Reactions after the victory, a-Z, and a draw PSV in the Eredivisie

In the twelfth round of the Premier league went down on Saturday to continue on with the matches, RKC Waalwijk-Heracles Almelo (2-0), Sparta Rotterdam-PSV (2-2) and AZ-FC Twente (3-0). To follow this liveblog.


  • RKC-Heracles (2-0)
  • Sparta-PSV (2-2)
  • AZ-FC Twente (3-0)

Premier-league-four-hour geledenDe position in the Premier league will see it, after tonight, will be as follows:

  • Ajax 12-32 (39-9)
  • A-Z 12-26 (28-8)
  • PSV have 12 to 24 (28-15)
  • Speed 11-23 (22-15)
  • FC Utrecht 11-20 (22-14)
  • William II, 11-19 (14-15)
  • Heracles 12 To 18 (18-17)
  • sc Heerenveen) 11-17 (17-12)
  • Sparta Rotterdam 12 To 16 (21 And 22)
  • FC Twente’s 12 to 15 (21-23)
  • FC Groningen, 11-14 (13-13)
  • We’re going 11-14 (19-22)
  • FC Emmen 11-10 (14-24)
  • PEC Zwolle, 12-10 (18-30)
  • ADO Den Haag 11-9 (13-21)
  • Fortuna Sittard, The Netherlands 11-9 (17-26)
  • VVV-Venlo, 11-9 (11-28)
  • After a very good 12-4 (12-33)
  • Sparta Rotterdam-PSV · 2 hours ago –Van Bommel: “Eight points in losses, may not be’
    Mark van Bommel will be after the 2-2-draw by PSV from Sparta Rotterdam met before, don’t think of the title. “I don’t give up on it, but there’s no point in there, talk about it,” said the coach on FOX Sports. “We are eight points behind. We are not happy about it. We’re just in a hard phase, that is, you can’t deny that. A lot of things can be explained, due to the red cards we picked up, and the key players that we will miss out on. However, we also need to be realistic, and be honest and look at ourselves. Eight points in losses, may not be.”AZ-FC Twente · 2 hours ago there area-Z, over, along, about ten of FC Twente
    The final whistle sounds, the Cars, the Jeans Arena. The team’s coach as He Finally beat FC Twente with a 3-0, thanks to goals from Pantelis Hatzidiakos, And the White, and Myron still doing it. The Tukkers will play from the 21st minute, with up to ten men by a red card for the goalkeeper and His Devil. The win solidifies a-Z in second place and the team is now two points ahead of number three, LUISAO.AZ-FC Twente · a 2-hour geledenNog a few minutes to go out in The world a-Z, a comfortable 3-0 lead eventually to.

    10 – Myron still doing it, age 18 years, 292 days) is the youngest ever player to score 10 Premier league goals for @AZAlkmaar. The Prodigy.

    AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen22:26 – november 2, 2019AZ-FC Twente · 2 hours ago78′ GOAL in AZ! 3-0

    Myron still doing it, it extends to the edge of the ‘home team’ in more detail. The striker gets the ball, He Wijndal, hammer in between the two supporters of the netherlands, through which passes Jorn Brondeel.Draw for the KNVB Cup · 2-hour geledenDe the full draw for the second round of the DUTCH cup:

    • IJsselmeervogels-SteDoCo
    • Heracles Almelo-FC Dordrecht
    • Telstar-Ajax Amsterdam
    • sc Heerenveen-Roda JC
    • Short-ODIN ’59
    • C-Spakenburg (nl)
    • SC Cambuur-Feyenoord
    • E-the Green Star
    • Willem II-Sparta Rotterdam
    • FC Twente-Go Ahead Eagles
    • City-TOP Oss
    • FC Groningen-FC Utrecht
    • Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle
    • GVVV-PSV
    • Excelsior and FC Eindhoven
    • Sparta Nijkerk-STOKE city

    AZ-FC Twente · 2 hours agoAnd the White was celebrating his hit to a-Z, which is a twenty minutes before time, still with a 2-0 lead at FC Twente.Draw for the KNVB Cup · 2-hour geledenEn, the last two of the match: Excelsior-FC Eindhoven-Sparta Nijkerk, holland-NAC Breda.Draw for the KNVB Cup · 2-hour geledenPSV a visit to the amateurs GVVV and Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands will meet in the province of Limburg THE city of Zwolle.Draw for the KNVB Cup · 2-hour geledenEen a beautiful poster of the FC Groningen and FC Utrecht.Draw for the KNVB Cup · 2-hour geledenFC of Twente in Enschede, against the Go Ahead Eagles, and with the amateurs of the City will find the TOP Home.Draw for the KNVB Cup · 2-hour geledenAZ find a home for the people interested in the Green Star’s and William II’s receive, Sparta, Rotterdam, the netherlands.Draw for the KNVB Cup · 2-hour geledenFeyenoord have to look at SC Cambuur.Draw for the KNVB Cup · 2-hour geledensc Wigan will play at home against Roda JC, and Vitesse will receive THE’59.Draw for the KNVB Cup · 2-hour geledenAjax are going to stay at the Telstar.Draw for the KNVB Cup · 2-hour geledenDe first-two-posters-IJsselmeervogels-STeDoCo and Heracles Almelo-FC Dordrecht in the netherlands.Draw for the KNVB Cup · 2 hours ago andin the Meantime we will start with the draw for the second round of the TOTO THE Cup.AZ-FC Twente · 3 hours ago –55′ GOAL in AZ! 2-0

    The Alkmaarders continue to create chances and early in the second half, the second goal is to. This is the White tap in the ball after Twente goalkeeper Jorn Brondeel, a cross from the left button is released. Just before that is a shot distance from the Calvin Stengs, the direction is changed and it is going to be trying next.AZ-FC Twente · a 3-hour geleden48′ my god! Right half becomes a-Z, again made of aluminium. This time to shoot Yukinari Sugawara hit the ball in the post.AZ-FC Twente · a 3-hour geleden46 The second half on the road, in The Hague, the netherlands. FC Twente, Wout Brama, in the field, Rafik Zekhnini.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3-minute walk fromDumfries: “Should be more to convey that we are one of the top clubs have’
    Denzel Dumfries has been, not to mention the game of the pitch after the 2-2-draw against Sparta Rotterdam, the netherlands. “This is a bitter pill to take, and this will be a heavy week, frustrated with the play on FOX Sports. “We need to communicate that we, as a club, are. We had better be arming to arm the men at the front. As you can see just how simple they’re to win, that’s not right.”Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours ago

    The last time that Ajax, at this stage of the season, 8 points more than PSV eindhoven, was in 2001/02.

    AvatarAuteurMichel AbbinkMoment of plaatsen21:40 am – november 2, 2019AZ-FC Twente · 3 hours ago there isPeace in The world, AZ with a 1-0 lead thanks to a goal scored by Pantelis Hatzidiakos in the injury time of the first half. He Wijndal with two tries in the aluminium close to a match for the Alkmaarders against Twente, on the 21st minute, with a ten man playing a red card for the goalkeeper and His Devil.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3 hrs ago –PSV eindhoven suffered in the Race’s third loss of points in a row
    It has come to an end in Rotterdam, the netherlands. PSV will play with a 2-2 at Sparta, and suffered the third loss of points in a row in the Premier league. The Locals save the day in stoppage time in a section of The Castle, thanks to a goal scored by Cody Gakpo. Ragnar Ache, and Mohammed Rayhi scored on behalf of the Race, and Michal Sadílek of the goal for the PLAYER, which is now eight points behind the leader Ajax.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours geleden90+3′ Whew! There is just 2 or 3 to the PSV. With a swipe of Muhammad Ihattaren is just next to it.AZ-FC Twente · 3 hours ago,45+3’the GOAL” Z! 1-0

    Pantelis Hatzidiakos bring the Alkmaarders deep into injury time in the lead. The defender pegelt the ball beautifully from the edge of the zestienmetergebied.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours ago,90+1′ GOAL in PSV’s! 2-2

    In overtime, the Locals will still be at the same height. Learn Gakpo get the ball in after a cross from Mohamed Ihattaren.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours geleden87 Also the Race continues for the potential hazards. First, Jeroen, Sweet and quite a bit of trouble with a free-kick from Mohamed Rayhi and save on a shot distance from the Bart and friend’s.AZ-FC Twente · a 3-hour geleden39′ my god! It touches A Wijndal it is made of aluminium. This ends up with a bet on to the full a-Z in the audience. It’s still 0-0 in The Hague, the netherlands.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours geleden83 And a great opportunity for a BACKLINE. This time it works, the Race-match, Bart friend’s, the ball almost into his own goal, but the ball is just next to it.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours geleden80′ my god! Bruma is a very, very close to the 2-2 on behalf of the PSV. In a first move of the Portuguese from the left on the top of the bar to go.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours geleden78′ Now, PSV again for the warning. Ritsu Doan tries to get the ball into the top corner, curling up, it is the effort of the Japanese people is just wrong.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours geleden77 a little fifteen minutes to go and the Race is still 2-1. In addition, in the second half and the BACKLINE regular basis is difficult. Thus, failure to Halil Dervisoglu, the ball has to be in the independent by Bryan Smith.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours ago… and two minutes later, Mohamed Rayhi of the Race once again in the lead.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours ago,this is Michal Sadílek, for the 1-to-1 advantage…of the AZ-FC Twente · a 3-hour geledenOwen Wijndal brings out a-Z is almost in the lead.

    26. Bar!
    💥 Wijndal were 1-0…
    #aztwe 0-0

    AvatarAuteurAZMoment of plaatsen21:13 – november 2, 2019Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours geleden71′ my god! Since it is almost the end of the pitch. A hard-shot distance of the Cody Gakpo it just disappears next to the target.AZ-FC Twente · a 3-hour geleden22′ Reservedoelman Jorn Brondeel will be in the field for FC Twente. The Belgian designer is taking the place of Javier Espinosa. It is still 0-0 in the Cars, the Jeans Arena.AZ-FC Twente · 3 hours ago there are18 RED and FC Twente.

    The Tukkers have a ten-man continues in The Hague, the netherlands. Beat the keeper and His Devil will be out in the field, sent off after he was far away target is released and Myron still doing it dismisses.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours geleden61, ” The supporters of The Castle, shouting for a penalty after a clash between Ragnar Ache and Olivier Boscagli, but referee Bas Nijhuis shows that there are no penalty kicks in.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV · 4 hours ago –58′ GOAL, Sparta Rotterdam. 2-1

    Two minutes of the second half is the Race back on the lead. After a great pass from Ragnar Ache will pass, Mohamed Rayhi, Jeroen Zoet in the short corner. It also saw the PSV goalkeeper is not very good.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV · 4 hours geleden57, ” It was the last ball-contact, for Michal Sadílek, which will be exchanged for Kostas Mitroglou.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV · 4 hours ago –56′ GOAL in PSV’s! 1-to-1

    There is, at the end of the pitch. Michal Sadílek, brings in the Locals on the same level. The Church on tap in the rebound into the empty goal, after the deployment of Ritsu Doan line will be removed, and Bryan Smith, the ball was not properly eliminated.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV · 4 hours geleden47, ” The first danger in the second half to come from the side of the pitch. Bruma tries a puntertje, but he’s also the Race-keeper Ariel Harush is not a surprise.Sparta Rotterdam-PSV · 4 hours geleden46, ” We are going to continue to be in Rotterdam, the netherlands. Mark van Bommel takes action on the pitch, where Olivier Boscagli is the place to be Doing Gutiérrez-ups. Because of this, the slide, Michal Sadílek on the board.AZ-FC Twente·, the 4-hour geleden1, ” The ball is in the Cars, the Jeans Arena. You can Z in the second place, to strengthen, or to FC Twente to a surprise?AZ-FC Twente·, the 4-hour geledenEen change in the attitude of the right.

    📢 Update:
    🔁 Sugawara for Svensson.
    ❌ Svensson is injured, dropped out during the warm-up.

    AvatarAuteurAZMoment of plaatsen20:40 am – november 2, 2019Sparta Rotterdam-PSV · 4 hours geledenOver particular stats normally.

    💿 – Sparta – PSV REST is 1-0 Since the last goal scored by @PSV (319 speelminuten ago, it had all the PSV-fans are almost 3 times the Big time With A Soft-G CDs-Guus Meeuwis will be able to listen. #SPAPSV

    AvatarAuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen20:36 on november 2nd, 2019Sparta Rotterdam-PSV eindhoven football · 4 hours ago theRest of The Castle. Sparta lead 1-0 thanks to a goal scored by Ragnar Ache, and the PSV has to be pretty difficult. The Locals create a few chances and the home side will be there and, occasionally, dangerous.Back to top

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