 2

Once again, it is More Right, which is a highly efficient, Ensuring that a goal is to help you out. He will get the shot after an assist from Dicko and his team, and so on and 0-2 in the cold.Back to top

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