Reactions after large bekerzege Ajax to Feyenoord (closed)

Feyenoord and Ajax were Wednesday evening facing each other in the semi-finals of the TOTO KNVB-cup. Ajax won the match with 0-3 and took as revenge for the defeat in the league. Follow everything about this game in this liveblog.

  • Ajax takes revenge in The Cockpit
  • Locals first bekerfinalist
  • Season, Feyenoord already failed
  • Feyenoord-Ajax 0-3

The Classic · 3 hours agoAt the Hag: ‘As a team ourselves in the match and fought hard’
“We had what is good and what is right. That we have after a difficult start done”, is the opinion of Ajax-trainer Erik ten Hag. “I need the team a compliment, they have the contest fought and ultimately deserved to win. Actually exactly the other way around compared to a month ago. Feyenoord was there briefly in the early stages, but we have as a team, fought hard. I think it’s a team effort, but This Is like a real captain played. By his great goal, but really anywhere on the field.”The Classic · 3 hours geledenVan Persie doesn’t believe that his return to the Team or his career in a minor key is closed. “I have won awards and major competitions are allowed to play. My career is a prize in itself, which stands or falls not by one result. Sure I would like this price just meegepakt, I am a sportsman and wants to always win. But hear this also. My return to Feyenoord is a positive experience, regardless of the outcome of tonight.”The Classic · 3 hours agoVan Persie: ‘Opportunity lost’
“The chance is desperate,” said Robin van Persie, who was last on the field was a Classic. “I’m especially disappointed in the result. In the first half we played well and we had a number of chances. If it does not fall, that is very unfortunate. If the chance of Sam (Larsson, eds.) go to it… That goal just before half-time is a downer, that rang again a while after.”The Classic · 3 hours agoOf the Brook: ‘My goal in a decisive, fine’
“Finally, a beautiful evening,” said Donny van de Beek, the creator of the third goal. “The first twenty minutes, we are good weggekomen. The 1-0 from Matthijs was very tasty, it was sitting there.” The midfielder is pleased that Ajax could revancheren for the defeat a month ago. “There was a lot of aggression in it, that should also be after the last time. My goal came at an important time, that was the decision. That is always nice.”The Classic · 3 hours geledenDe trainer of Feyenoord, he realizes that he is a successful period for the city’s inhabitants going to conclude without an appropriate parting gift. “If you are the last chance to win a prize will not grasp, is that a disappointment. Disappointments are associated with the football. The closer you get to a price are, the greater the disappointment. That I feel now, yes,” said the after this season, departing From Bronckhorst.De Classic · 3 hours agoVan Bronckhorst: ‘Saw that it was no corner was’
“Of course I am disappointed. The time of Larsson, that we are the lead had come, proves decisive. We start well and deserve the lead, but that doesn’t happen”, mourns Feyenoord-trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst. “Both teams were well in the contest. Just before half-time to get a hit against. I saw that the ball by Tadic behind, but the referee gave a corner. It’s crazy that the VAR says that it is a corner, while everyone can see that it is not a corner. By that tegengoal fell dead in the stadium. If then soon after the rest of the second still in strong position over it, it will be difficult.”The Classic · 3 hours agoThe Ajax players celebrate after reaching the cup final. Who on may 5, the opponent is in the battle for the ‘Pine cone’, is morning clearly. Then take AZ and Willem II against each other for the second finaleplek.De Classic · 3 hours ago”The first half was gelijkwaaardig, that goal just before half-time has helped us. That header was, indeed, by the just around,” grins The building, relieved that Ajax soon after the rest of the competition decided. “It’s nice that Donny’s 0-3, then you know that the game can easily be played out. We don’t want to be behind our opponent calls, we want to anticipate. That is now beautifully managed and we reach the final.”The Classic · 3 hours agoThe Is enjoy ‘ultimate revenge’ on Feyenoord
“I think this is the ultimate revenge”, marvels captain and goalscorer Matthijs de Is after. “First of all, have reached the final, that is the goal in itself. Secondly, you have a somewhat gerevancheerd at Feyenoord. Third, we will play tonight without fans, but that we can now finally to The Cockpit. It is wonderful to win here and the stadium silent.”The Classic · 3 hours agoThis will not be how to Robin van Persie to be his last Classic as the player had voorgesteld.De Classic · 3 hours geledenHet reaching the cup final inspires Daley Blind to a slogan.

🤩 @BlindDaley ‘Komaaaaaaann!!!’
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AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen22:47 – 27 February 2019De Classic · 3 hours geledenDe best attacker of Ajax today was a back. Nicolás Tagliafico took the most attempts of all players on the field. One went in, making the Argentinian the important 0-2 made.

4 – Nicolás Tagliafico attempted more shots than any other player during Feyenoord-Ajax (four). 👅.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen22:46 – 27 February 2019De Classic · 3 hours geledenDe midfielder is not speaking about the arbitration, Ajax, unjustly a corner gave which the 0-1 came. “That’s really incredible. The referee said that firstly, the VAR against him, had said that it was a corner kick was, then he said suddenly that the VAR hadn’t said. That is just to be decisive for the match.”The Classic · 3 hours agovan la parra: ‘Were not bad, but too messy
“Pity”, is the short response from Rajiv van la parra at FOX Sports. “That way’s just too bad, you can do a final reach. In this kind of competitions, the most beautiful of the year, you want to let yourself see. We were also not very bad, but it was in the final stage, just sloppy. If Larsson that have a chance (shot in the seventh minute on the pole, eds.), it is a whole other race.”The Classic · 3 hours agoFor Ajax, there is every reason to cheer. The Amsterdammers reach for the 25th time, the cup final. Of the previous 24 finals won the Locals there achttien.De Classic · 3 hours agoThe players of Feyenoord dripping disappointed. The season of the End is the end of February, actually already finished. The team of Giovanni van Bronckhorst is now only still active in the league. Therein seems to be the third place, the highest achievable, but even he will have fought have worden.De Classic · 4 hours agoAjax revancheert against Feyenoord and reaches cup final
The first bekerfinalist is known. Ajax defeats Feyenoord in The Cockpit with 0-3 and thereby takes revenge for the 6-2 defeat in the league last month. On the stroke of tranquility is the headline This Is the opening goal from a wrongly given corner. After the peace walk the Locals through matches of Nicolás Tagliafico and Donny van de Beek out to a spacious zege.De Classic · 4 hours geleden90+2′ Wigan try it yet, but it is all the way at the End. Ajax will be the first in the final of the KNVB cup halen.De Classic · 4 hours geleden90′ There is almost the fourth for Ajax. Labyad gets his toe against a flurry of Ziyech, but sees the ball over gaan.De Classic · 4 hours agoThe 0-3 of Donny van de Beek in beeld.De Classic · 4 hours agoFor Feyenoord are the sour grapes. The cup was the last opportunity for the Locals to be the last season of Giovanni van Bronckhorst bit of shine to give it that, but that is as good as impossible with the current tussenstand.De Classic · 4 hours geleden80′ Dolberg is just ten seconds in the field and the decision for his first trick just along to shoot after he received a high ball handsome doodlegt on his voet.De Classic · 4 hours geleden79′ Haps sticks with a clever ball to Larsson, but the Swede is the meantime, because of offside. The repetition shows that, at the very least questionable is.De Classic · 4 hours geleden77′ Feyenoord can’t fist more, the People are beaten down after the 0-3. The frustrations save more often, witness this nasty kick from Berghuis on The Young. The winger is on the bon.De Classic · 4 hours agoDonny van de Beek and Matthijs de Is celebrate in an exuberant manner 0-3.De Classic · 4 hours agoFor the first time since the cup final against Ajax in 2010, collects Feyenoord multiple goals in one cup match in the own Kuip.De Classic · 4 hours geleden68′ The entire Cockpit screams for a penalty after the alleged hands of The Is, but Blom considers otherwise. The VAR looks a bit to, but also come to the conclusion that the captain of Ajax, there is nothing can doen.De Classic · 4 hours geleden66 ” Immediately after the goal is robin Van Persie relieved by Jörgensen. A heldenrol as previous month is tonight, determined not to become the leader of the Rotterdammers.De Classic · 4 hours ago,65′ GOAL Ajax! 0-3

Ajax seems to be the contest here to decide. Hakim Ziyech is the combination with David Neres and makes himself a way through the Wigan defence. He gets the ball at Donny van de Beek, diagonal shot. Kenneth Vermeer seems to be not given freely, but no one at Ajax, who are there to maalt.De Classic · 4 hours geleden63′ The flame hits the pan. First, there is a riot just now on the sidelines after a somewhat too enthusiastic duel between Toornstra and Blind. The latter is a little later on the field after he the arm of robin Van Persie in the face krijgt.De Classic · 4 hours agoThe Ajax players celebrate the second treffer.De Classic · 4 hours geledenNicolás Tagliafico and his teammates are in ecstasy after the 0-2 from the Argentine full.

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AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen22:01 – 27 February 2019De Classic · 4 hours geleden60′ Toornstra suddenly has all the freedom to steaming to the goal. The midfielder in doubt, however, a fraction of a second too long, and so can Van Persie not be in contention. He decide to shoot, but far too wild. The ball flies over and naast.De Classic · 4 hours geledenDe 0-2 of Tagliafico in the picture. Watch this video, especially the end, the Argentine goes all the way from his roof after the goal.

⚽️ | The man who was missing in the 6-2 last month, now 0-2 for Ajax: Nicolás Tagliafico!
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AvatarAuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen21:56 – 27 February 2019De Classic · 4 hours agoAjax has the match firmly in their hands taken. The Locals come shortly after resting on 0-2 and cherish the most of the possession in the second half. Feyenoord is just lost, it is also pretty quiet in The Kuip.De Classic · 4 hours geleden52′ A shot of Mazraoui (again after a cut off corner) seems like a long time in addition to go, but because the stakes are on the way is touched, it flies ie still dangerously close to the doel.De Classic · 4 hours ago,49′ GOAL Ajax! 0-2

Ajax struck just before half-time and also just after the break. It is a game of hold the ball in the sixteen of the Team after a corner, until the ball on the right foot by Nicolás Tagliafico. The Argentine full-send controls the ball in the far corner and double the Amsterdam marge.De Classic · 4 hours geleden46′ The second half in The Cockpit is on the road! Can Feyenoord back in the game to fight or is Ajax the first finalist?The Classic · 4 hours geledenDe Is showing himself a real leader by to take the lead for Ajax.

Our leader, our captain. ❤️
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AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen21:42 – 27 February 2019De Classic · 4 hours agoRobin van Persie looks crestfallen to see how the header of This Is set against the net slaat.De Classic · 4 hours agoThe scoring defender of Ajax, do not forget declarant Hakim Ziyech to thank you for the fine cut hoekschop.De Classic · 4 hours agoThis Is celebrating his opening goal. In his hundredth duel for Ajax, he makes his tenth goal. Seven of them were with the head, including that of vanavond.De Classic · 5 hours agoOn the other side also has Robin van Persie left his mark not yet able to really push the contest. The captain of Feyenoord fights to fight duels with Matthijs de ligt and Daley Blind, and that makes for poses where sculptors of Greek Antiquity, however, council had geweten.De Classic · 5 hours agoDusan Tadic is still not too much in the piece occurred. The roaming striker of Ajax in the first half very well monitored by all Feyenoorders.De Classic · 5 hours agoRest! Immediately after the goal of The Is sounds the rustsignaal. Ajax comes at the last minute to stay ahead in a typical Classic. The football from both sides, not exactly world class, but the voltage and duelkracht make a lot of goed.De Classic · 5 hours ago45′ GOAL Ajax! 0-1

This Is breaks the ban, in his hundredth match for Ajax! From a corner, which actually is not a corner was to fly the captain to the cross of Ziyech and reads him the ball rock solid behind Vermeer. Crucial psychological moment, so close to peace!The Classic · 5 hours geleden43′ On the pole! Also Ajax has now have bad luck with the woodwork, for that matter, we are also equal. An attempt of Ziyech is still changed direction, making Vermeer rooted to the ground. The keeper will see to his relief the ball through the inside of the post for the goal all along over the dead ball line stuiteren.De Classic · 5 hours ago41′ in the Direction of the rest is the competition, what careless and the pace down a bit. Chances are there is already a while no more to write. The duels continue, however, without prejudice to hard.De Classic · 5 hours geleden37′ Van der Heijden handled a cross from Mazraoui bad, but has the luck that the ball for the lesser court of Ziyech bounces. His commitment to sail about the purpose of Vermeer.Back to top

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