Reactions after the NOC*NSF Sportgala in AFAS Live (closed)

In AFAS Live in Amsterdam, Wednesday night the annual NOC*NSF Sportgala on the program. Don’t miss out on all the reactions in our liveblog.

Gala · 2 hours ago

Best clever to text to get rid of while there is a huge teleprompter in the middle of the hall and you have a card with text in front of you.

AvatarAuteurBram TankinkMoment of plaatsen22:29 – december 19 2018Sportgala · 2 hours agoAnd all of the winners of the evening, with the exception of the Team of the Year, on the photo.Gala · 2 hours agoThe Sportsman and -woman of the Year in the picture.Gala · 2 hours geledenDe visitors of the NUsport app are not in agreement with the results of the election.

Who should be there tonight Sportsman of the year?

  • Epke Zonderland18%
  • Kjeld Nuis36%
  • Jeffrey Herlings46%

Gala · 2 hours agohighest number Shutter and Jac Orie with the award for sports coach of the Year.Gala · 2 hours ago”I’m very proud of this award”, says Kjeld Nuis. “I have no speech prepared, because I saw that I was with Epke had. And with Epke and sportverkiezingen I thought: this is nothing.”Gala · 2 hours agoTwo-time olympic champion Kjeld Nuis being named Sportsman of the Year. The South-Hollander is preferred over Jeffrey Herlings and Epke zonderland will be.Gala · 2 hours geledenNa Glennis Grace is the time for the last award of the night: Athlete of the Year. The battle continues between Kjeld Nuis, Epke zonderland will and Jeffrey Herlings. Jan Versteegh presents the award.Gala · 2 hours agoAn emotional Suzanne Schulting with the Jaap Eden Award in hands. It is the first time that the olympic champion on the 1,000 m wins the prize.Gala · 2 hours ago“The vast majority of this beautiful trophy is absolutely for Kiki. Further, the price is also for the people who are behind Kiki,” says highest number Shutter. For the rest rice, I think one question: how awful must a coach if he is chosen, and the athlete is not nominated?”Gala · 2 hours agothe big surprise in the election for sports coach of the Year: Jac Orie and highest number Shutter parts the price. The skate – and the tennis coach both have same number of votes. Orie had the price already three times won for Noc is it the first time.Gala · 2 hours geledenWe go through with the sports coach of the Year: highest number Shutter (which Kiki Bertens to the top ten of the world rankings piloted), schaatscoach Jac Orie and Jeroen Otter, the coach of the shorttrackers. The prize is handed over by Frans Timmermans.Gala · 2 hours geledenNadat the song Brabant has been sung by many artists, Ireen Wüst as the most successful olympian, enter the stage. The province receives flowers and a standing ovation from the audience.Gala · 3 hours geledenVolgens the poll in the NUsport app Suzanne Schulting won.

Who is Sportswoman of the year?

  • Suzanne Schulting35%
  • Jorien ter Mors12%
  • Anna van der Breggen32%
  • Annemiek van Vleuten21%

Gala · 3 hours geledenSuzanne Schulting is delighted with the award. “I think it’s really very, very fat”, exults the Friezin. “I think it is really fantastic and a great honour that I receive this award.”Gala · 3 hours agoSuzanne Schulting being named Sportswoman of the Year. The shorttrackster let schaatsster Jorien ter Mors and cyclists Anna van der Breggen and Annemiek van Vleuten behind him in the election.Gala · 3 hours agoThe Jaap Eden Award for Sportswoman of the Year is awarded by Bram Tankink, that this year his cycling career ended.Gala · 3 hours geledenHet is now the turn of the prize for Sportswoman of the Year. It goes between shorttrackster Suzanne Schulting, schaatsster Jorien ter Mors and cyclists Anna van de Breggen and Annemiek van Vleuten.Gala · 3 hours geledenHet is once again time for some music: Tino Martin sings the song She.Gala · 3 hours geledenOndertussen receive Matthijs de ligt from the hands of Frank de Boer, the price for Talent of the Year. The defender from Ajax was on Monday even though the Golden Boy Award.Gala · 3 hours agoThe teamsprinters with the award for Team of the Year.Gala · 3 hours geledenRico Verhoeven is elected Zappsporter of the Year, award by children is awarded to the Athlete of the Year.Gala · 3 hours agoKickbokser Rico Verhoeven, who to the shortlist for the nominees for Sportsman of the Year belonged, is also present.Gala · 3 hours agoTimmer gets Fanny Blankers-Koen career price
Marianne Timmer gets the Fanny Blankers-Koen career price, which is awarded to athletes with extraordinary contributions to Dutch sports. The old-schaatsster was in the 1998 olympic champion in the 1,000 and 1,500 meters in 2006 and olympic champion in the 1,000 meters. “I had this totally not expected. I’m speechless,” says Timmer, after they put the price in the hands of Yvonne van Gennip.Gala · 3 hours agoBibian Mentel with its price. “My heaven. Let settle, hear”, stammers an emotional Mentel. “First of all, a huge thank you that you have chosen. Medical specialists and physiotherapists. Without them I would not be stood. Of course my family also. You guys are wonderful. Last but not least: my husband. Without you I could not. We have worked to achieve this, super proud of you.”Gala · 3 hours ago”It’s a huge honor,” says Harrie Lavreysen. “We find it unique. Last year we dominated, but even more exciting are the prospects, with the world cup and the Olympic Games in Tokyo.”Gala · 3 hours agoBaanwielrenners Nils van ‘t Hoenderdaal, Harrie Lavreysen, Jeffrey Hoogland and Matthijs Then to be named Team of the Year. The quartet was this year, both world – and European champion on the teamsprint.Gala · 3 hours agoThe price will be handed over by Rafael van der Vaart, who, this year a point behind his career continued.Gala · 3 hours geledenHet is time for the announcement of the Team of the Year. The prize goes to the teamsprinters, the hockeysters or the zeilduo Annemiek Bekkering/Annette Duetz.Gala · 3 hours geledenWe go through with the Australian band Sheppard, with the song Coming Home last summer and frequently was heard around the broadcasting of the soccer world cup in Russia.Gala · 3 hours agoBibian Mentel picked up in Pyeongchang, the paralympic title on the snowboardcross and banked slalom. The road to that success was difficult for the 46-year-old North-Holland, a long struggle against cancer. A month before the start of the Play she underwent re-surgery. Mentel was announced in October that her career ends.Gala · 3 hours agoBibian Mentel won the Paralympic Athlete of the Year. The snowboardster, that the price in 2014 also received the, is preferred over rolstoeltennisster Diede de Groot and the rolstoelbasketbalsters.Gala · 4 hours geledenWe begin with the presentation of the award for Paralympic Athlete of the Year. It goes between rolstoeltennisster Diede de Groot, snowboardster Bibian Mentel and the Dutch rolstoelbasketbalsters. The award is presented by Eric Corton.Gala · 4 hours geledenHet is so far: the show will start.Gala · 4 hours agoRolstoeltennisser Diede de Groot (winner of the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open), snowboarder Bibian Mentel (paralympic gold in Pyeongchang) and the Dutch rolstoelbasketbalsters (undefeated world champion) a chance to win the prize Paralympic Athlete of the Year.Gala · 4 hours agoFor the price Team of the Year, the nominations for three world champions: the teamsprinters at the track (Nils van ‘t Hoenderdaal, Harrie Lavreysen, Jeffrey Hoogland and Matthijs Then), the hockeyvrouwen and the zeilduo Annemiek Bekkering and Annette Duetz (49er FX).Gala · 4 hours geledenRaemon Shutter is also of the party. The Dutchman led Kiki Bertens last season to a spot in the top ten of the world rankings. Shutter has competition from schaatscoach Jac Orie and Jeroen Otter, the coach of the shorttrackers. Orie, that the price had already won in 2003 and 2017, helped Nuis, Kramer and Carlijn Achtereekte to olympic gold in South Korea. Otter is the coach of, among others, Schulting.

The sports coach of the year? #sportgala

AvatarAuteurFranklin StokerMoment of plaatsen20:11 – december 19 2018Sportgala · 4 hours geledenHet Gala is on the verge of begin.

Sports gala is about to begin.#Gala

AvatarAuteurelsemieke havengaMoment of plaatsen20:17 – 19 december 2018Sportgala · 4 hours geledenBij the women come there in any case a new winner. Suzanne Schulting, Jorien ter Mors, Anna van der Breggen and Annemiek van Vleuten won the prize never. Last year was Dafne Schippers for the second time to Sportswoman of the Year elected.Gala · 4 hours agoJorien ter Mors demanded in the langebaanschaatsen olympic gold in the 1,000 metres for himself and picked up the aflossingsploeg bronze in the short track. In addition, it was the Dutch world champion sprint on the excellent tactical and technical skills.Gala · 4 hours agoSuzanne Schulting was in Pyeongchang, the first Dutch shorttracker olympic champion. The Friezin wrote the 1,000 meters at its name.Gala · 4 hours agoAnnemiek van Vleuten win her world title in the time trial and was also the strongest in the Giro Rosa and La Course. “We were not really off to one of the two cyclists to choose”, said jury chairman Bas van de Goor the choice to Van Vleuten and Anna van der Breggen both to nominate.Gala · 4 hours agoAnna van der Breggen is not present at the Gala. “I’m in Spain on a training camp and would rather go back to flying,” she stated earlier today. “If I would win: great, your honor. I would be proud. But on the other hand: go to bed late, you get food that you don’t want, you will get tired of it and really fun I also did not.”Gala · 4 hours agoWith cyclists Anna van der Breggen and Annemiek van Vleuten, schaatsster Jorien ter Mors and shorttrackster Suzanne Schulting of four athletes nominated for the title of Sportswoman of the Year. Van der Breggen (27) was world champion cycling on the road and also won the Strade Bianche, the Tour of Flanders, the Flèche wallonne and Liège-Bastogne-Liège.Gala · 4 hours agoKjeld Nuis captured in February at the Olympic Winter games of Pyeongchang, the title on the 1,000 and the 1,500 metres. The South-Hollander took also the silver medal at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS sprint.Gala · 4 hours agoJeffrey Herlings is just as Kjeld Nuis for the first time nominated for the prize of Sportsman of the Year. The Dutchman won this year as the first Dutchman to the world championship in the MXGP, the king’s class of the motocross. Herlings came in seventeen of the twenty Grands Prix in 2018 as the winner over the finish line.Gala · 5 hours agoAbout an hour it starts to Show. Turner Epke zonderland will, skater Kjeld Nuis and motorcrosser Jeffrey Herlings are nominated for the title of Sportsman of the Year. Zonderland will can write history by for the fifth time the Sportsman of the Year to be elected. The Frieze, which this year became world champion on the high bar and on the same device the silver medal at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, won the prize in 2009 and from 2011 to 2013.Gala · 5 hours geledenNog a half hours until the Show starts.

The sports Gala is about to begin! Follow the LIVE 📺 via @NPO1 from 20.35 hours.
#Gala #TeamNL

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