Reactions after the victory, Viñales in MotoGP ™ race at the Assen TT circuit on (closed)

On Sunday, the Assen TT circuit in the program. For the Moto2 riders this year, including Bo Bendsneyder, a race at 12.20 pm and the MotoGP riders at 14: 00. To follow this liveblog.

  • TT-Assen
  • Bendsneyder is in Moto2
  • Vinales wins the moto gp race

TT-Assen · 3-minute walk fromVinales continues to Márquez close to in a moto gp race, and won the TT in Assen
MotoGP ™ rider Maverick Viñales, write to the Assen TT circuit on his behalf. The Spaniard likes to hit, and CHAMPIONSHIP leader, Marc Márquez just behind him. Fabio Quartararo, the Frenchman, who is on pole for the race was an easy one, it will end as the third. Valentino Rossi goes into the opening to wriggle out of it and gets to the finish line.TT-Assen · 3 hours ago there are2 more rounds – Viñales, and increased his lead, and it seems like the Assen TT circuit to win in.TT-Assen · 4 hours ago there isStill a 5-rounds – Viñales has managed to get a half-a-second away from Marquez. The right-back is still waiting for his first victory of the season.TT-Assen · 4 hours ago there areStill 8 rounds – Viñales (1), and Race (P2), record the distance of the Quartararo. The two Spaniards seem to have become a part of who today’s to the TT to win.TT-Assen · 4 hours ago there are10 laps – Race enjoy Quartararo, climbed to the second place and take the leader Viñales, will be under pressure. The right-back goes on a hunt for his third TT victory.The TT Axles, 4 hours ago,11-rounds – to Viñales continues his advance and hits the pipe. Quartaro is back to second place, and it is already full, it is under pressure from Marquez.TT-Assen · 4 minutes ago there are13 rounds , With a beautiful maneuver, grasp, Viñales, and at the expense of the Race for the second spot. Quarataro, drive a few meters in front of the line.The TT Axles, 4 hours ago, ithad 14 rounds in – Vinales is close to Quartararo, and Race. The fans in the Shafts to see a nice battle for the lead.TT-Assen · 4 hours ago there isStill 18 laps – Race enjoy Quartararo and take the lead. The right-back, and today, as the fourth started, it was the second time in the best at the TT.The TT Axles, the 4-hour geledenDe crash, Nakagami, and of the picture. The Student will receive immediate care and attention.

🏍️ | End of the race ahead of @ValeYellow46 and @takanakagami30
The #DutchGP is on the Italian and Jappener. #TTAssen #MotoGP

AvatarAuteurEurosport NederlandMoment of plaatsen14:14 – June 30, 2019TT Axles, 4 hours ago, 21 laps – It was a frantic opening phase of this TT. Marquez closed the gap to the Frenchman Quartararo, and immediately creates an attack for the lead. The Yamaha rider around, and it keeps in the first place.The TT Axles, 4 hours ago,22 laps – Valentino Rossi is in the gravel! Together with the Japanese Nakagami was his race to an end. In the chaos, complete with Wheels.TT-Assen · 4 hours ago

😱 @Rins42 crashes out of the lead!!!
Meanwhile @FabioQ20 has passed the test @Joanmir36 for the lead! 💥
#DutchGP 🇳🇱

AvatarAuteurMotoGP™ 🇳🇱Time plaatsen14:06 – June 30, 2019TT Axles, 4 hours ago,24 rounds – Leading Them to slide down! The right-back slides in to the gravel and the direction of Fabio Quartararo.The TT Axles, 4 hours ago,not Even 25 rounds in – of us wins, one at the start and it is the age of thirteen. Them lead to Me, and Quartararo. World CHAMPIONSHIP leader Marc Marquez is riding in fifth place.The TT Axles, 4 hours ago, theSTART – Rins takes his Suzuki to the lead. Polesitter Quartararo has had a bad start and a fall back.The TT Axles, 4 hours ago,Valentino Rossi hopes to be as fast as possible to the front to fight during the moto gp race. “I just want to let you know I’m still up with the best of them can,” said Rossi, who will be in 2017 in Assen in the netherlands for the MotoGP race was won by the Dutch. “That’s going to be a difficult task, but I’m going to do my best. It is always a pleasure to be here and to be driving.”The TT Axles, 4 hours ago,Fabio Quartararo will start at 14: 00 at the Assen TT circuit on poleposition. Crowd pleaser: Valentino Rossi’s departure after a disappointing qualifying with the last spot.TT-Axis to 5-hour geledenAugusto Fernandez, who won the Moto2 race, and let the motor turn and it should go back down to the ring. It seems a little too comfortable.

He stalled his bike, so he’s running back! 🤣🤣🤣
@Afernandez37, we salute you! 👏
#DutchGP 🇳🇱

AvatarAuteurMotoGP™ 🇳🇱Time plaatsen13:06 – June 30, 2019TT Axis 5-starFINISH – Augusto Fernandez will win an exciting Moto2 race in Assen, the netherlands! Brad Binder, but it ends up as a second, and Luca Marini) completes the top three. Bo Bendsneyder will be an early, order is not significant.TT-Assen · 5 hours ago there are2 more rounds – the Chaos is in the lead in the Moto2 race at Assen! Leader of Race will be out of the race gekegeld Lorenzo multiannual programme for. Both of the riders to fall off. Augusto Fernandez takes advantage and takes the lead.The TT Axles, 5 hours ago,5 rounds in Binder loses its leadership, with Álex Márquez, the leader in the CHAMPIONSHIP standing.TT-Assen · 5 hours ago there are10 rounds, Jorge Martin was the next one that goes down. The reigning Moto3 champion, loses control in the Amount of, and the fight came to a halt. Leader’s Binder, runs in front of its competitors.TT-Assen · 5 minutes ago there are13 rounds In a short period of time, several riders crashed. Also, as Sam Lowes, you just have to put up a fight to get the pipe to slide in the gravel.TT-Assen · 5 hours ago there are15 rounds of – Bendsneyder should, as a matter of precaution at the medical centre at the circuit. Rather, it was through the official channels, states that he is not injured, it would have been.TT’s Axles is 6 hours geledenStuivertje switch on the front of the field. South African Brad Binder, but is still in the lead.

Trading places! 🔄
It’s getting feisty out on the track! ⚔️
#DutchGP 🇳🇱

AvatarAuteurMotoGP™ 🇳🇱Time plaatsen12:34 am – June 30, 2019TT Axis 6 hours ago there are18 rounds in – Front, put up a fight, Sam Lowes (P2) and Brad Binder (1) to be in charge. The difference between the two drivers was only three-tenths.TT’s Axles is 6 hours geledenDe crash Bendsneyder in the picture.

Wow, that was scary! 😮
Thankfully, the riders are OK, and @bobendsneyder was up and walking away! 👏
#DutchGP 🇳🇱

AvatarAuteurMotoGP™ 🇳🇱Time plaatsen12:29 – June 30, 2019TT Axles · 6 hours ago,20 rounds – and The good news is that Bendsneyder unhurt after the crash. But the TT is coming to an end. Once again, a weekend to forget quickly for the Dutchman.TT’s Axles is 6 hours ago andStill have 22 roundsBendsneyder and goes down! After three rounds, his TT is over. What a tragedy for the Dutch.TT-Assen · 6 hours ago

The revs build, and we’re away! 🚦
@BradBinder_41 leads them on the short, sharp run to turn 1!
#DutchGP 🇳🇱

AvatarAuteurMotoGP™ 🇳🇱Time plaatsen12:22 – June 30, 2019TT Axles · 6 hours ago,24 laps – Brad Binder takes the lead right from the start. Bendsneyder, as the 24th and started to drive out of the top twenty-five.TT-Assen · 6 hours ago, thewarm-up lap , The Moto2 riders at the start of warm-up lap before their race at the Dutch TT. Bendsneyder to start from P24.TT-Assen · 6 hours agoBo Bendsneyder looks up with a bad feeling back in qualifying for the Moto2 race at Assen, when the 24th came to an end. “I’ve had a lot of thought and analysis of what needs to be improved,” says Bendsneyder in the interview with bbc news. “We have a lot of modifications done to the engine. Hopefully it picks up, that is good, and we can get into the points.” The Moto2 race is at 12.20 pm start.TT-Assen · 6 hours agoArbolino takes victory in the Moto3 race Axles
Tony Arbolino, writes in the Moto3 race at Assen to his name. The Italian rider, after a spectacular race that has been marred by the fall, just in front of Lorenzo Dalla Porta, crossed the finish line. The difference between the two drivers at the finish line a mere 45 thousandths.TT-Assen · 7 hours geledenOok in the Moto3 race at Assen, it is a mess. Several crashes, including this one seen in the game.

The Chaos at turn five! 💢
@KaitoToba, @TatsukiSuzuki24 and @25RaulFernandez are OUT!!!
#DutchGP 🇳🇱

AvatarAuteurMotoGP™ 🇳🇱Time plaatsen11:32 am – June 30, 2019TT Axis is 7 hours geledenHet, it is a close battle for the Moto3 race in Assen, the netherlands. The Italian rider, Romano Fenati is on the line.

Five laps in, and we currently have a leading group of…everyone! 😂
#DutchGP 🇳🇱

AvatarAuteurMotoGP™ 🇳🇱Time plaatsen11:12 – June 30, 2019TT Axes, x 7 hours ago,with The first race at the Dutch TT, Assen the Moto3 class, to the point of beginning. The Dutchman, Ryan, from the Lagemaat, has received a wildcard and will start 28th.TT-Assen · (9 hours geledenOm 14: 00 it’s time for the 89th edition of the Dutch TT in Assen, the netherlands. This is the starting point:

  • Fabio Quartararo
  • Maverick Vinales
  • Álex Rins
  • Marc Márquez
  • Piece Of Me
  • Cal Crutchlow
  • Danilo Petrucci
  • Takaaki Nakagami
  • Franco Morbidelli
  • Jack Miller
  • You can speak to us: does he go to Quartararo, Rins, Vinales? Or was it Marquez, Rossi, or someone else? #TTAssen

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