Reactions after winning hockey players in thrilling semi-final world cup (closed)

The Dutch hockey players have Saturday the final of the world cup in the Indian Bhubaneswar achieved. The team of coach Max Caldas rid himself in the semi-final battle after shoot-outs of Australia. Click here to read all the responses.

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Hockey world cup · 38 minutes ago“This feels great!”, says goalkeeper Pirmin Blaak, who during the shoot-outs with a number of fine saves in the victory veiligstelde. “The goal that we half a minute before the end of the match against got was a heavy blow, but we have very well turned. We need to quickly recover, because tomorrow is already the final against Belgium on the program.”Hockey world cup · one hour agothe Netherlands after shoot-outs at world cup final
In a nerve-wracking battle, the Netherlands reigning world champion Australia off at the hockey world cup in India. In the regular time comes Orange a 2-0-lead, but thanks to a goal in the last minute of the ‘Kookaburras’ have to shoot-outs to bring the decision. Therein grows goalkeeper Pirmin Blaak, who is in the match itself already some wonderful rescues carried out, to the great hero. The netherlands play Sunday in the world cup final against Belgium.Hockey world cup · one hour agoWrong! Pirmin Blaak saves the effort of Daniel Beale road and leads the Netherlands to the world cup final!Hockey world cup · one hour geledenRaak! Jeroen Hertzberger also exploits his second attempt and brings the Netherlands back on the lead. Now, the following of Australia again, otherwise the Netherlands finalist: 4-3.Hockey world cup · one hour geledenRaak! Thijs van Dam, with an incomparable pirouette, keeps the Netherlands alive! 3-3, the voltage is really to cut.Hockey world cup · one hour geledenRaak! Jacob Whetton keeps his nerves in check, and slide the ball under Blaak by. 3-2 for Australia, the following for Orange should be in it.Hockey world cup · one hour geledenRaak! Seve van Ass remains calm and shoot high-touch. The position is equal again: 2-2.Hockey world cup · one hour geledenMis! Tim Fire kicks the stick of Blaak way while he backward, so that his attempt is blown off. 2-1 for Australia.Hockey world cup · one hour geledenMis! Robbert Kemperman shoot through Charter next. The netherlands is in the nest, Australia is leading with 2-1.Hockey world cup · one hour geledenRaak! Tom Craig turns to Pirmin Blaak and secure Australia for the first time to lead in these shoot-outs. 2-1 for Australia.Hockey world cup · one hour geledenMis! Mirco Pruyser does not come out with its fit, after which keeper Andrew Charter, the ball is the opposite. It remains 1-1.Hockey world cup · one hour geledenRaak! Daniel Beale explains Pirmin Blaak in the trapping and scores. 1-1WK hockey · one hour geledenRaak! Jeroen Hertzberger has two attempts, but get him into it. 0-1 for the Netherlands in these shoot-outs.Hockey world cup · one hour geledenMis! Aran Zalewski stores! It remains 0-0.Hockey world cup · one hour geledenAustralië the shoot-outs begin.Hockey world cup · one hour agoEnd of the fourth quarter! Thirty seconds separated the Netherlands from the world cup final. Australia, however, at the last minute the equalizer. The decision in this match to come through shoot-outs.Hockey world cup · one hour ago60′ GOAL Australia! 2-2

What a drama for Orange, Australia with thirty seconds to go alongside! Eddie Ockenden gets the goal on his name, but he goes through the stick of Glenn Schuurman past Pirmin Blaak.Hockey world cup · one hour geleden58′ Critical rescue of Blaak! The keeper diving with a great reflex a dandy lost penalty corner out of the corner. The netherlands has the world cup final in sight.Hockey world cup · one hour geleden52′ Great salvation of Blaak, the Netherlands through drag. The keeper gets a foot against a certain-looking try.Hockey world cup · one hour geleden51′ Van der Weerden see a hard penalty corner may be turned away by the Australian keeper. The Australians are due to wrong call of their profession on the videoscheisrechter lost.Hockey world cup · one hour agoThe Australians cheering after the aansluitingstreffer against the Netherlands, though Orange still. The final stage is reached in this semi-final, thrilling exciting.Hockey world cup · 2 hours ago there isEnd of third quarter! The netherlands seems to be despite the yellow card for Valentin Verga a easy quarter against Australia, but in the last minute to make the ‘Kookaburras’ suddenly the aansluitingstreffer. That will be another fifteen exciting minutes soon.Hockey world cup · 2 hours ago45′ GOAL Australia! 1-2

There is still the goal for Australia. A penalty corner is not at all well executed, but falls to the stick of Tim Howard. Who sweeps the ball hard past Pirmin Blaak and brings the reigning world champion back in the match.Hockey world cup · 2-hour geleden43′ Pruyser suddenly has all the freedom in the circle of Australia, but late of fright the ball under his stick by roles. The netherlands seems, however, also the third quarter without a scratch.Hockey world cup · 2-hour geleden42′ Ass can run away in the counter, but it hits with a flaming shot zijnet. A moment later, the Australian keeper is an adequate answer to a bet from Pruyser.Hockey world cup · 2 hours agoGoalkeeper Pirmin Blaak plays a key role on behalf of Orange. Thanks to some excellent saves from the goalkeeper, the Netherlands is still in front against Australia.Hockey world cup · 2-hour geleden33′ Verga makes a violation and will get a second green and so yellow card to him.’ The Dutchman, of Argentine origin need to now five minutes and watch.Hockey world cup · 2 hours agoThe third quarter is started. Can the Netherlands ahead against Australia to hold or even expand it?Hockey world cup · 2 hours agoPeace! The horn goes in Bhubaneswar, indicating that the first half is over. The netherlands lead against Australia with a 0-2 by hits of Glenn Schuurman and Seve van Ass. The ‘Kookaburras’ have also been a few good opportunities, but it is up to goalkeeper Pirmin Blaak to thank for the fact that the Orange defense has not yet passed.Hockey world cup · 2-hour geleden28′ Verga is back on the Netherlands in a penalty corner. Specialist Mink van der Weerden will get the ball once or twice, however, not along the foothills.Hockey world cup · 2-hour geleden26′ Valentin Verga get a green card and have two minutes to watch. The Aussies have a numbers up situation.Hockey world cup · 2 hours ago

22′ The Australians are shaken up by the two tegentreffers and run the press. Goalkeeper Pirmin Blaak shows, however, is a great stand-in-the-road and saves within a minute, three times on a bet of the ‘Kookaburras’.

Hockey world cup · 2 hours ago21′ GOAL! 0-2

Seve van Ass goochelt themselves along the two Australians and hits the ball hard for it. Via an Australian stick the ball in the goal, but not a Dutchman who served.Hockey world cup · 2-hour geleden18′ A penalty corner for Australia goes in the soup, and then the Netherlands, very fast switches, and a penalty corner deserves. Seve van Ass pushes the ball, however, inches in addition to.Hockey world cup · 2 hours agothe End of the first quarter! The first fifteen minutes between Australia and the Netherlands are sitting in it. Orange lead thanks to a goal from Glenn Schuurman after excellent preparatory work of Jonas de Geus. Furthermore, the teams are pretty well matched, the Netherlands has a light veldoverwicht.Hockey world cup · 2-hour geleden12′ Pole! Bad luck for the Netherlands, which via Mirco Pruyser the pole touch. The Australians are allowed to have their goalkeeper be grateful, because they tap the ball on the aluminum.Hockey world cup · 3 hours ago9′ GOAL! 0-1

Orange takes the lead against the reigning world champion! Glenn Schuurman has the ball for typing after a good action of Jonas de Geus, three Australians going as if they do not.Hockey world cup · 3 hours geleden1′ The semi-final between the Netherlands and Australia has begun! Who places like Belgium for the finals of the global final tournament?Hockey world cup · 3 hours agoBig party at the Belgian hockeymannen. Thanks to a resounding 6-0 victory over England places the ‘Red Lions’ for the first time in the history of the global apocalyptic battle. Belgium has already secured the first world CHAMPIONSHIP medal ever, and is the ninth country in prices fall at the hockey world cup in the history of the tournament.Hockey world cup · 3 hours agothe Netherlands occurs at 14: 00 against reigning world champion Australia. Bet is a place in the final of the world cup against Belgium. The ‘Kookaburras’ and got to the last two world cup’s the title. The last time that Orange became world champion at the men, is been a while ago: 1998.Hockey world cup · 4 hours agoBelgium walst on England to reach final
The first finalist of the world cup of hockey is well known. Belgium is in the semi-final much too strong for England (6-0) and reached the final battle in the Indian Bhubaneswar. The goals come in the name of Tom Bean, Simon Gougnard, Cedric Charlier, Alexander Hendrick (2x) and Sébastien Dockier. It is the first time in history that the Belgians are the places for the world cup final. The opponent comes from the match between reigning world champion Australia and the Netherlands.Hockey world cup · 4 hours agoBelgium is well on the way to the finals of the hockey world cup. In the semi-final battle to lead our neighbors half way with 2-0 against England. The goals come from the stick of Tom Boon and Simon Gougnard, who earlier today was told that his father has died.World cup hockey · 5 hours agoBelgium and England have begun the first semi-final at the hockey world cup in India. The ‘Red Lions’ play with rouwbanden because of the death of the father of player Simon Gougnard. The Belgian has nevertheless decided to play in the semi-finals.World cup hockey · 6 hours agoAlso the players of Orange itself is an inspiration for some creative people. So has Billy Baker is clearly a passionate and artistic fan walking around in Bhubaneswar.World cup hockey · 6 hours agoDespite the fact that India is off on the hockey world cup, the fans in the host country as athletic for the four remaining semi-finalists to continue to cheer, to witness this beautiful structure which the Netherlands, Australia, England and Belgium success be desired.Back to top

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