Reactions after a lost world cup final hockey players (closed)

The Dutch hockey players went in the hunt for the first world championship title since 1998 after shoot-outs down against Belgium in the world cup final. You can follow any responses.

  • Belgium world champion
  • Orange at the bottom after shoot-outs
  • First world title ever for the Belgians
  • The netherlands missing fourth world cup title

Hockey world cup 路 15-minute geledenDe Belgians celebrate with the achieved world cup, the first in the history of the ‘Red Lions’.

No words needed !!! #RoarForGold #WorldChampion #Hockey

AvatarAuteurBelgian Red LionsMoment of plaatsen16:59 – 16 december 2018WK hockey 路 one hour agoand A second later fly his countrymen and fellow world champions him to the neck for the world championship to celebrate.Hockey world cup 路 one hour ago,The Belgian keeper Vincent Vanasch as world champion after he Jeroen Hertzberger too far to the side forces at the decisive shoot-out.Hockey world cup 路 one hour ago

Oh what a feeling – GOLD 馃#HWC2018 #belned #RoarForGold

AvatarAuteurBelgian Red LionsMoment of plaatsen16:29 – december 16, 2018WK hockey 路 one hour agoOrange-goalkeeper Pirmin Blaak mourn for the lost world title. The goalkeeper was in the world cup final against Belgium is not the same heldenrol play as in the semi-final against Australia.Hockey world cup 路 one hour ago

The winning shootout! Odisha #HWC2018 Bhubaneswar @BELRedLions beat @oranjehockey via sudden death shootout!

AvatarAuteurInternational Hockey FederationMoment of plaatsen16:19 – december 16, 2018WK hockey 路 one hour ago

History. Written. 馃嚙馃嚜馃弳 #RoarTogether

AvatarAuteurPlay SportsMoment of plaatsen16:09 – december 16 2018WK hockey 路 one hour agothe Netherlands lose world cup final of Belgium
The Belgian hockey players are for the first time in history became world champion. In the final, the Netherlands after shoot-outs reports after the regular time is not scored. In the shoot-outs think Belgium after ten attempts at the world title to have, but is the attempt of Arthur De rejected due to shoot. Two balls later saves Jeroen Hertzberger, however, the decisive ball, so the party still can break loose for the Belgians.Hockey world cup 路 one hour agoWrong! Hertzberger shoot high! Belgium picks up subsequently the first world championship ever!Hockey world cup 路 one hour geledenBlaak relies on the videoscheidsrechter, that the situation for the participants. However, there is nothing found, the goal counts.Hockey world cup 路 one hour agoTouch! Florent van Aubel scored for the second time and put Belgium in the lead.Hockey world cup 路 one hour geledenWe go now one to one, the Belgians must now begin.Hockey world cup 路 one hour ago,The goal is disallowed! De touches the ball with his foot before he shot. Belgium is still without a world champion!Hockey world cup 路 one hour geledenIs the the title really? Blaak reports to the referee. The arbitration should the situation look back.Hockey world cup 路 one hour agoTouch! Arthur De delivers his country’s first world title ever!Hockey world cup 路 one hour agoWrong! Thijs van Dam gets on the ball does not get through. Belgium is on matchpoint! As the following goes, the Belgians world champion.Hockey world cup 路 one hour agoTouch! Belgium is at the same height, 2-2 now. The voltage is to be cut.Hockey world cup 路 one hour agoWrong! Seve van Ass to the goalkeeper, but hits then the zijplank! The title is not yet within.Hockey world cup 路 one hour agoTouch! Belgium is not yet won, the position is reduced to 2-1.Hockey world cup 路 one hour agoTouch! Jonas de Geus comes to Vanasch back and slide the ball calmly into the goal. 2-0 for the Netherlands, the world title is very close!Hockey world cup 路 one hour agoWrong! F茅lix Denayer perform his pirouette in particular, not good, Blaak just need to remain standing. Still 1-0.Hockey world cup 路 one hour agoWrong! Mirco Pruyser plays the ball too far in front of him, making Vanasch the ball away, can tap! It remains 1-0.Hockey world cup 路 one hour agoWrong! Arthur Van Doren, seen by many as the best player in the world, gets the ball for the past Pirmin Blaak! Orange reserves the 1-0-lead!Hockey world cup 路 one hour agoTouch! Hertzberger pass Vincent Vanasch and put the Netherlands ahead. 1-0 for the Netherlands.Hockey world cup 路 2-hour geledenWe start to make the decisive shoot-outs, the Netherlands as the first. Jeroen Hertzberger opens the ball.Hockey world cup 路 2 hours agothe Netherlands this world cup has fond memories of shoot-outs. In that way, Australia in the semi-finals knock. Keeper Pirmin Blaak showed himself as a decent specialist.Hockey world cup 路 2 hours agoThe official play time is over! The netherlands and Belgium score not, the world champion is not known until after shoot-outs.Hockey world cup 路 2-hour geleden59′ Belgium put the pressure on with the numerical majority. With the necessary some improvisation does the Netherlands stand. Still a minute to go before shoot-outs the decision.Hockey world cup 路 2-hour geleden57′ Green card for Jonas de Geus because he is non-complying a block move. The netherlands should be two minutes long with a man less.Hockey world cup 路 2-hour geleden56′ Bob the Guardian rushes past two defenders and takes off, but hits the ball is not full. The Belgian keeper Vincent Vanasch can rescue with his foot.Hockey world cup 路 2-hour geleden53 ” Belgium back with a sharp counter, but Tom Boon gets the ball well. Blessing for the Netherlands, because the Belgians had a numbers situation.Hockey world cup 路 2 hours ago

Into the final 1/4!
Are we looking at another shootout for @oranjehockey?
Odisha #HWC2018 Bhubaneswar

AvatarAuteurInternational Hockey FederationMoment of plaatsen15:38 – 16 december 2018WK hockey 路 2 hours ago46′ The ball is rolling again for the last quarter in this world cup final. Who keeps the nerves and the fatigue the best in check?Hockey world cup 路 2 hours ago there isEnd of third quarter! Still giving the Netherlands and Belgium together nothing in this neighbourly dispute to the world title. Both teams in the third quarter was a bit of both one huge chance. May be taken in the fourth quarter what’s more risk is taken, or can there be gambled on shoot-outs?Hockey world cup 路 2-hour geleden44′ Great chance for Netherlands! Mirco Pruyser will get a free meter space of his direct opponent and pulls off with the backhand. The ball whisks past the for the Netherlands on the wrong side of the pole.Hockey world cup 路 2-hour geleden40′ Finally have a real chance. Belgium has a lot of space from the left, but S茅bastien Dockier shoot very well along.Hockey world cup 路 2 hours ago

Halfway through the third quarter. Stand still 0-0 in a match with few real chances. #HWC2018 #BELvNED

AvatarAuteurOranjeHockey 馃嚦馃嚤Time of plaatsen15:27 – december 16, 2018WK hockey 路 2-hour geledenDe Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar entertained everyone during the finals of the hockey world cup in his country.

Crazy atmosphere at the Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar for the Men’s #HWCFinal2018! Loving the energy and the passion for hockey in this stunning stadium! 馃憦馃徏
Kudos to @Naveen_Odisha & @TheHockeyIndia for putting up this world class event! 馃槂
#BELvNED @sports_odisha @FIH_Hockey

AvatarAuteurSachin TendulkarMoment of plaatsen15:04 – december 16, 2018WK hockey 路 2-hour geleden33′ An unwary Valentin Verga touches the ball, but goalkeeper Pirmin Blaak has an excellent response in the house on the efforts of Thomas Briels. Is concentration play a role as the match progresses?Hockey world cup 路 2 hours ago31′ to The third quarter of final of the world cup has started in Bhubaneswar. Orange and the ‘Red Lions’ go hunting on the opening goal in this duel.Hockey world cup 路 2 hours agoPeace! The contest is in the second quarter a little more loose, but goals still. The netherlands and Belgium to locate the changing rooms in Bhubaneswar, therefore, with a 0-0-standings.Hockey world cup 路 2-hour geleden30′ Netherlands get a penalty corner, but the execution is really lousy. The ball jumps at the stop, which Mink van der Weerden can drag. The Belgians have their right to lose to this race to appeal to the videoscheidsrechter, and that may be important in the duel.Hockey world cup 路 2-hour geleden29′ the Netherlands gets a penalty corner for dangerous play. It would be a psychologically very important moment for a goal. The executed variant is, however, not the best, the final effort from Jeroen Hertzberger can be blocked by Belgian spur.Hockey world cup 路 2-hour geleden29′ The crowd cheers because the ball in the goal. The drag from Seve van Ass, however, is well outside the circle, so let go of the Belgian goalkeeper the ball with intent.Hockey world cup 路 2-hour geleden27′ Belgium increases the pressure, the competition plays more and more around the circle of the Netherlands. Real opportunities are not there yet to write it down.Hockey world cup 路 2-hour geleden25′ Belgium is suddenly away in the counter, but Thierry Brinkman catches up with his direct opponent and takes the sting out of the attack.Hockey world cup 路 2 hours ago23′ Halfway through the second quarter, we can conclude that both teams are very careful to operate. The opportunities are scarce, both in the Netherlands and Belgium relies on the well-organized defense.Hockey world cup 路 3 hours geleden16 ” The second quarter is on the way, we get into the second fifteen minutes, however goals to see?Hockey world cup 路 3 hours agothe End of the first quarter! The netherlands and Belgium are keeping their powder dry, this world cup final has yet to ignite.Back to top

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