Reactions after convincing victory Orange on White-Russia (closed)

The Dutch national team on Thursday had an excellent start to the kwalificatiereeks for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020. The formation of coach Ronald Koeman won in the Kuip in Rotterdam with 4-0 belarus. Read all of the reactions in our liveblog.

  • Start kwalificatiereeks EK 2020
  • Orange begins to cycle
  • Memphis big man with two goals
  • Also Wijnaldum and Van Dijk to score
  • The Netherlands-Belarus 4-0

The netherlands-belarus 路 37 minutes ago

Congratulations with your birthday and the 3锔忊儯 points, @RonaldKoeman! 馃帀

AvatarAuteurOnsOranjeMoment of plaatsen23:16 – 21 march 2019Nederland-White-Russia 路 one hour agoMemphis: ‘Passion radiates from’
With two goals and two assists in the tournament is Memphis Depay without competition the man of the match. The striker is glad that he’s in Orange are bad period with Olympique Lyon has to play. “If you two, you go looking for third. The first goal was a good start, I take advantage of a mistake from the defender after good pressure. If your so starts, then the evening easy. Before we went out we also indicated that we are directly looking had to go to goal. The passion radiates from them in all of us, that creates a lot of confidence.”The netherlands-belarus 路 one hour geledenKoeman saw Kenny Tete just a few seconds after subbing again injured falling out, while he understand the light played Denzel Dumfries had come to redeem. “Indeed, it was not according to plan. I heard from the doctor that Dumfries burden of his groin, and at the first action of Tete shoot it. I go there may still be a right back in. Janmaat, Hateboer, one of those two.”The netherlands-belarus 路 one hour geledenOranje gave the old coach a beautiful gift with the largest victory under his leadership, but it was, however, Koeman still the one and other brands. “After the 1-0 I thought it was casual, I saw more hakjes than I have in years with the Dutch national team have seen. If you as soon as the first goal, you should properly disciplined to continue to play. That is a development that we apparently have not yet mastered. The beginning was perfect, but then play through as we enter the second half did. I have said things in the quiet, in the development of a team.”The netherlands-belarus 路 one hour agoKoeman praises Memphis and team spirit
Ronald Koeman is obviously happy with the start of the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualification. The coach saw Memphis Depay, despite a difficult period in his club, play a key role. “Memphis is a great player. If he is free, and the confidence to feel he is an important pawn in this team. He proves that tonight. The most ideal is if your on a team can hold. When you see how these guys are with each other, cheering after a goal and after the match together, thank the audience, which is very nice when a national team.”The netherlands-belarus 路 one hour geledenVirgil van Dijk gets afterwards in the dressing room an extra congratulation. Because he is his 25th international game played, the Orange-captain a silver dish of the KNVB.

Captain @VirgilvDijk, congratulations on your 2鈨5鈨 interland! 馃憦
#25caps #NEDWRU

AvatarAuteurOnsOranjeMoment of plaatsen22:52 – 21 march 2019Nederland-White-Russia 路 one hour geledenMet the victory over belarus counts Orange also with a ‘curse’: finally, is the first international match of the calendar year once again won.

Captain @VirgilvDijk, congratulations on your 2鈨5鈨 interland! 馃憦
#25caps #NEDWRU

AvatarAuteurOnsOranjeMoment of plaatsen22:52 – 21 march 2019Nederland-White-Russia 路 one hour ago,The players of the Dutch national team and to thank the Orange legion. Had a nice evening in The Cockpit, with the 4-0 victory in belarus.The netherlands-belarus 路 one hour agoCritical Of Dike speaks of good start
“This is very fine. We have the last few days worked hard and wanted to show what we are capable of,” says a happy Virgil van Dijk at the NOS after the easy 4-0 victory at belarus. Yet, the Orange-captain also critical. “In the first half we were sometimes sloppy, we should still be working. You will be hoping an early goal, that he is so quickly is a nice bonus. Then we have to remain patient. There are, however, hakballen given, but if it causes the ball to lose we have nothing. The loss of Kenny is a sin, but we had the defensive organization is in good order.”The netherlands-belarus 路 one hour agothe Netherlands over past belarus
The Dutch national team is qualification for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020 excellent started. In The Cockpit is Orange with 4-0 too strong for belarus. Memphis Depay is the man with two hits and two assists. The attacker of Olympique Lyon opens within the minute to score from a poor back-pass to punish and scores after resting from a penalty. In between, ensures Georginio Wijnaldum for the 2-0, and then Virgil van Dijk in the final stage, the end position on the board is the headline.The netherlands-belarus 路 one hour agoPast! The final whistle sounds in The Cockpit. The netherlands starts the EK-kwalificatiereeks with a simple 4-0 victory at belarus.The netherlands-belarus 路 one hour agoThe unfortunate Kenny Tete, who seconds after subbing with a hamstring injury already to the side.The netherlands-belarus 路 one hour ago,86′ GOAL! 4-0

It was already in the air, but there is the fourth Orange-hit anyway. Memphis Depay tries it once or twice himself and gives the ball the third time, but for. Virgil van Dijk, who is still in the front stood after a corner kick, only his head against the rock-hard ball to put in his jubileumwedstrijd his fourth interlandgoal to heads.The netherlands-belarus 路 one hour geleden85 Again a quick tegenstoot of Orange. Memphis let the chance of a hattrick are hard on the goalkeeper to shoot after he is set free by Wijnaldum.The netherlands-belarus 路 one hour geleden84′ De Jong intercepted the ball in midfield and put directly on the counterattack. He loves Memphis, but his cross does not come to Babylon. Also with ten men, the Netherlands has little burden of White-Russia, the victory is not in danger. The 4-0 rather in the air than the 3-1.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours agoMemphis Depay will be straight after hitting the ball already have known that his kick would go. The commitment of the attacker is hard and goedgemikt, while Andrey Gorbunov in the wrong direction.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours geleden78′ Cillessen for the first time to a serious rescue forced. Substitute player Saroka can be a long-ball check and truncates The Is from. The shot of the spits is hard, but right through the middle, making the Orange-keeper to the ball and with difficulty about the goal of can tap.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours agoSo had coach Ronald Koeman enough of a reason to laugh, but because of the injury of Kenny Tete is that degenerated into a grimace.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours geleden69 ” What a setback for Kenny Tete and very Orange. The just fall right back goes deep, but feels in his hamstring shooting. That means that he can’t and his actions to a handful of seconds, is limited. Since Tete as third as the field came, Ronald Koemand by bills back and have the Netherlands the match playing with ten men.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours geledenDe 3-0 Memphis Depay, as was observed by reporter Rypke Bakker.

3-0. Memphis.

AvatarAuteurRypke BakkerMoment of plaatsen21:59 – 21 march 2019Nederland-White-Russia 路 2 hours geledenDe rise to the penalty and the actual penalty of Memphis Depay in the picture.

3-0!馃敟馃敟馃敟 Orange gets a penalty kick, which Depay hard and tight remember鉁

AvatarAuteurNOS SportMoment of plaatsen22:01 – 21 march 2019Nederland-White-Russia 路 2 hours ago55′ GOAL! 3-0

Against France he did it with a genuine panenka, but tonight, loves Memphis Depay the business. The striker shoots the ball from 11 meters hard and pure in the corner and his second goal annotate. Orange plays a game won, to the extent that that was not the case.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours geleden54′ Penalty for the Netherlands! Wijnaldum is slammed by a White-Russian player onderuitgeschopt and the referee, the ball can only be on the dot.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours geleden51′ Wijnaldum decision a good loopactie with a slightly sharp ball in for Babel. The trio Memphis/Babylon/Wijnaldum delivers the White Russian defence a lot of work.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours agoAnd so does that look like from behind the goal.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours agoAn outlaw and concentrated Georginio Wijnaldum put the Netherlands 2-0.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours ago46′ The ball rolls again in the Netherlands-belarus. In Orange is Marten de Roon in the dressing room left, he was replaced by Davy Pr枚pper. The White-Russians are unchanged, so still no Alexander Hleb.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours agoPurely smiling faces on the players of Orange. There is also no problem against belarus.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours ago45+1′ There, it sounds rustsignaal, the teams search the dressing rooms. The netherlands has very few problems with belarus, and leads half way with 2-0 by Memphis Depay and Georginio Wijnaldum. Orange is well on the way to the EK-kwalificatiereeks to start with three points.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours agoThe two goalscorers of Orange next to each other: Memphis Depay and Georginio Wijnaldum.The netherlands-belarus 路 2 hours geleden39′ Babylon rushes past on the left and takes a good cross to the foot of Memphis. The ball bounces just next to the White-Russian purpose.The netherlands-belarus 路 3 hours geleden34′ The Roon takes the first picture on behalf of the Dutch national team. The midfielder seems to be not so much error is to do it, but of referee Mass of yellow for a push.The netherlands-belarus 路 3 hours agoDespite some speldenprikjes of belarus has Orange under the direction of Virgil van Dijk’s defensive issues yet, great on order.The netherlands-belarus 路 3 hours geleden30′ The first yellow card of the match for Dragun. The White-Rus hangs visibly on the shirt of Wijnaldum and interrupts thus a promising attack.The netherlands-belarus 路 3 hours geledenEn also the 2-0 of Georginio Wijnaldum is on tape.

And that’s two!馃敟馃敟 Dumfries with the cross, a step of Depay and Wijnaldum with the finish.

AvatarAuteurNOS SportMoment of plaatsen21:11 – 21 march 2019Nederland-White-Russia 路 3 hours geledenDe 1-0 of Memphis Depay in the picture.

1-0!馃敟 After 50 seconds, the ball is already in. After a poor back-pass is Depay if the chickens!馃挭馃

AvatarAuteurNOS SportMoment of plaatsen20:54 – 21 march 2019Nederland-White-Russia 路 3 hours geleden27′ There are the White-Russians all of a sudden in a promising position in the Dutch penaltygebied. Kovalev is ultimately the one who shoots, after a technical tour of Putsila, but sees his efforts blocked.The netherlands-belarus 路 3 hours geledenAls it goes, Memphis Depay may make an attempt to top scorer of all times of Orange.

14 – @Memphis Depay (25y 36d) is the youngest player to reach 14 goals for the Dutch national team since Patrick Kluivert in 1999 (22y 339d). Lion.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen21:04 – 21 march 2019Nederland-White-Russia 路 3 hours ago21′ GOAL! 2-0

The netherlands has the contest midway through the first half already in the bag. A cross from Denzel Dumfries is cleverly controlled by Memphis Depay, who then detached Georginio Wijnaldum. The bijsluitende midfielder shoots the ball high, causing the White-Russian goalie, who already was on the way to the ground, hopeless.The netherlands-belarus 路 3 hours agoMemphis Depay cheers after his lightning-fast opening goal against belarus.The netherlands-belarus 路 3 hours geleden14′ Also in Orange, there is no question of a flawless defense. A inspeelpass of Cillessen can be intercepted by a White-Russia, but a real counter-attack is not.The netherlands-belarus 路 3 hours geleden11, ” here is Memphis, almost with his second goal. A afstandsknal of the striker flies centimeters next to the pole. The netherlands is lord and master, the White-Russians have nothing to bring, and even seem pretty nervous.The netherlands-belarus 路 3 hours agoBefore the Oranjefans well, they can again bounce back. Memphis Depay after 51 seconds of the opening goal, the fastest goal of the Dutch national team under Ronald Koeman. The last player who is faster it just took on behalf of Orange, was Philip Cocu. He scored in march 2004 after 38 seconds against Romania.The netherlands-belarus 路 3 hours ago1′ GOAL! 1-0

What a droomstart for Orange! Yuri Kovalev sends a dramatic back and see Memphis Depay over the head. The striker from the Netherlands intercepted the ball, omspeelt goalkeeper Andrey Gorbunov and slide the ball into the long corner. The ball bounces through the inside of the post against the net and so can Memphis are known juichgebaar again.The netherlands-belarus 路 3 hours geleden1′ The ball rolls in The Cockpit, the Netherlands has started on the kwalificatiecyclus for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020. Tonight will be against belarus would be the first three points should be busted.The netherlands-belarus 路 3 hours agoEveryone at Orange is very remained during the warm-up, so also Memphis Depay. The players are now entering the field, soon it is time for the anthems.The netherlands-belarus 路 3 hours ago

First match of the Orange of the calendar year:
2019: The Netherlands-Belarus鉂
2018: Netherlands-England 0-1鉂
2017: Bulgaria-Netherlands 2-0鉂
2016: Netherlands-France 2-3鉂
2015: Netherlands-Turkey 1-1鉂
2014: France-Netherlands 2-0鉂
2013: Netherlands-Italy 1-1鉂

AvatarAuteurRypke BakkerMoment of plaatsen20:37 – march 21, 2019Nederland-White-Russia 路 3 hours geledenNamens NUsport is a reporter Rypke Bakker on the spot in Rotterdam.

Touchdown in The Cockpit.

AvatarAuteurRypke BakkerMoment of plaatsen20:26 – march 21, 2019Nederland-White-Russia 路 3 hours geledenEen small schrikmomentje for the Netherlands, during the warm-up. Memphis Depay is sitting and grabs at his knee. The attacker seems to be a lot of pain, but a moment later, again around.Back to top

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