Reactions after bronze handbalsters on EK (closed)

The handbalsers in Paris the consolation class at the european CHAMPIONSHIP against Romania with a 24-20 win. Read in this liveblog everything back.

European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 8 minutes agoOrange had a lead of eight points, but had only four over at the end of the 24-20. “It was a very exciting moment, but I have never had the idea that we would lose. Bronze is a very good result. We are already placed for the world cup 2019 in Japan. On to that tournament!”, says Lois Abbingh against Ziggo Sport.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 10 minutes agoTess Wester: “In the first half we did well, but now rest we were so bad and we gave it almost away. The team in this tournament 110 percent. Everyone has the team in one set, many players played not in their own position but have given everything. This is bronze with a golden edge.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 12 minutes agoCoach Helle Thomsen is very happy with the bronze medal. “These girls can fight together. I am very proud, they have great played. On paper we were certainly not the strongest team,” she says against Ziggo Sport. The contract of the Danish runs in January. “A lot of the media questions it, but I want to now make merry, then we can later on the future talk.”European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 15 minutes ago– Angler: “It’s been lovely’
Maura Visser (33) was the national anthem, her tears run free. They played against Romania, her last international match. “It’s been lovely. It was very emotional today, I am happy that I have my period at Orange exit with a medal,” she says against Ziggo Sport.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 24 minutes agoTess Wester was also one of the superstars in Orange today. In the first half did the keeper just eight tegentreffers, the Netherlands by as much as 15-8 went for a rest.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 30 minutes agoLois Abbingh is chosen as the best player of the consolation class. Kelly Candy takes the prize she gets for selection in the team of the tournament.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 32 minutes geleden60′ Past! A last attempt of Polman’s going next, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Orange connect the european CHAMPIONSHIPS with bronze!European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 34 minutes geleden59′ Breach Candy, Orange gets again a zevenmeterworp. Large throws do touch: 24-20.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 35 minutes geleden58 ” The hands of Orange go cheering in the air as a shot of Dragut blocky. The victory in the consolation class is as good as within.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 36 minutes geleden57 ” The Romanian coach asks for the last time in a time-out. With a 23-20 lead eventually is Orange very close to the bronze medal at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 39 minutes geleden56′ The last five minutes of the consolation class are engaged. Abbingh fog Orange, in the counter-attack carried out Wester a great salvation.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 40 minutes geleden55 ” Romania does back a little (23-20), and then Abbingh of the edge of the circle does not score.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 41 minutes geleden54′ 23-19! Great shoot again for Orange.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 41 minutes geleden53 ” Romania comes back to 22-19. Is still exciting in Paris?European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 42 minutes geleden53′ The referees to consult video to see that a bet of Polman over the goal line. Finally scores Orange again, it’s 22-18.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 44 minutes geleden53 ” Romania makes his fifth hit in a row. Orange already has seven minutes not scored.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 44 minutes geleden52′ After the downer of Abbingh may now Fisherman a zevenmeter. But also mist, in her afscheidsduel nota bene.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour ago,51′ yellow in the final ten minutes still apply. Romania is approaching to 21-17.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden48′ Abbingh miss a zevenmeterworp. Romania will benefit by Chiper: 21-16.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden47′ Dulfer, try it with a feat, but it goes miserably wrong. From the counter-attack ensures Ardean for 21-15.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden46′ Another quarter of an hour in this consolation class. Romania comes back to 21-14.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden45′ Chiper get the shot for Romania, but Great to do something immediately back to Orange: 21-13.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden44′ Polman with her sixth of the afternoon, the twentieth of Orange (20-12). Romania seems to have specified.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden42′ Malestein scores again, leaving Orange leads to 19-12.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden41′ Orange scores, but in the counterattack, it is also touch for Romania: 18-12.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden40 ” Immediately after the time-out is Malestein accurate. Orange on a 17-11 lead.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden39 ” Romania scores another two times (16-11), which makes Orange-coach Thomsen a time-out request. The netherlands should not slacking in this stage of the competition.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden37′ Finally know Romania again to score. Ardean make it 16-9.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden36′ Wester made another fine rescue. Romania has less than ten minutes and not scored.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden33′ The second half begins with a penalty for Romania. Abbingh will benefit by her fourth of the afternoon to make: 16-8.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden31′ The second half begins. Orange is a half hour away from EK-bronze.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour agoEstavana Polman is not to stop for the Romanian defence in the consolation class. She made four hits in the first half and bringing its EUROPEAN total to 33.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden30′ It is peace in Paris. Orange was mainly in defensive regard, an excellent and leads 15-8. This may not more wrong in the second half.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour ago –28′ Orange-goalkeeper Wester has an unprecedented high reddingspercentage of 47 percent in the first half. Via Dulfer runs the Netherlands further: 15-8.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden28′ After a time-out, shoot Great touch. Orange runs out to 14-8.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · one hour geleden27′ Wester stops a strafworp of Buceschi, which is Orange with a woman less the large lead reserves.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours geleden26 ” Romania does something back (13-8), in addition, the Orange-defender He plays for two minutes from the end sent.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours geleden25′ Wester leave a lasting shot of Perianu slip. In the counter-attack throws Polman touch: 13-7.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours geleden24′ Van der Heijden makes her first of the consolation class. Orange runs out to a comfortable 12-6-ahead.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours geleden23′ Geiger does something back to Romania, but Polman then shoot with shot after shot touch: 11-6.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours ago21′ Polman shoot touch (9-4), after which Romania immediately scores. Orange resumed the game very fast and comes via Malestein on 10-5.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours geleden18 ” Romania scores to the resumption, but then immediately recovers Malestein the margin to four: 8-4.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours ago16 ” Romania is known for its strong defence, but Orange has it in the back of very good order. Again is there an attack interrupted, and then there even 7-3. The Spanish national coach of Romania requests a time-out to, because it goes very hard.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours geleden15′ Inge Smits, who at the last moment the selection is added, makes her first hit of the CHAMPIONSHIP. 6-3 for the Netherlands.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours geleden15′ Abbingh throws from a distance, touch, Orange comes in at 5-3.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours geleden12′ Abbingh makes her second of the contest, which Orange leads: 4-3.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours geleden11 ” Romania comes back to 3-3. Perianu can only Wester and scores easily.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours geleden11′ Orange could not take advantage of the lead. Rozemalen throws, although touch, but her hit is rejected due to an attacking offense.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours ago9 ” Romania comes back to 3-2, but immediately after that, a player for two minutes, sent off the field due to a strong offense. Orange with a woman more on the field.European CHAMPIONSHIP handball · 2 hours geleden7’wester is back again and have to start the 2-1 collect. Laslo throws the ball with a bow on her back. A moment later, Polman the 3-1.Back to top

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