Reactions after the draw Oranjevrouwen v France (face-down)

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog! We will keep you up to date with the competition between the two countries, and the Oranjevrouwen in the Tournoi de France.

  • Tournoi de France
  • The last game
  • France-Orange, 3-3

Oranjevrouwen one hour geledenHet wasn’t enough to get the win, but it was a goal, showed Her She can see that she is back!Video

What a delicious assault on our Orange Lions! 馃挭馃徎
#FRANED 2-3! 馃嚦馃嚤

AvatarAuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen22:38 am – march 10, 2020Oranjevrouwen one hour geledenNiet the Netherlands, but in France, thus winning the Tournoi de France, and this is where this cup is from.

La premi猫re 茅dition du Tournoi de France-pour l’equipe de France ! 馃憡馃弳#FiersdetreBleues #TournoiDeFrance

AvatarAuteurEquipe France 猸愨瓙Point of plaatsen23:09 pm – 10 march, 2020Oranjevrouwen-four hours ago –the Netherlands, is also the same for France (3-3), and earlier in the evening and ended up in Brazil and Canada into a 2-2. This is the very first time at the Tournoi de France:

  • France, 3-7 (5 to 3)
  • Netherlands-3-3 (3-3)
  • Brazil 3-2 (2-3)
  • Canada 3-2 (2-3)
  • Oranjevrouwen-four hours ago, itwill be over! Orange is also know for the third and final match in the Tournoi de France doesn’t win. The women in the slotminuut a big lead, and playing right up against host nation France 3-3. On behalf of the Orange in scoring, and Lynn Wilms, Sherida Pointed, and Her Developing.Oranjevrouwen-four hours ago,90+3′ GOAL in France. 3-3

    Orange gives this the lead off your hands. In the second-to-last minute of extra-time, sliding a Ouleymata Pose for the 3-3 in.Oranjevrouwen one hour geleden90 ” There will be four more minutes for Valenciennes ouest-petite for锚t. The netherlands the lead with 2-3.Oranjevrouwen one hour geleden88 The absolute final run. France to hunt in a new second half, but the Oranjevrouwen to give away.Oranjevrouwen one hour geleden83 And the third switch to Orange: Inessa Kaagman for Shanice van de Sanden.Oranjevrouwen 路 2 hours ago

    Right, back 馃幆

    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen22:36 on march 10, 2020Oranjevrouwen 路 a 2-hour geleden81 France makes it 3-3, only to the edge of the box, go right for an offside.Oranjevrouwen 路 a 2-hour geleden78 the ” Second bill of exchange in Amber-Danique Kerkdijk will replace the injured Van der Gragt.Oranjevrouwen 路 2 hours agoWe had not seen much of Her She, but with a great swing she put the Orange on our head start against France. We still have a quarter of an hour to play with at Valenciennes,…Oranjevrouwen 路 2 hours ago –73′ GOAL Oranjevrouwen! 2-3

    There is really nothing in the new start to the Oranjevrouwen. Lineth Beerensteyn turn and lay the ball in, ready for Her She and shoot, nice touch and in the far corner.Oranjevrouwen 路 a 2-hour geleden69, ” It was one-way traffic after the break. France’s turn to attack, after attack, but for now, keep track of the Oranjevrouwen position.Oranjevrouwen 路 a 2-hour geleden64 ” the First change in the Oranjevrouwen. Pointed to leave the field. Peter Jones is her replacement.Oranjevrouwen 路 2 hours ago –59′ GOAL in France. 2-2

    There is, in the second half. Bathy you shoot, the penalty is also pure within, and so is the Orange in the 0 to 2-gap at all anymore.Oranjevrouwen 路 2 hours ago there isa 58′ Penalty to France!

    Pointed tip gets the ball after a sliding tackle on the poor, and, therefore, will also be in France in a penalty kick.Oranjevrouwen 路 2 hours ago there areAlso, in the Valenciennes region, we currently have no spectators in the stands. All of that is because of the corona virus, and the story is very well-known.Oranjevrouwen 路 a 2-hour geleden55 ” The Oranjevrouwen not a good start to the second half. France, in the press and on the hunt for the 2-2.Oranjevrouwen 路 a 2-hour geleden50′ Stefanie van der Gragt then there’s what did you in from Kadidiatou Diani, but the ball is not in the dot language.Oranjevrouwen 路 a 2-hour geleden47 ” it’s Almost here it’s a 2-2, but a free-kick from the Griedge Mbock Bathy will go over the top of the bar, but it is just about the the goal of of of stock.Oranjevrouwen 路 a 2-hour geleden46′ get The ball rolling for the second time a company in France, Orange (1-2).Oranjevrouwen 路 2 hours agoto Rest. The netherlands is leading halfway down 1-2 against France in the final race of the Tournoi de France. Lynn Wilms, and Sherida Pointed, which made the goals for the Orange.Oranjevrouwen 路 2 hours ago there are45+1′ GOAL in France. 1-2

    Just before the break, the French are back in this game. Val茅rie Gauvin will benefit from a short-terugkopbal Dominique Bloodworth and is suitable for 1-2 in.Oranjevrouwen 路 a 2-hour geleden45′ in The last minute of the first half of the run. The Oranjevrouwen lead with the 0 to 2 rating.Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours geledenHet for the basisdebutant her first interlandtreffer!

    In the first of Back 馃憦馃憦

    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen21:36 on march 10, 2020Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours geleden37′ given to the French, with two great chances in the aansluitingstreffer, but the first time, will let have a shot, and the second effort is blocked by the Wilms’.Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours ago,The time that Lynn Wilms, the Oranjevrouwen on a 0-1 set in France. In the meantime, leads the Netherlands to 0-2 after the first half-hour, however, quite disappointing.Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours ago –33′ GOAL Oranjevrouwen! 0 to 2

    Sherida Pointed fail from the spot! The midfielder shoots the ball very, very controlled in the menu.Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours ago –32′ Penalty Oranjevrouwen!

    Lieke Martens has more to do with the ball is touched. So the point of the referee is to the ball.Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours ago –30′ GOAL Oranjevrouwen! From 0 to 1

    Lynn Wilms! The basisdebutant to break the spell at Valenciennes, and make the first goal, on behalf of the Orange in the tournament. The right back receives the ball, and fortunately for her feet, and after a blocked shot from Nick Green and shoot him in the legs, from the French doelvrouw touch.Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours ago,29′ are Both defensies the business is currently in good standing. Jill Roord try it but from far away, but that shot doesn’t compromise on it.Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours geleden25, ” It is not about what the women of France, and the Netherlands to see it. In the meantime, it rains quite a bit in the Valenciennes region, and that the game is not that good.Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours geleden17 The first attempt between the posts will come from the French. A shot from a distance of 16 and ends up in the hands of the goalkeeper Sari van Veenendaal.Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours geleden15, ” We have a quarter of an hour played as Valenciennes ouest-petite for锚t. It’s certainly not spectacular, and it is, therefore, also have to wait for the first doelpoging of this game.Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours ago –The elf on the Orange, who have to do it in France.Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours geleden5 ” The Oranjevrouwen have a lot of the ball in the opening stages, but on both sides there are no real opportunities have been.Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours ago,1′ get The ball rolling in Valenciennes! The final duel of the Oranjevrouwen in the Tournoi de France, and against France it’s on its way.Oranjevrouwen 路 3 hours geledenDaar the ones in France and the Netherlands, in the field. After the song is going to be the ball rolling at Valenciennes ouest-petite for锚t.Oranjevrouwen 路 4 hours geledenDe player from FC Twente, will start as the right back in the Oranjevrouwen.

    Lynn Wilms 馃憠 for the first time in the foundation.

    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen20:34 am – march 10, 2020Oranjevrouwen 路 4 hours ago andHere we are tonight, done in France and the Netherlands. The host nation is sure to win in the Tournoi de France. The Oranjevrouwen be able to have their first win of the tournament in the books.


  • France 2-6 (2-0)
  • Netherlands 2-2 (0-0)
  • Brazil 2-1 (0 to 1)
  • Canada 2-1 (0 to 1)
  • Currently, Brazil is 2-0 against Canada in seventy minutes).Oranjevrouwen 路 4 hours ago itUp! And these are the ones that are around 21: 00, at the French, at the kick-off show:

    La composition de l Equipe de France face aux Pays-Bas ! #FRAPBS #FiersdetreBleues #TournoiDeFrance 馃嚝馃嚪馃嚦馃嚤

    AvatarAuteurEquipe France 猸愨瓙Point of plaatsen20:01 am – march 10, 2020Oranjevrouwen 路 4 hours ago itUp! With the eleven names that begin with the Oranjevrouwen of the team of France. A lot of well-known names, but in play, Lynn Wilms, make her basisdebuut. She lost in the past, but twice in the Netherlands.

    With these eleven, we will go at 21: 00 o’clock. In the game against France live on SBS 9th.

    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen19:45 a.m. – march 10, 2020Oranjevrouwen 路 4 hours geledenDe Oranjevrouwen to arrive at the stadium of Valenciennes in the last match of the Tournoi de France.Video

    Be ready for the final match of the Tournoi de France!

    AvatarAuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen19:42 am – 10 march, 2020Oranjevrouwen 路 5 hours agothe Netherlands and France, and came to this tournament, are in action against Brazil, and Canada. Where is the Oranjevrouwen two of the time it won’t go any farther than a 0-0, managed to host two matches with a 1-0 win.Oranjevrouwen 路 5 hours agoThe Oranjevrouwen to play the first match in the Tournoi de France. France is at 21: 00 hours, for the opponent, Valenciennes ouest-petite for锚t. The game is due to the corona virus is finished without an audience. There were a total of eleven thousand tickets were sold, of which three hundred of the Dutch fans.Oranjevrouwen 路 yesterday at 08:54 pmWiegman is looking forward to a duel with a ‘top team’ in France
    The orange will take the French a tough oefentegenstander, find a coach, Sarina Wiegman. “In france there is really a world-class team with a lot of quality in terms of speed, power, height, and voetbalvermogen. It’s a very challenging race,” says the bbc news. “Although we have a number of players missing, I think, is that we’re a decent team and on their feet, and that it will be a great match.”Back to top

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