Reactions after victory Willem II to AZ in the semi-final KNVB cup

Willem II last Thursday, the final of the TOTO KNVB cup reached. The people of tilburg defeated AZ after penalty and unstoppable in the final battle on Ajax, that Wednesday Feyenoord with 0-3 defeated. Follow the reactions to this match in this liveblog.

  • Willem II-AZ (1-1)
  • Semi-final cup
  • Stengs open score
  • Isak makes equal
  • Penalty
  • Willem II to final

Willem II-AZ · 24 minutes geledenWellenreuther had until today no penalty kick being caught. Tonight against AZ, he takes three, and he sees Johnson on the pole shoot.

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AvatarAuteurKNVBMoment of plaatsen23:30 – 28 February 2019Willem II-AZ · 25 minutes geledenDe speaker asks the spectators not on the field. It is in vain. Tilburg, a foretaste of carnival.

Love for the pitch invations. It is the people of tilburg were awarded, nothing more than with your provinciecluppie to The Cockpit in may! #WILAZ

AvatarAuteurMerijn SlagterMoment of plaatsen23:30 – 28 February 2019Willem II-AZ · 26 minutes geledenWat an insane penaltyreeks. Of the five penalties used AZ there is only one. Willem II should start to prepare for a cup final.Willem II-AZ · 29 minutes agoAZ is missing! Johnsen shoot against the post. Willem II is bekerfinalist!Willem II-AZ · 30 minutes agoGOAL AZ! 2-1

Idrissi is the first player from AZ that a penalty is used: 2-1.Willem II-AZ · 31 minutes agoGOAL for Willem II! 2-0

Isak makes no mistake! Willem II is on matchpoint.Willem II-AZ · 31 minutes agoWillem II misses! 1-0

Meissner fails to Willem II on a big lead. The German shoots next.Willem II-AZ · 32 minutes agoAZ is missing! 1-0

Also, the third penalty kick of AZ is turned by Wellenreuther! Ricardo van Rhijn should be more recognize in the final item.Willem II-AZ · 33 minutes agoAZ is missing! 1-0

Also, the second penalty of AZ go wrong! Wellenreuther takes the penalty kick of Lift cleverly out of the corner.Willem II-AZ · 34 minutes agoWillem II misses! 1-0

What a bad penalty from Crowley. He shoots through the middle against Bizot.Willem II-AZ · 34 minutes agoGOAL for Willem II! 1-0

Heerkens chases the ball in the intersection and put Willem II ahead.Willem II-AZ · 35 minutes agoAZ is missing!

Wellenreuther tap the penalty of Koopmeiners from the right corner.Willem II-AZ · 35 minutes geledenDe penalty kicks are taken according to the ABBA system. AZ will be the first penalty.Willem II-AZ · 40 minutes agoPenalty shoot-out! Penalty’s have to show which team to the final of the KNVB-cup.Willem II-AZ · 41 minutes geleden120+3′ What a chance for Willem II to win to take. Tapia comes in to the second pole has a teenlengte too short to get the ball within tap.Willem II-AZ · 44 minutes geleden120′ There is still four minutes of injury time.Willem II-AZ · one hour geleden117′ Willem II hits the pole! Kristinsson, take handsome, pulls out and hits the aluminum.Willem II-AZ · one hour geleden116 ” The contest has troubles to the penalty shoot-out. Both Willem II and AZ does not dare to attack.Willem II-AZ · one hour geledenWillem II and AZ at the start of the second half of the extension. Dare another team to take risks?Willem II-AZ · one hour agoRest. Willem II and AZ in the first half of the extension is not to score.Willem II-AZ · one hour geleden100′ A hard shot from Seuntjens skims over the crossbar. Both teams don’t want it to come on penalty kicks.Willem II-AZ · one hour geleden91′ What a chance for Willem II to lead! A shot of Pavlidis rolls narrowly in front.Willem II-AZ · one hour ago,The ninety minutes are over. We are going to extend in Tilburg, the netherlands: 1-1.Willem II-AZ · one hour geleden90′ There will only be two minutes of stoppage time.Willem II-AZ · one hour ago,86′ Can Willem II or AZ a renewal yet? It has all the appearance of the game at least a half hour it will take longer.Willem II-AZ · 2-hour geleden73′ AZ may be on the edge of the penalty area a free kick, but Koopmeiners shoot high.Willem II-AZ · 2-hour geleden64′ GOAL for Willem II! 1-1

Pavlidis brings Isak in contention, that controlled shot. It is equal again in Tilburg!Willem II-AZ · 2-hour geleden62′ An isolation of Dankerlui will simply get caught by Bizot. The most dangerous moment of the people of tilburg.Willem II-AZ · 2 hours ago59′ after the pause Willem II a powerless impression. The people of tilburg have this game is still not played out in chances created.Willem II-AZ · 2-hour geleden46′ The second half Willem II-AZ will start. Özbiliz stays with the home team behind in the dressing room and is replaced by Pavlidis.Willem II-AZ · 2-hour geledenStengs is mad after his opening goal.

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AvatarAuteurKNVBMoment of plaatsen21:41 – 28 February 2019Willem II-AZ · 2 hours agoRest. AZ state halfway on a 0-1-ahead with Willem II, that a powerless impression. Chances are tonight scarce in Tilburg.Willem II-AZ · 3 hours agoFor the fifth time this cup scores AZ with a shot from outside the sixteen meter. More than any other team.Willem II-AZ · 3 hours geleden23′ GOAL AZ! 0-1

Calvin Stengs! With an insane shot open the attacker’s score. The Alkmaarders have a lead over the competition.Willem II-AZ · 3 hours geleden10′ Little action in the first ten minutes of this semi-final. AZ has the most possession of the ball, but manages not to create opportunities.Willem II-AZ · 3 hours geleden1′ The ball rolls in the Koning Willem II Stadium. Willem II-AZ is on the way.Willem II-AZ · 3 hours geledenHet King Willem II Stadium is ready.


AvatarAuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen20:39 – 28 February 2019Willem II-AZ · 4 hours geledenEen Southern European voetbalsfeer in Tilburg. The team bus of Willem II, with flares by the fans of the home team received.

Spelerbus is greeted by 1000 Willem II fans #WilAz

AvatarAuteurTilburg TifosiMoment of plaatsen19:17 – 28 February 2019Willem II-AZ · 4 hours ago,When Willem II is Marios Vrousai absent. The Greek, last weekend still responsible for the opening goal against the Alkmaarders, is ill and will be replaced by Aras Özbiliz.

Willem II: Wellenreuther; Heerkens, Meissner, Peters, Palacios; Llonch, Tapia, Crowley; Özbiliz, Isak, Dankerlui.Willem II-AZ · 4 hours agoAZ start tonight with this eleven against Willem II last weekend in the competitieduel with the people of tilburg (2-1 loss). That means that Jonas Svensson are not fit enough to start and re is replaced by Ricardo van Rhijn.

AZ: Bizot; Van Rhijn, Vlaar, Koopmeiners, Ouwejan; Midtsjö, Lift, Maher; Stengs, Seuntjens, Idrissi.Back to top

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