Reactions after draw NAC and win The County (closed)

In the Eredivisie there are Saturday night four games played: FC Utrecht-Excelsior (0-0), Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen (2-4), PEC Zwolle-De Graafschap (0-3) and NAC Breda-FC Groningen (0-0). Follow the comments on these duels in this liveblog.

Utrecht-Excelsior 0-0
Fortuna-Heerenveen 2-4
PEC-County 0-3
NAC-Groningen 0-0Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago“Then you read reports that analysts on tv it all, however, a penalty kick was”, says Van Boekel, who two weeks ago at FC Utrecht-PSV also all commotion made by both teams no penalty to give. “Then you doubt, because that are people with business intelligence. It is very difficult, but I found not that Höegh really transgressed. Discussion is unfortunately inherent to our profession.”Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours agoVan Boekel: ‘You start to doubt’
Fortuna Sittard striker Novakovich was 2-4 with a penalty after a violation of Heerenveen defender Höegh, but arbitrator Pol van Boekel decided otherwise after seeing the images. “But you start to doubt, because people understand the business, it is a penalty found”, says the referee afterwards to FOX Sports. “I have long to look. Have all the time taken accurately and the images studied. There is contact, but it is more Novakovich that Höegh touches than the other way around.”PEC Zwolle-De Graafschap · 2 hours ago“An away game win is new for us, finally we can have a beer in the bus”, says De Graafschap coach Henk de Jong after the 0-3 victory at PEC Zwolle. “Normally I am always yelling, but now I thought: let me also enjoy. We were with ten men understand even more opportunities, it also had 0-5 can be.”NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 2 hours agoRecent! Hekkensluiter NAC Breda picks up a point, but not much. In house the team of Mitchell van der Gaag does not go beyond 0-0 against FC Groningen, while number seventeen The County earlier in the evening with a 0-3 win at PEC Zwolle. The gap between NAC and the ‘Superboeren’ is now four points. FC Groningen remain ninth.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 2 hours geleden90+2′ Also, NAC will still get a good chance. Kasteneer what is happy on the ball, but shoots high over.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 2 hours geleden90′ What a chance for the visitors the three points. Doan dives in for Leather, but shoot against the goalkeeper.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 2 hours geledenDe time is of the essence for both teams. It is still awaiting the first goal in Breda this evening.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago

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AvatarAuteursc HeerenveenMoment of plaatsen22:21 – 23 February 2019NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 2 hours agoA precarious moment, but the ball is not fully over the goal line. FC Groningen and mainly goalkeeper Padt escape.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 2 hours geledenNog a quarter of an hour on the clock in Breda. Will there be a winner?NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 2 hours geleden70′ On the other hand, NAC Breda almost on edge. Padt let a high ball loose, but the ball again before it is completely over the line.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 2 hours geleden69′ NAC very good way. Ludovit Trip gets out and hits hard the lat.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 2 hours geleden63′ visitors report on the half NAC Breda and also share speldenprikjes. NAC is equally is not more dangerous, but will this duel really need to win to De Graafschap not to lose sight of.PEC Zwolle-De Graafschap · 2 hours ago

Jaap Stam: ,,We were not good enough in the things that we had to do. On the basis of the second half, we have rightly lost.” #pecgra #peczwolle

AvatarAuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen22:00 – 23 February 2019NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 2 hours geleden56, ” here is the first real chance for the visitors after rest. Ritsu Doan get just the ball of Menno Koch, and gets out quickly, but goalkeeper Benjamin van Leer reverses the bet with difficulty.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 2 hours agoOn the battle in Breda is not. NAC on the hunt for the very important opening goal, but really great, played opportunities the team is not. FC Groningen is after peace not yet dangerous.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden47′ Good chance for Striker Mitchell te Vrede, but his awkward header goes well over.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden46′ The ball rolls again in Breda! Hekkensluiter NAC should really win, because the hole with the number seventeen, The County is now five points.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours geledenDe mercenary PSV is fine on floated in the province of Friesland.

11 – Sam Lammers became the first @scHeerenveen player to score 11+ league goals in his first season for the club since Alfred Finnbogason in 2012/13 (24 goals). Samba.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen21:33 – 23 February 2019PEC Zwolle-De Graafschap · 3 hours ago

3 – @DeGraafschap have won an Eredivisie away game with a 3+ goal margin for the first time since Feb 22, 1998 (0-3 v FC Groningen). Superfarmers.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen21:43 – 23 February 2019PEC Zwolle-De Graafschap · 3 hours agoRecent! The County is doing in the fight against relegation excellent business. On a visit to PEC Zwolle wins the formation of Henk de Jong with 0-3. An own goal from Thomas Lam and hits from Charlison Benschop and Delano Burgzorg deliver the ‘Superboeren’ the points. The County now has five points more than hekkensluiter NAC Breda.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours agoRecent! sc Heerenveen is running a 2-0 gap to fully and wins with 2-4 Fortuna Sittard, that José Rodríguez is still red see. Striker Sam Lammers is the big man for the visitors with two goals. Also Mitchell of Bergen and Daniel Höegh score for the Marbles.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 3 hours geledenHet is peace in Breda! Still no goals at NAC FC Groningen.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours ago,90′ No penalty! Pol van Boekel has the images seen and can find no penalty for Fortuna Sittard.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours geledenDe VAR will still take you to the images look…Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours ago88′ Penalty for Fortuna Sittard!

The ten-man Fortuna has not yet and has the opportunity now to have the tension to bring back. Höegh works Andrija Novakovich down like that in a favorable position to shoot.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours ago,84′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 2-4

The Marbles seem to be the duel to decide. Lammers is for the goalie to put it through Vlap. The striker comes to Koselev back and slide the ball into the empty goal.PEC Zwolle-De Graafschap · 3 hours ago80′ GOAL The County! 0-3

The answer is no, because the visitors extend the lead even with ten men just. Delano Burgzorg is unlocked after a quick counter and passing Of of Heart.PEC Zwolle-De Graafschap · 3 hours ago,78′ Red The County!

The advantage of the ‘Superboeren’ still in danger? Fabian Serrarens waving with his arms, touching the Lamb and get red.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours ago

SC Heerenveen is now the most scoring team in uitduels, 31. Ajax and PSV are on 30 goals outside the home.

AvatarAuteurMichel AbbinkMoment of plaatsen21:19 – 23 February 2019PEC Zwolle-De Graafschap · 3 hours geleden75′ Zian Flemming has the chance to be there 1-2. The attacker rewards are loopactie not with a goal, as he brushes the ball only with a free heading chance.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 3 hours agoThe problems are so greater for NAC Breda, because the competition seems to points to address (PEC-The County of 0-2), and so the home team is now quite a success.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours ago,74′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 2-3

Sam Lammers makes no mistake and put the Marbles, after a 2-0 gap to lead in Sittard.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours ago73 ” Red, Fortuna Sittard, penalty Heerenveen!

José Rodríguez is in the wrong and gets his second yellow card after a violation on Vlap. There is also a penalty for sc Heerenveen!
PEC Zwolle-De Graafschap · 3 hours ago,66′ GOAL The County! 0-2

Charlison Benschop is great unlocked and puntert the ball past Mickey van der Hart. The ‘Superboeren’ seem great things to do.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours geleden67′ state Heerenveen almost on edge. Vlap appears to Kosolev and touches the pole.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours agosc Heerenveen runs almost entirely in Sittard, but for the moment it is still 2-2.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours geleden64′ There is also the chance of 2-3 for the Marbles, but Johnsen sees his bet of close to be turned away by Koselev.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours ago61′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 2-2

It is similar in Limburg. Mitchell of Mountains will pass his direct opponent and slams hard touch in the short corner.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden15′ NAC will get a good chance to score a goal. Gervane Kastaneer is in the depth aangespeeld, but shoot at the feet of goalkeeper Sergio Padt.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden13′ Great chance for FC Groningen in Breda. Samir Memišević reached the bleed through Thomas Bruns with a fine pass, but the midfielder tries, suddenly, and shoot. I had the Bruns more.PEC Zwolle-De Graafschap · 4 hours agoThe County is doing virtual business by the 0-1-ahead at PEC Zwolle. The club from Doetinchem currently has four points more than NAC Breda in a 0-0 against FC Groningen.PEC Zwolle-De Graafschap · 4 hours geleden46′ The second half is on the road in Zwolle.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 4 hours geleden46 ” We start at the second company in Sittard and Heerenveen start vigorously with two chances for Dennis Johnson and Höegh.NAC Breda-FC Groningen · 4 hours geleden1′ The ball is rolling now also in Breda! All the duels tonight on the go.PEC Zwolle-De Graafschap · 4 hours geledenOok in Zwolle, the players to the tea. The whistling comes from the hometown audience, because PEC is at disadvantage against The County of: 0-1.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 4 hours geledenHet is also immediately rest! Fortuna lead still 2-1.Fortuna Sittard-sc Heerenveen · 4 hours ago,45+1′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 2-1

The tension is back in Sittard. The visitors are doing what back through Daniel Höegh, who can head it in a corner.PEC Zwolle-De Graafschap · 4 hours ago,36′ GOAL The County! 0-1

The visitors come, thanks to an own goal lead. Thomas Lamb works in a cross from Youssef El Jebli against his own ropes.Back to top

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