Reactions after the victory, Oranjevrouwen of Russia in the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualification. (closed)

The Dutch football come Tuesday night thanks to a 2-0 win in Russia in Eindhoven is a major step forward in the direction of the CHAMPIONSHIP. Click here to read the comments.

  • For women:
  • European CHAMPIONSHIPS-qualification
  • The fourth game
  • Orange-Russia 2-0
  • The netherlands, then in step

Oranjevrouwen · 38 minutes agoWiegman happy about the “much sharper” in Orange after a commercial victory in Russia
Sarina Wiegman (Dutch) is the Netherlands against Russia for the day was four days earlier against Slovenia. The orange defeated the direct competitor in Eindhoven with 2-0. “It was a lot sharper, and better organized. This opponent was on a whole different level,” said the head coach. “There were a few things wrong. But, if you double your score, and the zero does, I think, that you are able to speak to a business victory.”Oranjevrouwen one day ago

“You are my one international is great for you!’ #100xDaan

AvatarAuteuroranjeleeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen22:05 pm – October 8, 2019Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours ago

Enjoyed @DanielleDonk? 😀
#NEDRUS #100xDaan

AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen22:01 am – October 8, 2019Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours agoOf the Dark: ‘it is A dream come true’
“It’s a dream come true. I am very happy with the win and very happy with my goal. I was still able to make it today. My best international game? This. Yes, it is, however, a little bit of the city, and all of my friends and family in the stands,” said Danielle of the Dark, who is in her hundredth international game played, at the end, against the Veronica. “It was difficult to play football today, but it was a lot better than that against Germany.”Oranjevrouwen · a 2-hour geledenOp the 8th of november is the START kwalificatiereeks the Oranjevrouwen. And then there’s a uitduel in our country.Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours agoThis is the position in the group, from Orange:

Group A:

  • The netherlands, for 4-12 (16-2)
  • Russia, 3-6 (5-2)
  • Kosovo is a 3-to 6 (4 to 6)
  • Slovenia, 4-6 (13-6)
  • Turkey 4-1 (1-11)
  • Estonia 4-1 (1-13)
  • Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours ago itwill be over! The Oranjevrouwen win their first european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier. In Eindhoven, Russia, with 2-0 records. Was the Dark to her one-hundredth international game played, and Vivianne Miedema, the goals for the European champions.Oranjevrouwen · a 2-hour geleden90 ” There will be three more minutes in the Philips Stadium.Oranjevrouwen · a 2-hour geleden87 a couple of minutes left on the clock. Amber is also going to be the fourth race to win in this european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier.Oranjevrouwen · a 2-hour geleden82 Third switch to Orange: d Miedema, go to the right, and Ashleigh Weerden, may substitute for the second international.Oranjevrouwen · a 2-hour geleden81 Of the Dark, her second goal after a good action, that of Peter Jones, but he and his voleert the ball doelvrouw Shcherbak it.Oranjevrouwen · a 2-hour geleden80 ” We are playing officially for another ten minutes, in Eindhoven, the netherlands. It does not seem likely that the Orange lead is still going to give it away.Oranjevrouwen · a 2-hour geleden73′ Bill of exchange, the number two at the Orange and Victoria, Pelova for Beerensteyn.Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours agoThe Oranjevrouwen to celebrate, the 2-0 by Miedema, against Russia. We’ll be playing another twenty minutes, in Eindhoven, the…Oranjevrouwen · a 2-hour geledenDe 2-0 on the Oranjevrouwen in the picture:

    GOAL! Vivianne Miedema doubled to the gap, and burst right into tears.
    2-0 #veronicainside #NEDRUS

    AvatarAuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen21:22 – October 8, 2019Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours ago there isa 60′ GOAL Oranjevrouwen! 2-0

    Out of nowhere, it is there, still 2-0 to the Oranjevrouwen! After the action of the new Wine, on the right-hand side is the headline leading scorer Miedema-the man within. The midfielder burst on to the cheering through her tears. They lost to last Saturday, where her grandfather.Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours geleden58 ” It is, again, the best international match of the Oranjevrouwen. The team at Sarina Wiegman is trying to get to the 2-0, but it manages not to be dangerous to to be. The good news is, though, that the Russians have no opportunity to develop.Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours geledenBekijk the 1-0 keys in the Dark of the first half:

    GOAL! The Dark served in the 1⃣0⃣0⃣e international! 🔥🔥
    #veronicainside #NEDRUS

    AvatarAuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen20:22 – October 8, 2019Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours geleden50 The second half was five minutes. We do not have the opportunity to have both sides of it.Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours ago,46,’ We play football again in Eindhoven! The netherlands-Russia (1-0) will start on the second act.Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours ago

    Daantje van de Donk, the Donk! Daaaaantje of the Dark!🎶

    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen20:53 – 8 October 2019Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours agoIt has been quiet in Eindhoven! Thanks to the Dark lead to the Oranjevrouwen halfway through with a 1-0 against Russia in this european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier. Pointed missed a penalty.Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours geleden45 There is even a single minute extra.Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours geleden40′ for a further five minutes until the break at the Philips Stadion. After the exchange Of the Experience., both countries don’t have that opportunity had it. Orange is leading with 1-0.Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours geleden32 ” We will have forced the first change to the Oranjevrouwen. After a collision, Desiree van Lunteren and will not go any further. The play will be replaced by Liza van der Most.Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours geleden30, ” We have a half an hour was played in Eindhoven, the netherlands. The netherlands are leading 1-0 thanks to a Van in the Dark, while the Russians were on the pole, shot, and Flashback, a penalty will be missed.Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours ago,26 of the Netherlands misses a penalty!

    Not 2-0, because of the efforts of Sherida Taper is to be turned in by doelvrouw Tatyana Shcherbak.Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours ago –25′ Penalty goal for the new year!

    The Oranjevrouwen get the chance to win the 2-0. Lineth Beerensteyn in her hand, walked out, and then place the ball on the spot.Oranjevrouwen · 3-minute walk fromThe main character, has every reason to smile. By the age of eighteen hits for the Orange and gives them the 1-0-position at the Philips Stadion.Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours geleden21 ” As the Oranjevrouwen the middle of the first half, no reason to complain. The first chance Of the Dark) didn’t touch it, and the Russians were so wide. It’s still 1-0 in Eindhoven, the netherlands.Oranjevrouwen · 4 hours geleden17′ Post! Here are the Oranjevrouwen a good way. After the a is knocked out, the corner crack is Marina Fedorova and the ball is really hard on aluminum.Oranjevrouwen · 4 hours geledenEn to the public in Eindhoven, go to the toezingen in the Dark.

    10. ‘Nananananananaaaa…’ 🎶

    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen20:11 – October 8, 2019Oranjevrouwen · 4 hours ago there isa 12′ GOAL, Oranjevrouwen! 1-0

    It is notable for the feestvarken, that the score is open! Was of the Dark, put the Orange on the 1-0 against Russia. The midfielder will get some happiness in the ball in the penalty area and shoot, and then managed to remember.Oranjevrouwen · 4 hours geleden10′ Was of the Dark, is now sung by the audience, because she has reached a milestone of one hundred international matches for the Dutch team.Oranjevrouwen · 4 hours geleden5 not Even in moments of excitement, in Eindhoven, the netherlands. Amber attempts to the game, and the Russians are on the switch.Oranjevrouwen · 4 hours ago there is1 ” is to get The ball rolling at the Philips Stadion! The netherlands-Russia european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier in the women’s on the go…Oranjevrouwen · 4 hours geledenDaniëlle of the Dark is still in the spotlight. She is the mother of international competition (seventeen goals scored so far), and get a flower and a coin.Oranjevrouwen · 4 hours agoOn the edge, it will not be tonight in Eindhoven!Oranjevrouwen · 4 hours geledenDit the 22 names that are on the field for the Netherlands-Russia

    The two undefeated teams in Group A will meet each other tonight in the battle for european CHAMPIONSHIP qualification: 🇳🇱the Netherlands, 🇷🇺Russia. In a letter oranjevrouwen is playing @DanielleDonk in her 100th international match. 💯
    Working on #NEDRUS:

    AvatarAuteurFlashScore.nlMoment of plaatsen19:37 – 8 October 2019Oranjevrouwen · 4 hours ago“I think of us as a team, will not play against Slovenia,” said head coach Sarina Wiegman, prior to the the Netherlands, Russia, on Veronica mars. “We now have the opportunity to do better, and I did not think it necessary to make a change. I am sure that tonight is a better one.”Oranjevrouwen · 4 hours agoOn January 24, 2017 and have won the Netherlands, with a 0 to 4 of the Russian federation. At the time, made a Vivianne Miedema, three goals will be scored, and then scored also, Lineth Beerensteyn. Both players are on tonight at the base.Oranjevrouwen · 5 hours agoThe Oranjevrouwen and Russia take each other on tonight for the seventh time in the past. In the last encounter, with a some players in January, 2017, and ended in a 0-4 victory for us. In total, won the Orange one four times, it was the one time right, and the Russinnen the best of them.Oranjevrouwen · 5 hours geledenDe absence of players from Orange, would like to congratulate the Donk and her great achievement in the English national team:

    “My dear Damien…’ Swipe copy️ five special-well done! 🧡

    AvatarAuteuroranjeleeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen18:54 pm – October 8, 2019Oranjevrouwen · 5 hours ago there areset-up: This is the full set-up of the Oranjevrouwen to START kwalificatieduel with Russia. Coach Sarina Wiegman sends out the same eleven took to the field last Friday against Slovenia.

    🔶 | This is our setup!
    The match will begin at 20: 00 and the live show of the week.
    #NEDRUS #AllesvoorOranje

    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen18:45 pm – October 8, 2019Oranjevrouwen · 5 hours geledenDe set-up is not yet fully understood, but it Was from the Dark state to the foundation, and its one international game to play.

    CONFIRMED: @DanielleDonk will make her 💯th @oranjevrouwen🇳🇱 appearance is tonight against Russia in Eindhoven to wonder what the highlight was,🤔🏆

    AvatarAuthor#WEURO2021Moment of plaatsen18:41 pm – October 8, 2019Oranjevrouwen · 5 hours geledenDe Oranjevrouwen sign is located in the city center, the match with Russia. At 20: 00 is the kick-off.

    Even In Eindhoven!
    #NEDRUS #100xDaan

    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen18:38 pm – 8 October, 2019Oranjevrouwen · 6 hours of geledenOver about two o’clock in the Oranjevrouwen to their first european CHAMPIONSHIP kwalificatieduel. In technology, Russia is also still correct, and the opposing team.Oranjevrouwen · 6 hours of geledenOok no Kika van Es, Stefanie van der Gragt, Jackie Green, Lieke Martens and Shanice van de Sanden won the Oranjevrouwen tonight from Russia.

    • Yes, it’s easy
    • I have yet to see it
    • No, they will win the game

    Oranjevrouwen · 6 hours ago –have A look at the position in group A of european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifying in the run-up to the Netherlands in Russia:

    1. The netherlands, 3-9 (14-2)
    2. – Russia 2-6 (5-0)
    3. – Slovenia 3-3 (7-5)
    4. Kosovo, 2-3 (2-5)
    5. Turkey 3-1 (0-5)
    6. Estonia, 3-1 (0-11)Back to top

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