Reactions to the death of Rutger Hauer, “It was a very special guy’

Actor: Rutger Hauer passed away on 19 July after a short illness, confirmed his family will be on Wednesday evening, after a private funeral. Colleagues from the film industry to respond en masse to the death of Her.

The actor broke down in the Netherlands in the late sixties to the magnificent when he is in the role played in the series of the Firmware. In the seventies, followed in the successful films such as Turkish delight and Soldier of Orange, and after Her is looking for a career in Hollywood, and founded.

Paul Verhoeven: “I am my alter-ego is destroyed”

Hauer has worked for the biggest Dutch successes, along with the director, Paul Verhoeven. Turkey leave a comment at night knowing that he is with Her “, his alter-ego, will be lost,” and a “horrible is going to miss out on”. “There are people who have a presence in your life, and so, of course, is that you can’t even imagine that it was suddenly over,” he says.

“I remember only the beautiful things, even if they were really ever stress. But that’s all part of the game. In the movie, I thought: what is the role of it may Help this time to play?” Verhoeven said, “I am very, very sad that he is no longer there.”

Monique van de Ven: “We were always good friends left off”

Monique van de Ven, Hauer’s counterpart in the film, Turkish delight, let ANP) in a first reaction, do not know to be able to understand that Her is no longer there. “He’s 47 years old, was a part of my life. After the great success of the Turkish delight, we will always be friends remained the same. We weren’t in love with it, but still it burst with our love of the work, as they are always so beautifully put,” says Van de Ven.

Eddy Terstall: “One of the most iconic stars of the movie’

Film maker Eddy Terstall, which, inter alia, that the movie is Simon, and made a mention of the death of Her in a “state of shock”. “It’s a very nice guy, and I’ve had it a couple of times to meet,” he said in a call with “It’s one of the most iconic movie stars that are out there. He was the head, and he had the presence, the charisma, and it was a very high level of attendance.”

Terstall wanted to do with Her work. “As a filmmaker, it is a film you directed, please try again later. You just point the camera at him and something happens.” The director had the actor in order for it to have a role in a series, of which he is at present. “We were sitting together at a panel for a film prize, and as I said, I’ve got a good idea for you to, and he said:” Like, let me know. That’s not to be.”

Filmmaker Martin Koolhoven has also never been up with Her work, but underlines its great influence in the Dutch cinema’s, in response to the “He is one of the greatest Dutch film ever.” Koolhoven is planning to call Her, the one and only true hero of the Dutch cinema due to his role in “Soldier of Orange”, and praised his performance in Blade Runner. “It’s a brilliant role and he’s playing great. He is one of the best sterfscènes ever before”, says Koolhoven.

United states is the only great movie star during

Film producer Rob Houwer has worked with Her in four films, including Turkish delight and Soldier of Orange. “The netherlands is the only really big movie star is lost,” he says. “I do not want to tekortdoen, but the Help was, the biggest star we’ve ever had in the Netherlands.

Director Silvia van der Heiden from the Netherlands Film Festival, which will close it and refer to him as an actor, “one of the best known format, and it is very important for the Dutch film”. “When Help appeared, was no different than that for him to see. He was, like Paul Verhoeven once said, ” a magnet on the screen.

Actress Dutch actress Carice van Houten leave a comment to the RTL, called “fright” of the news. Wood has worked with Her on the film ” Black Butterflies, where they will play the role of the South African poet, Ingrid Jonker expresses it, while Her and her father in the play. “It was a great honor to work with him. It was a very special guy,” said Van Houten.

Jeroen Krabbé: ‘He was a great actor and a loner’

Jeroen Krabbé, with whom Hauer in Soldier of Orange, was called to his colleagues as a ‘great actor’. “He was born in front of the camera and the camera loves him,” according to to receive their final instructions in a comment to REUTERS. “He had a presence that you very rarely, when the actors are experiencing.”

In his personal life, had Her more on their own, will receive their final instructions. “it was very nice when we saw each other and talked. It’s always felt like a way of life. But the Help was not that of the friends, he was a loner.”

“He took us as boys, so let that be an issue

Political reporter Frits Wester, called Her to his childhood hero. “He told us as little boys is so much to experience,” he writes on Twitter.

My childhood hero #Floris, Rutger Hauer, deceased. Read on the net. The Man has taken us as little boys is so much to experience. RIP the end of Oldestein 😔

AvatarAuteurfritswesterMoment of plaatsen17:may 11 – July 24, 2019

Poet Nico Dijkshoorn to social media as a tribute to Her for that. “Rutger and Monique driving you will never be with an empty heart and soul into the bike through the canals of Amsterdam. Did the Dam, and a smile on Rokin in amsterdam with a loved one on the back. For Help.”

Director Guillermo Del Toro is writing kind words about Her on Twitter. “…An intense, deep, honest, and charismatic actor, who is truth, power, and beauty are brought out in the film,” he writes.

RIP to the great Rutger Hauer: an intense, deep, genuine and a magnetic actuator that brought truth and power and beauty to his films. My personal favorites: Flesh + Blood, Eureka, The Hitcher, Blade Runner, Ladyhawke and Blind Fury.

AvatarAuteurRealGDTMoment of plaatsen17:03 pm – July 24, 2019

Gene Simmons of the band Kiss, calls Her a ‘man’. “He was a very friendly and compassionate. Condolences to his family, friends, and fans,” he writes. Georgina Verbaan lists, news of Her’s death is ‘terrible’ and says that he died at a young age. Pieter van Vollenhoven describes the actor as ” a remarkable and engaging man. “A man who in your mind is inscribed.”

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