Reactions after simple victory PSV from Willem II (closed)

In the Eredivisie PSV has on a visit to Willem II the hole with AJax poem. The Locals won the match with 0-3. Earlier in the evening posted ADO Den Haag to a 3-1 victory at Excelsior. Read everything back in our liveblog.

  • Results:
  • ADO Den Haag-Excelsior 3-1
  • Willem II-PSV 0-3

Willem II-PSV · 3 hours agoVan Bommel: ‘Were patient’
Trainer Mark van Bommel was delighted with the 0-3 victory of PSV from Willem II. “We had from the beginning to control the match. We were patient; we have no shot between the posts. Of course there is pressure, in this phase of the competition, you need to remember,” says Van Bommel, who his team has no problems saw. “If you have the discipline to our principles to run, it looks very good.” (1/2)Willem II-PSV · 3 hours agoVan Bommel can have little to say about the injury from Hirving Lozano. The Mexican fell in the slot of the duel with Willem II with a knee injury. “Tomorrow there is an investigation, so it is wait and see.” (2/2)Willem II-PSV · 3 hours agoKoster: “We came there not to’
“We have against a very good PSV played” Willem II-trainer Adrie Koster. Indeed. They have a lot of scoring power in the squad. That is quality. We were unable to create opportunities and score goals. That also has to do with qualities at PSV. We wanted to be, but there were not.”Willem II-PSV · 3 hours agoTimes: “the Contract will come good’
Donyell Malen was like rush hour the shining centerpiece at PSV in the 0-3 victory at Willem II. “I can at both positions play, but it is fine if you everywhere can walk,” said Times at FOX Sports, who also as a winger from the feet can. He opened the score with a slick slider. “I got him a little bit with happiness, but the assumption was not top”, found Times, who has a contract until mid-2020. “We’re working on it. That’ll be fine.”Willem II-PSV · 3 hours agoWillem II captain: ‘cup final plays’
Willem II captain Jordens Peters said that his team, with the head in the cup final against Ajax. “I found us in a lot of ways on two thoughts hobble. In drukzetten, and defend with this contest. I don’t know if I the boys blame can take. The finale lives for so long. It plays with me.”Willem II-PSV · 4 hours agoRecent! PSV will post an easy victory on a visit to Willem II and remains in the track of leader Ajax: 0-3. Donyell Malen, Michal Sadilek and Steven Bergwijnen scoring for the Locals. A blemish on the evening of PSV is the failure of Hirving Lozano. The Mexican attacker was in the final with a knee injury per stretcher disposed of.Willem II-PSV · 4 hours geleden90+1. There is almost the 0-4 to PSV. In reference to Denzel Dumfries shoot Gastón Pereiro through the gauntlet of Willem II goalkeeper Forest on the inside of the post.Willem II-PSV · 4 hours geleden90 ” The minimum additional play time in Tilburg is three minutes.Willem II-PSV · 4 hours geleden84′ transition player: Hirving Lozano to leave the field by stretcher and thus can not continue. Gastón Pereiro comes within the lines.Willem II-PSV · 4 hours geleden81′ Hirving Lozano has a lot of pain after a collision with Freek Heerkens. The Mexican grabs at his knee and saves the hands in front of his eyes. That doesn’t look good.Willem II-PSV · 4 hours geleden79′ And the last exchange at Willem II: Karim Coulibaly lost Daniel Crowley.Willem II-PSV · 4 hours geleden78′ Second transition player: Erick Gutierrez gets back speelminuten of trainer Mark van Bommel. He comes for Pablo Rosario.Willem II-PSV · 4 hours geleden69′ First alternate player: Steven Bergwijn has done his work, Cody Gakpo replaces him.Willem II-PSV · 4 hours geleden68′ Yellow for PSV’Angelino. The full goes in the penalty area from Willem II theatrically to the ground, without a player of Willem II hit him.Willem II-PSV · 4 hours ago,65′ GOAL PSV! 0-3

From the nothing, it is time again for PSV. Bergwijn put a beautiful combination with Times, that eye-to-eye with Willem II goalkeeper Forest the overview saves and Bergwijn are goal way.Willem II-PSV · 4 hours geleden63′ For the first time in the competition long-term possession of the ball for Willem II, but the people of tilburg succeed in the goal from PSV goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet under fire. PSV works in the second half what dutiful.Willem II-PSV · 4 hours geleden58′ Willem II looks a lot more energetic than the tea, although PSV has still the initiative. Has Adrie Koster a donderspeech held in the dressing room of Willem II?Willem II-PSV · 4 hours geleden52′ Steven Bergwijn with a flaming shot distance. Willem II goalkeeper and Forest save with the fists.Willem II-PSV · 4 hours geledenPSV writes tonight history in Tilburg, the netherlands – regardless of the outcome.

32 – @PSV are the first team in Premier league history to score a goal in each of the first 32 matchdays of a season. Prolific.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen21:17 – 25 april 2019Willem II-PSV · 4 hours agoKick-off! Willem II kicks off for the second half: Willem II-PSV. If the people of tilburg to be back in the race?Willem II-PSV · 4 hours geledenAdrie Koster takes action at Willem II with a double switch: Vurnon Anita and Dries Saddiki stay behind in the dressing room, Renatio Tapia and Freek Heerkens are their replacements.Willem II-PSV · 5 hours agoThe 0-2 by Michal Sadilek in the picture. The midfielder turned his left a cross from the right wing directly into the goal. Saw goalkeeper Michael Woud not look good.Willem II-PSV · 5 hours agoRest! PSV opened still difficult in Tilburg, but after the 0-1 of Donyell Times the strings tight in its hands. The 0-2 by Michal Sadilejk meant actually all the disastrous for Willem II.Willem II-PSV · 5 hours geleden41′ Willem II is totally out of the place after the 0-1 and seems to be on the PSV roster. The 0-3 for the Locals seems to be a matter of time.Willem II-PSV · 5 hours agoJubilant PSV’ers after the 0-1 of Donyell Times. Willem II seems to be no banenschil for PSV in the immersive titelrace with Ajax. Or, the people of tilburg is still on in your own house?Willem II-PSV · 5 hours geleden38′ Not Luuk de Jong, but Michal Sadilek get the 0-2 PSV to his name. From the slow-motion shows that The Young, the ball is not touched.Willem II-PSV · 5 hours ago37′ GOAL PSV! 0-2

PSV doubled still for the rest of the score. Luuk de Jong concerns a cross from Sadilek with the crown, and brings the Locals in a comfortable position in Tilburg.Willem II-PSV · 5 hours geledenHet is the ninth hit of Donyell Times this season.

Times speeds up and completes then very calm. Hit number 9⃣ for the attacker of PSV!

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen21:18 – 25 april 2019Willem II-PSV · 5 hours ago31′ GOAL PSV! 0-1

Donyell Times put PSV on the liberating 0-1. The striker dribbles past two defenders of Willem II and beats also goalkeeper Wout. PSV is virtually back at the same height with Ajax.Willem II-PSV · 5 hours geleden23′ Rosario is close to the opening goal of PSV. The midfielder is the headline from a corner kick by Angelino right next to it.Willem II-PSV · 5 hours geleden19′ Again offers the PSV defence, striker Alexander Isak a lot of space. The attacker of Willem II gets from far away: an indicator next to it.Willem II-PSV · 5 hours geleden18′ Hirving Lozano with the first serious opportunity on behalf of PSV. Angelino put keen on the Mexican, who, with a heel, the goal under fire. The ball is sailing next. PSV-trainer Mark van Bommel makes himself angry, because he felt that a player of Willem II, the ball is still toucheerde.Willem II-PSV · 5 hours geleden15, ” here is the first warning shot of Alexander Isak. The striker from Willem II runs freely and is clearly controlled, but his attempt does quite a bit to be desired.Willem II-PSV · 5 hours geleden10′ A messy beginning of Willem II-PSV. Both teams have struggled to get the ball in the team.Willem II-PSV · 5 hours agoKick-off! The ball rolls in Tilburg, the netherlands for Willem II-PSV.Willem II-PSV · 5 hours geledenDe players to enter the field of Koning Willem II Stadium.

1 – HERE WE GO! ⚡️

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen20:43 – 25 april 2019Willem II-PSV · 5 hours agoWillem II-PSV · 6 hours geledenVoor the kick-off takes Willem II farewell crowd pleaser Fran Sol. The striker, 39 times scored in 79 duels in the service of the people of tilburg, made last summer, the move to Dinamo Kiev.

Farewell to Fran Sol at Willem II. He was there last year 3 on #wilpsv (5-0)

AvatarAuteurBart of DooijeweertMoment of plaatsen20:33 – 25 april 2019Willem II-PSV · 6 hours geledenHet visor of the Premier league is now going on Willem II-PSV, the final race of round 32. The teams warm up now for the Brabant clash.

Let’s goooooo 🤙🏻

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen20:13 – 25 april 2019ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 6 hours ago

Sound: ‘today is not in’
“We hinkten in two minds: one half wanted to go forward, the other backwards”, analyses Excelsior-captain Ryan Koolwijk the 3-1 defeat at ADO Den Haag FOX Sports. “The society was, therefore, there is a lot of space. It is difficult to each other than to reach. We had that faster well need to convert, already was there today not in”, found the midfielder, who recognizes that it is a difficult story for Excelsior. “This we simply have to win.”

ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 6 hours agoPast! ADO Den Haag push Excelsior even deeper into the worries in your own home with the 3-1 win. The Locals seem to save itself in the Premier league to need to enforce via the play-offs. With ADO, that thanks to this victory finally safe played, were El Khayati, Bakker and Becker accurate, Fortes scored on behalf of Excelsior.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 6 hours geleden88′ Third change at ADO Den Haag: Yahya Boussakou makes his debut in the Eredivisie, he is coming for Sheraldo Becker.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · 6 hours geleden86′ Mounir El Hamdaoui fails to meet the aansluitingstreffer of Excelsior to score. Five meters for the purpose of Robert Zwinkels is aiming for the spire of the city’s inhabitants.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · yesterday at 20:0980′, Only at a 3-1 gap grabs Excelsior-trainer Ricardo Moniz in with a double switch: Ali Messaoud and Denis Mahmudov go to the side, they are replaced by Dennis Eckert and Anouar Hadouir.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · yesterday at 20:08Ali Messaoud see the storm all around for Excelsior. The club threatens the playoffs to play for the subscription on the Premier league to be able to extend. The disadvantage on the safe fifteenth place, now in the possession of FC Emmen, is five points, with two more duels in the future. Hekkensluiter NAC, which is five points behind on Excelsior, should still hope for a Houdini act.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · yesterday at 20:0072′ GOAL ADO Den Haag! 3-1

What a mazzeltje for ADO Den Haag and Sheraldo Becker. Becker pulls off with his right, through the foot of Excelsior defender Matthys rolls the ball behind goalkeeper Damen. Excelsior stands for the risky mission in The Hague.ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · yesterday at 19:5871′ Second transition at ADO Den Haag: Tomas Necid replaces Erik Falkenburg.Willem II-PSV · yesterday at 19:43Bij PSV debuts Zakaria Aboukhlal in the clash. The 19-year-old right-winger, with a long history in the youth system of Willem II, this season is the revelation for Young PSV. He scored nine goals and was preparing also nine.

A new 👦🏻
Zakaria Aboukhlal is the name!

AvatarAuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen19:40 – 25 april 2019ADO Den Haag-Excelsior · yesterday at 19:3951′ First change at ADO Den Haag: John Goossens gets injured in an unfortunate duel. Elson Hay lost him.Back to top

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