Reactions after late defeat of Orange against Germany (closed)

The Dutch team plays Sunday in the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifying cracker against Germany. The match is at 20: 45 started in the Johan Cruijff Arena. Follow everything in this liveblog.

  • European CHAMPIONSHIPS-qualification
  • Results:
  • Netherlands-Germany (2-3)
  • Orange loses in extremis

The netherlands-Germany · 2 hours ago(2/2) Koeman praises the mentality of his players, but also places a small comment. “We had the feeling that 3-2 it was, but you saw that there is also space came to Germany. The will to win is prices, already brings that also a risk. That we have seen today.”The netherlands-Germany · 2 hours agoKoeman: ‘Had a point to pick it up”
(1/2) “We started not well”, analyses head coach Ronald Koeman compared to the NOS. “They had three frontline players with a lot of movement. It changed Germany very often. That was very difficult to play against. We were stuck on the ball. We wanted to put pressure, but that did not work. We played with very large spaces and therefore there were dangerous moments, but also we create for peace two great opportunities. The second half was great, but we had a point to deal with it.”The netherlands-Germany · 2 hours ago

FACT: Orange may in June, 9 points behind Northern Ireland, and 6 points in Germany.
Qualification continues while the Netherlands Nations League play.

AvatarAuteurRypke BakkerMoment of plaatsen22:54 – 24 march 2019Nederland-Germany · 2 hours ago“We were wrong, and covered by”, describes Frenkie de Jong in the first half compared to the NOS. “In the second half we were different and it got better. In the field, we felt in the first half that Germany was much stronger. The second half was for us. Every game you learn something, even today. We still have a lot to improve.”The netherlands-Germany · 2 hours ago“This is acid”, begins This Is his story in the NIS. “The first half was not good from our side. We knew how they were going to play, but we had no grip. It is just a very good team with many good players. In the second half we went more free play. You will see that we are a good team, but unfortunately came up today, too late.”The netherlands-Germany · 2 hours agoVan Dijk: ‘still Have long way to go’
“We have picked up in the second half, but in the first half we were seeking,” says Orange-captain Virgil van Dijk in the NIS. “The organization was not well with us. We arrive after rest was still good back. Then you need at least a point, but you don’t. That is a bummer! I think it is mainly defensive in much better was in the second half, but you have nothing to for you are standing with empty hands. We knew that we still have a long way to go and that is today once again underlined.”The netherlands-Germany · 2 hours agoRecent! Orange goes in extremis collapse against Germany. A hit of Schulz in the ninetieth minute does the Dutch national team for the tie.The netherlands-Germany · 2-hour geleden90′ GOAL Germany! 2-3

Out of nowhere picks up Germany again in the lead! Substitute player Giant reserves the summary, and the detached Schulz, who is 2-3 in the goal, shoot.The netherlands-Germany · 2-hour geleden87′ Dumfries try Memphis to reach. With a fine sliding tackle prevents Süle Dutch danger.The netherlands-Germany · 2-hour geleden86′ The corner of Orange doesn’t compromise. Will there be a winner in the Johan Cruijff ArenA?The netherlands-Germany · 2-hour geleden86′ With a beautiful pass from Dumfries he reaches Memphis. The attacker winds, but the Germans handle the attempted corner.The netherlands-Germany · 2-hour geleden84′ me some danger from the Germans. Gnabry breaking of Dike, but his bet is simply turned by Cillessen.The netherlands-Germany · 2-hour geleden82′ Duckweed is itself behind the ball, but he shoots over.The netherlands-Germany · 2-hour geleden81′ The Young spuds Duckweed down. Germany may be on the edge of the Dutch penalty area a free kick.The netherlands-Germany · 2-hour geledenDe reaction from Ronald Koeman after the 2-2 Memphis.

Cheer! #neddui

AvatarAuteurNOS SportMoment of plaatsen22:19 – 24 march 2019Nederland-Germany · 2-hour geleden80′ A through ball from Memphis is just not at Wijnaldum because Neuer at the time, his aim true.The netherlands-Germany · 2-hour geledenNiet only in the Netherlands, enjoyed this exciting international match.

#UPDATE High drama in Amsterdam as Memphis Depay pulls the Dutch level against Germany in a thrilling #EURO2020 qualifier

AvatarAuteurAFP SportMoment of plaatsen22:17 – 24 march 2019Nederland-Germany · 2-hour geleden75′ Germany get the time to catch your breath. The Orange storm is for the time being. Take the Dutch national team settle for a tie?The netherlands-Germany · 2-hour geleden70′ Turnout in Germany. Gundogan is out in the field for Goretzka.The netherlands-Germany · 2-hour geleden69′ roles are after the break, suddenly completely reversed. Germany is klemgezet by Orange, that hunts on a lead.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geledenZit after this hit from Memphis even more for Orange?

Memphis does it again for Orange!
He makes it 2-2 in Amsterdam, a nice comeback from the Netherlands 🔶🦁 #neddui #ekkwalificatie

AvatarAuteurNOS SportMoment of plaatsen22:06 – march 24, 2019Nederland-Germany · 3 hours geleden66′ Promes rushes towards the German goal, but his shot distance lacks the strength to be dangerous.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geleden63′ GOAL Netherlands! 2-2

Memphis! The space is very small, but the attacker knows the ball yet to check behind and Neuer to shoot. Orange makes within twenty minutes after the rest of the backlog to undo.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geleden62′ Wijnaldum seems to be very close to 2-2, but the midfielder shoots a few metres away against Neuer. A little later shows that he is offside has been, so any hit would be cancelled.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geledenOok tonight is the attacker for at least one assist.

12 – Memphis Depay (7 goals, 5 assists) has now leg directly involved in 12 goals in 12 games for @OnsOranje since the appointment or Ronald Koeman, including each of Orange’s last five. Fulcrum.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen22:00 – 24 march 2019Nederland-Germany · 3 hours geledenMatthijs the Is is after tonight the two second-youngest goalscorer ever in Orange.

3 – The three youngest players with a goal for the Dutch national team this century:
18y 97d – Ryan Babel (2005)
19y 124d – Wesley Sneijder (2003)
19y 224d – Matthijs de ligt (2019)

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen21:55 – 24 march 2019Nederland-Germany · 3 hours geledenDe life-saver of Orange.

The aansluitingstreffer for Orange!
Matthijs de ligt makes his first interlandgoal 1-2 of 🔶🦁 #neddui #ekkwalificatie

AvatarAuteurNOS SportMoment of plaatsen21:53 – 24 march 2019Nederland-Germany · 3 hours agoThe goal of The Lies is his first hit in the service of Orange. The defender has fourteen international matches to have to wait.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geleden48′ GOAL Netherlands! 1-2

There is very soon the aansluitingstreffer for Orange! In the first instance is the corner of Memphis, but the attacker is allowed a second chance and gives the perfect for Is, that the 1-2 against the ropes in a headline.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geledenOndanks the large backlog believes a quarter of the voters on our poll that Orange a defeat can occur.

Can Orange the tide turn against Germany?

  • No, Orange verliest75%
  • Yes, Orange plays gelijk17%
  • Yes, Orange wint8%

The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geleden46′ The second half of the Netherlands-Germany is on the way.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geledenRyan Babylon, the attacker in the first half two life-sized opportunities missed, stays behind in the dressing room. Steven Bergwijn is a substitute.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geledenDe players walk onto the field for the second half of the Netherlands-Germany. The contest is almost resumed.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours agoRest. Orange is running behind the facts against Germany. Halfway is the 0-2.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geledenWordt this once again a legendary note from Lodeweges? There must after the break, what to change to Orange.

The tactics for the second half? #neddui

AvatarAuteurPieter ZwartMoment of plaatsen21:27 – march 24, 2019Nederland-Germany · 3 hours geleden40′ And again a huge opportunity for the Germans. Sané runs right by the Dutch ministry of defence, out, but, again, responding Cillessen alert. The Dutch national team is not only.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geleden39′ Phew, there it even almost 0-3. A hard header from Kehrer ends up in the hands of Cillessen.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours ago

So!!! A great goal from Serge Gnabry 🎯⚽
It is 0-2 in the Johan Cruijff Arena. #neddui #ekkwalificatie

AvatarAuteurNOS SportMoment of plaatsen21:23 – 24 march 2019Nederland-Germany · 3 hours geleden34′ GOAL Germany! 0-2

What a wereldgoal of Gnabry! The German truncates from the left to the inside and curl the ball beautifully into the intersection. Orange looks for rest at a large disadvantage.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geleden31′ A slap shot from Dumfries is simply turned by Neuer. Orange hunting specifically on the equalizer.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geleden27′ Re Babel to score, but once again, he shows that after. From a cross from Promes he shoots from close hard against Neuer.The netherlands-Germany · 3 hours geleden25′ What a chance for Ryan Babel to the right to withdraw! The attacker from Fulham has the angle for the pick, but shoot at the fists of Neuer.The netherlands-Germany · 4 hours agothe duel is The one-quarter game on the road, and Orange has not a single chance created. The Germans are earned on a 0-1-ahead.The netherlands-Germany · 4-hour geledenDe hit of Leroy Sané in the picture.

This is not the start where Orange had hoped for…
Leroy Sané shoot the strongly started, the Germans 0-1.
#ekkwalificatie #neddui

AvatarAuteurNOS SportMoment of plaatsen21:05 – 24 march 2019Nederland-Germany · 4-hour geleden15′ GOAL Germany! 0-1

The Is glides unhappy way, and then the ball to the feet of Sané. The attacker is in no doubt and ramming the ball past Cillessen. Orange looks at an early disadvantage.The netherlands-Germany · 4-hour geleden13′ The free-kick from Memphis goes sky high.The netherlands-Germany · 4-hour geleden12′ Orange gets a free-kick from a thirty meters of the German goal. Memphis Depay demands the ball.The netherlands-Germany · 4-hour geleden11′ A header from Van Dijk lacks the strength to be dangerous. Neuer, the ball can simply pick it up.Back to top

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